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Untitled - Nottingham Playhouse

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Introductions Strength in Numbers Once more Nottingham Playhouse has welcomed audiences to a superb range of perf...

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Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Introductions

Strength in Numbers Once more Nottingham Playhouse has welcomed audiences to a superb range of performances both inside our theatre spaces and elsewhere in the city, county and country. Mass Bolero, Nottingham’s tribute to Torvill and Dean, involved over 800 local people and was filmed in locations all over the city, becoming an internet hit. We also staged compelling dramas, which looked at the relationship between the individual and the sweep of history. Local writer Andy Barrett brought Tony Benn to life and put his 50 year career into perspective in Tony’s Last Tape; Mermaid offered an insight into the struggles young women face in order to fit in, and Time and the Conways showed how the downfall of the family was not due only to the circumstance of the 1930s depression but to their own fragilities. Posh invited us not to look at the past, but to think about the future by exposing the student antics of those who may in time be regarded as the ‘ruling class’ and have a decisive say in how we live our lives. This work and much more not mentioned here, always produced to the highest standards, has over the past year offered us the opportunity to take time out of our everyday lives and join with other members of the audience to have our senses refreshed and our expectations challenged. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented executive team in Stephanie Sirr and Giles Croft, who together with the Playhouse team continue to bring us such a wide range of extraordinary theatre. Helen Flach, Chair of the Board of Trustees



This has been a tremendous year for Nottingham Playhouse. With the hard work of our dedicated team and some incredibly fruitful partnerships we’ve created 14 productions, 330 participation opportunities and toured to 46 cities, towns and villages. Our aim remains not just to make work of the highest artistic quality but to then ensure that our work has the greatest possible impact on our many communities. Mass Bolero marked our first major foray into large-scale digital work and our pantomime was the most successful ever. We were able to launch Golden Age and Little Playhouse and to stage 9 world premieres, 3 of which were by Nottingham writers. A successful environmental upgrade in 2015 has dramatically cut our energy consumption and improved our Green credentials. We are enormously grateful for the financial support of Arts Council England, Nottingham City Council and Sir Harry Djanogly in delivering this upgrade. Finally, as a charity, we need to ensure that we have financial success. Every penny we earn or raise is reinvested in making creative opportunities for the people we serve. Last year over 3,000 donations were received and our Backstage Pass scheme finished the year with a healthy 950 members. Thank you so very much to everybody who continues to invest in and to support Nottingham Playhouse. Stephanie Sirr and Giles Croft Chief Executive and Artistic Director

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Introductions



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review The Year in Figures

The year in figures 15%

of the work presented was international


Return on investment from local authority subsidy in local economy

| 15% 2014 | 4% 15 2002 03

Percentage of local authority funding compared to turnover



Annual Economic Impact of Nottingham  Playhouse

More than

20,000 Young People attending the Playhouse

Inclusive Playhouse


of all tickets were sold at concessionary rates 4


| 450 2014 | 483 15 2002 03

Actor weeks


events with, by and for children and young people

| 41%:59% 2014 | 67%:33% 15 2002 03

Earned income vs Subsidy

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review The Year in Figures


people experienced the Playhouse panto for the first time


Specifically culturally diverse events

World Premieres


Investment in Capital Refurbishment


129,250 Attended


Tick to teachets issued FR E E ers ac school gcompanying roups

32 31 Creatives worked on Nottingham Playhouse productions

£13.70 Average price paid for a ticket


Babes in Arms attended Nottingham Playhouse productions

Actors employed in Nottingham Playhouse productions



Subsidy per head from Arts Council England

Events at Nottingham Playhouse


Subsidy per head from Nottingham City Council


Earned income vs subsidy nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Awards & Nominations

Awards & Nominations




Best New Play Nomination for 1984

Best Director for Duncan Macmillan and Robert Icke for 1984

Best Regional Production Nomination for The Kite Runner

2015 Nottingham Playhouse highly commended for Design Through Innovation

2015 Nottingham Post Environmental Award for Environmental Development 6


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Press Quotes

Don’t just take our word for it... HHHHH

‘Heartbreakingly beautiful’ The Times - Mermaid


‘Revelatory and hugely entertaining’ What’s On Live - Propaganda Swing



Impact Magazine - Time and the Conways


‘Visually stunning and brilliantly executed’ The Stage - Arcadia


‘Warm, sweet and consistently funny’ The Observer - Tony’s Last Tape



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Press Quotes

Don’t just take our word for it... HHHH

‘Stunning and refreshing’ Platform Magazine - How to Breathe



The Mail - The Kite Runner

The Telegraph - The Kite Runner

‘Mesmerising’ ‘Goes down a storm’

The Guardian - Forever Young

‘Not to be missed’ Nottingham Post Propaganda Swing




Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Press Quotes


‘Outstanding in every respect’ The Stage - Posh


‘A feast’

The Guardian - Posh



The Public Reviews - Arcadia



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

Nottingham Playhouse Productions world premiere

THE SECOND MINUTE 21 May – 1 June 2014 Marking 100 years after the start of WWI, this piece is based upon letters taken from the archive of the Sherwood Foresters, woven together into a spell-binding new play.

The Kite Runner A UK productions presentation of the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company and Liverpool Everyman And Playhouse Production

29 August – 6 September 2014

The return of Nottingham Playhouse’s smash-hit stage adaptation of the worldwide bestselling novel. A haunting tale of friendship spanning cultures and continents, following one man’s journey to confront his past and find redemption. 10


European premiere

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

Time and the Conways 12 September – 27 September 2014

J.B. Priestley’s searing drama exploring complacency, class arrogance, our social and political history between the World Wars and the knockon effects of a family’s mistakes beneath the surface of a seemingly happy family story.

world premiere

Propaganda Swing A co-production with the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

3 October – 18 October 2014

The extraordinary true story of ‘Charlie and his Orchestra’, an enthralling new play revealing the characters behind the 1930s Faustian pact between some of the greatest German jazz musicians of the day and the Nazi party. nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

Nottingham Playhouse Productions Arcadia 31 October – 15 November 2014 The exuberantly funny and enormously touching serious comedy about sex, science and landscape gardening from Sir Tom Stoppard.

Sleeping Beauty 28 November 2014 – 17 January 2015

world premiere



Featuring everything you have come to love about Nottingham Playhouse pantomimes such as dazzling costumes, stunning sets, mischievous fun and thrilling musical numbers that will excite the whole family.

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

world premiere

Wigglegiggle A co-production with Re:Play Theatre

10 December 2014 – 3 January 2015 An energetic, wigglesome, gigglesome mash-up of word and rhythms and nifty noises designed to engage young children’s imaginations and to enchant their eyes and ears.

Forever Young A co-production with Oldham Coliseum Theatre

29 January – 7 February 2015 The return of the smash-hit musical comedy set in Nottingham Playhouse Home for Aging Thespians. A devastating, moving and hilarious look at getting on and letting it all hang out as a group of aged panto performers are determined to prove it’s not all behind them.

Wave 11 February – 14 February 2015 23 March – 27 March 2015

world premiere

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and performed for small audiences in a purpose-built theatre, a vibrant multi-sensory play for young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties and autism. nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

Nottingham Playhouse Productions Posh A co-production with Salisbury Playhouse

regional premiere

13 February – 28 February 2015 The regional premiere of the darkly comic and disgracefully entertaining play inspired by the real‑life Bullingdon Club. A razor‑sharp portrayal of what Boris Johnson himself described as superhuman arrogance, toffishness and twittishness.  Click here to watch the trailer

How to Breathe 17 February – 21 February 2015 Nottingham based BBC Writersroom writer Mufaro Makubika’s new play about belonging and one man’s choice between fight or flight on the eve of his deployment to Afghanistan. 14


world premiere

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

Tony’s Last Tape

world premiere

25 February – 28 February 2015 The powerful new play inspired by the diaries of Tony Benn, one of the most inspirational politicians of all time, exploring the quandary of knowing it’s time to give up, but not quite knowing how.

world premiere

Mermaid A co-production with Shared Experience

9 March – 21 March 2015 The coming-of-age fairy tale re-imagined for a contemporary audience in this stunning co-production with Shared Experience.  Click here to watch the trailer nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Nottingham Playhouse Productions

world premiere

BOLERO 31 May & 1 June 2014 A co-production with ODA Theatre (Pristina) and Sarajevo War Theatre Part-history, part-play, a unique production bringing together different stories, from Torvill and Dean’s historic Olympic Win to an assassin raising a gun in 1914, all linked by one word - Bolero.

neat 14 21 May – 1 June 2014 Nottingham’s cross-cultural, city wide arts festival celebrating the very best European theatre, art, dance, film and music over 10 days across a wide range of Nottingham venues. Inspired by ‘Europe Then and Now’, incorporating work from world premieres to niche pop-ups, the festival takes the opportunity to highlight the wealth of creativity within Nottingham and gives our regionally based artists the same profile as those from overseas.



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Collaborations & Associate Companies

COLLABORATIONS & ASSOCIATE COMPANIES We are proud to be part of city with so many creative individuals and companies, and over the course of the year we have worked with a great many on a wide range of projects. Sometimes it is in partnership, sometimes it’s in association and occasionally it’s simply in tandem. These projects have taken place both at the Playhouse and across other locations throughout Nottingham, many in unusual and unexpected places. Thanks to: Bromley House Library, The Chase Centre, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham Contemporary, Hatch, New Art Exchange, NottDance, Dance4, Mouthy Poets, Primary, Cultural Vibrations, Blackdrop, Sheep Soup, 2Magpies Theatre, Stonebridge City Farm, Bartons, and many more.

ntu design prize Every year, The Nottingham Playhouse Design Prize is awarded to a Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Theatre Design student, after they are tasked with creating a speculative set design for a particular production. Working alongside our Associate Director Fiona Buffini, students are given support and guidance from the Playhouse in creating their final models. In September 2014, Rachael Jacks was awarded the prize after impressing with her design for Touched, by Nottingham

writer Stephen Lowe. Jacks took up a work placement at Nottingham Playhouse in 2015, where she redesigned the set for a new co-produced and touring production of Forever Young, and then went on to design Tony’s Last Tape, which went on to complete at successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe after sold out performances at the Playhouse.



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Made in Nottingham

Made in nottingham In making our main stage work this year we’ve used:

30m Back Projection Screen



Clear PVC


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Made in Nottingham

1,165m Steel canvas cloths Over of fabric Team fuelled by over 3 by 1 timber


balloons for the Playhouse Panto

15,000 teabags

Whether it’s fabric for costumes or timber for sets, at the end of the day everything that can be recycled or re-used is, whether by the Playhouse or by local community groups or schools.



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Flying the Flag for Nottingham

Flying the flag for nottingham Nottingham Playhouse productions have toured to 46 cities, towns and villages across the UK: Birmingham The Kite Runner Braunston-inRutland The Second Minute Cambridge 1984* Cardiff Mermaid Chilwell The Second Minute Chipping Norton The Second Minute Coalville The Second Minute Corsham Wave Coventry Propaganda Swing Derby The Second Minute Doncaster Forever Young Edinburgh The Kite Runner, Mermaid Ellesmere Port The Second Minute Exeter 1984* Fleetwood The Second Minute Glasgow 1984* Goostrey The Second Minute 20


Great Milton The Second Minute Gretton The Second Minute Haddenham The Second Minute Harworth The Second Minute Holmes Chapel The Second Minute Hull Wave Ipswich Wave Leeds The Kite Runner, Mermaid Liverpool The Kite Runner Malvern The Kite Runner Mold Mermaid Newmarket The Second Minute North Hykeham The Second Minute Oldham Forever Young Oxford The Kite Runner, Mermaid Plumbley The Second Minute Plymouth 1984*, Wave

Richmond Mermaid Salisbury The Kite Runner, Posh Samlesbury The Second Minute Shrewsbury The Kite Runner Skegness The Second Minute Southampton 1984*, Mermaid Southend-on-Sea The Second Minute Tarvin The Second Minute Thoresby The Second Minute Thrumpton The Second Minute York The Kite Runner, 1984* Warwick Forever Young Watford Mermaid

*1984 and Gob Squad’s Kitchen were produced at Nottingham Playhouse prior to the 2014/15 financial year, but continue to tour nationally and internationally during this time period.

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Flying the Flag for Nottingham

Lublin Gob Squad’s Kitchen* Tuzla Zenica Sarajevo Mostar Bolero



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Visiting Work

Visiting work Drama

Egusi Soup by Janice Okoh The Way I Wear my Hair by Rachael Young Power Games by Altered Skin Bird by Laura Lomas Pretty/Ugly by Louise Orwin Holy & Horny by Tonya Joy Bolton Mrs Green by Sheep Soup Mugs Arrows by Eddie Elks Raising Lazarus by Kat Francois




Richard Alston Dance Company Hercules: A Dance Cabaret Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre U.Dance 2014 Ballet Black The Five & the Prophecy of Prana Phoenix Dance Theatre Episodes 15 Ultima Vez Gabriele Reuter & Mattef Kuhlmey Sophie’s Academy of Performing Arts Sandra Taylor School of Dance BalletBoyz – The Talent Nicole Beutler Tracy Quaife Theatre Dance School


Festival of the Spoken Nerd Grumpy Old Women Austentatious: An Improvised Novel Hardeep Singh Kohli Back in the Day Rachel Parris Chris Ramsey Jason Byrne Al Murray John Shuttleworth One Man Breaking Bad Andy Parsons Count Arthur Strong Ellie Taylor Henning When Jasper Carrott Dave Gorman

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Visiting Work


Chris Wood Monique Henry Blessing Magore David Thomas Broughton Kemet’s Got It The Elvis Years Steeleye Span Swinging at the Cotton Club ELO Experience The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe

Talks and Spoken Word Alan Johnson Blofeld & Baxter Jo Nesbo Caitlin Moran Paul Merton Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Ned Boulting Ruby Wax Say Sum Thin 7 & 8


Science Museum Live Tour of the Universe Signor Baffo The Three Billy Goats Gruff



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Participation

Participation Enabled Upstart

Bulwell Youth Theatre

A work experience programme for students aged 15 – 20 with physical and learning disabilities.

Our first satellite group in a disadvantaged area of our city.

Club Encore A friendly theatre club for over 50s wanting to engage with theatre more closely.

Little Playhouse

(Ages 2 – 4) Weekly sessions for children and their parents/carers, stimulating the senses using art, messy play, music, movement, storytelling and sensory play.

Bigger Little Playhouse (Ages 5 – 8) Children explore their world using drama games and exercises.

Young Playwrights A course for young, local playwrights.

In House A theatre group for people who have experienced homelessness.

Golden Age Weekly groups offering a range of arts activities to people over 60.


Critics Circle

under 18s took part in our youth activities at Nottingham Playhouse and in schools

Young people produce their own reviews of Playhouse productions after attending workshops and press nights .

Introduction to Directing “Rachel has become part of the fabric of the building throughout the course of her placement and has had the chance to learn from every department in our busy, producing theatre. We’ve all appreciated her insights and all feel a sense of ownership of her development, as we’ve had the chance to form a longer-term relationship with her through the scheme.”

Fiona Buffini, Associate Director on Trainee Director Rachel Ross’s three month placement funded by RTYDS. Assisted on four shows. nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Theatre Project

in Oaks Care Home, St Ann’s As part of the IMAGINE consortium – bringing high quality arts to older people.

With the Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme (RTYDS) for eight young, local directors.


Different participation groups to join

Adults participated in creative activities at Nottingham Playhouse All of this, as well as our three regular Youth Theatres based at the Playhouse.

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Participation Productions

Participation Productions The film of of Mass Bolero has over




people participated

views on YouTube to date

Mass Bolero

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

All Quiet On The Western Front

White Feathers


Equus Paradise nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Participation – Mass Bolero

Participation – MASS BOLERO A major participation project, commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse in partnership with Dance4, Confetti Media Group and Notts TV.


Filming Locations

February 2014 saw the 30th anniversary of Nottingham duo Torvil and Dean’s Olympic success in Sarajevo with their performance of Bolero. To mark this event, Nottingham Playhouse announced a unique project that would allow the people of Nottingham to pay tribute to two of their finest. Community groups, schools, sports venues and individuals recreated the world-famous Bolero ice dance which was filmed and received its world premiere at neat14. It was directed by Nottingham Playhouse Associate Director Fiona Buffini, choreographed by Jeanefer Jean-Charles, and filmed and edited by the Confetti Media Group for broadcast on Notts TV. 26


PARTICIPANTS Dance 4 Staff East Midlands Cheerleading Academy Bulwell Riverside Librarians Nottingham City Transport bus drivers Nottinghamshire Fire Service Ruby’s Mum Heathfield Primary School Nottingham Sea Cadets Nottingham Playhouse staff Wollaton Hall Museum volunteers Rocket Scenery staff Independent Street Carnival Troupe Nottingham Rugby Club Nottingham City Homes staff

Loxley House, City Council staff Cancer Researchers, John van Geest Centre University of Nottingham staff Nottingham Gymnastics Club Brinsley Over 60s Dance group Oakfield School Nottinghamshire Police Nottingham Academy Nottingham City Hospital  staff   Hellfire Harlots Roller Derby Team  Click here to watch the film of Mass Bolero Photo of Torvil and Dean: Nottingham Post

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review A Playhouse for Nottingham

A playhouse for nottingham Partnerships with other organisations & groups Nottingham Playhouse is a key member of the organising committee for Refugee Week in Nottingham. We work with accessibility charity ‘Scene and Sound’ on improving access at the Playhouse, having recently completed an access audit.

Pay what you can


30 Over 30 primary and secondary teachers have helped us shape our schools packages by attending our Teachers Forums.


Over 600 people have accessed our Pay What You Can performances at Nottingham Playhouse.

Productions written or directed by Nottinghambased creatives.

Free programmes

Pre and Postshow events

200 Over 200 students have signed up for their Playhouse student card, giving them special access to the Playhouse and lower ticket prices.


140 Free programmes offered to everyone attending a Nottingham Playhouse production.

Production Locations

Students have attended specially arranged post-show talks with creatives.

30 People from Age UK attended a post-show discussion for Forever Young.

Our productions have gone beyond the walls of the Playhouse and out into venues across the city, including Bartons in Beeston, The Chase Neighbourhood Centre, New Art Exchange and Stonebridge City Farm.

600 People have attended a pre‑show or post-show talk at Nottingham Playhouse. nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Accessible Playhouse

accessible playhouse “ Think of it as buying a theatre ticket for a friend you haven’t met yet.” 2005 tickets used in 2014-2015, given to groups including: Nottingham Testimonials from some of our 50:50 audience members: & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum “ A wonderful play, please thank the Playhouse” (Egyptian Asylum Seeker) Age UK Mencap Nottingham “On behalf of all the service users at POW I want to say a massive thank you to the St Ann’s Children Centre Nottingham Playhouse who enabled Chronic Pain Group individuals with complex needs to Framework (Homelessness) experience something other than the chaos of their daily lives.” British Red Cross Daniela Scotece, CEO of POW Women’s Aid Integrated Services “The people we work with lead Homestart (supporting deprived chaotic lives, the majority will children and families) never have been to the theatre Chayah Development Project before and simply wouldn’t Young Carers Federation think of it. 50:50 tickets enable us to engage with British Red Cross them on a new level.” Services for Empowerment & Advocacy, Tim Boynton, Foxhall Lodge Criminal Justice POW Nottingham Intervention Team CJIT – Criminal Justice Intervention Team Integritas Advocacy Ltd The BACA Project Refugee Futures Barnardo’s Butterfly Project Dementia Friends 50:50 tickets are distributed to a wide variety of beneficiaries. From disadvantaged young people and groups supporting people with substance misuse issues to homeless hostels for families and charities supporting the elderly, they make a tangible difference to local people.



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Accessible Playhouse



15 young people with physical and learning disabilities took part in our specially adapted, week-long work experience programme. “What I really appreciated the most were the high standards you set for the young people. The young people were challenged, given a real sense of inclusion and most importantly their parents and teachers could see what they were really capable of. I really believe they have all learned valuable skills from this.”

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Wave explored the relationship between a parent and their offspring as they reach adulthood and leave home. It was written for an audience of young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and autism, along with their companions.

Lucy Fisher, Project Co-ordinator, Barnardo’s

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Nottingham Playhouse is here for everyone – and we’ve worked hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Our Relaxed Performances form part of that commitment.

Relaxed performances mean young or old can enjoy theatre in an environment where they can come and go if needed, where there are no loud bangs or surprises and where the welcome is especially warm and considerate. We continue to offer performances that are BSL interpreted, Audio Described or use Stage Text. We offer discounts to audiences who are registered disabled and free tickets to those accompanying someone with an additional need. We raise funds to offer tickets through 50:50 to all sectors of the community and our new Pay What You Can performances ensure that no one need feel excluded from the Nottingham Playhouse experience.



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review A Greener Playhouse

A greener playhouse Overall

In 2010 Nottingham Playhouse undertook a major study of its energy efficiency. The study included: 1 An analysis of the current energy demands and issues regarding thermal comfort. 2 Review of the building fabric and building services 3 Review of heating controls and potential BMS options 4 Analysis of low carbon ventilation systems 5 Feasibility of low and zero carbon technologies Implementing changes in 2014 and 2015 we have now reduced our energy use by over 23% AND created three new participation spaces. Funded by donations from theatre goers, from philanthropist Sir Harry Djanogy and major grants from Arts Council England and Nottingham City Council the scheme will save between £50,000 and £80,000 per annum. 1 type of old theatre lantern used 39 kw/h, whereas its replacement uses just 24 kw/h. That one change alone equals 21,000 kw/h per annum or around £1,800 a year.

23% reduction in energy use

35% Reduction in gas consumption

Example stage lantern replacement Saving 21,000kw/h per annum or £1,800 a year Old Lantern 39kw/h



Replacement 24kw/h


Reduction in electricity consumption

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Digital Playhouse

digital playhouse


Number of visits to the Nottingham Playhouse website


Number of views for Nottingham Playhouse’s Mass Bolero

Increase in Twitter followers in 2014-15

Increase in Facebook likes in 2014-15

Number of views for Nottingham Playhouse trailers

Joined Instagram March 2015



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Our Partners

Our partners Nottingham Playhouse is very proud to work with a range of enlightened local businesses, whose support for the theatre is incredibly important. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to:




Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review Board Members

Board Members THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES David Belbin Tim Challans Helen Flach (Chair) Harvey Goodman Cllr Brian Grocock Cllr Thulani Molife Caroline Shutter Paul Southby Michelle Vacciana

Photo: David Baird

THE WIDER BOARD Cllr Cat Arnold Andy Barrett Fred Brooke Sue Clarke Sue Cullen Sue Dewey OBE Jonathan English Rastarella Falade Mark Fletcher Roger Harcourt Suma Harding Cllr Stan Heptinstall Tom Huggon Chris Hughes David Hunt Cressida Laywood Howard Morris

Bernadette O’Driscoll Cllr Michael Payne Prof. John Pike OBE Cllr Chris Pratt Cllr Melvyn Shepherd Annemarie Shillito Karen Standard Mich Stevenson OBE David Stewart OBE Cllr Michael Storey Helen Tarver David Tilly Simon White Tony Wills Dorothy Wilson Cllr Malcolm Wood Rod Wood



Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review The Nottingham Playhouse Team

The Nottingham playhouse team Nottingham Playhouse Staff Thomas Adcock Precious Agbabiaka Ria Ashcroft Jessica Astley Kathryn BainbridgeWilson Mark Bamford Tom Barnes Stephanie Bartle Andy Bartlett Rachel Bates Dan Baxter Drew Baumohl Aaron Belcher Manya Benenson Sinéad Bevan Leon Black Martin Blee Nathan Bradley David Brown Alexandra Broughton Karl Bock Fiona Buffini Andrew Bullet Pamela Bullett Katie Byrne Louise Carney Jonathan Child Beverly Clark Matthew Collins Matthew Connor Andrea Coombes Camilla Copley Charlie Cox Giles Croft Emily Croxford James Curtis Martin Curtis Maxine Cunningham 34


Rebecca Dallman Hannah Davi Olwen Davies Nicola Dawson Kelsey de WestFlorey Clare Devine Nigel Dickinson Sheila Dixon Ian Downing Chris Easton Jane Eliot-Webb Jen Ellis Tony Emery Valerie Evans James Faflik Jade Fawcett Henry FillouxBennett Heather Flinders Frazer Gee Lampros Giannoulatos Jasper Gilbert Kim Gilbert David Golds Jamie Goodhall Derek Graham Emma Greenhalgh Kristy Guest Phillip Gunn Emily Hackett Amanda Hall William Hall Carol Harmer Sharlene HarvardYoung Nic Harvey Alex Hatton Paul Hawkins Karla Henry Francesca Hess Karon Hill

Owen Hill Chris Howitt Abi Hubbard Brian Humpherson Dale Hurren Reis Hussain Cindy Hutchinson Kirsty Hutchinson Laura Hutchinson Jayne Hyman Lucy Jenkins David Jones Karen Jones Lydia Jones Rebecca Jordan Rob Kettridge Jessica Kemp Will Kent Dani Kidson Jamie Kirkham Josh Knott Stuart Lambert Nick Lawford Michelle Leek Gemma Leggett Georgie Levers Acaycia Lewis Geoff Linney Katie Luckhurst Gregory Malone Alix Manning Jones Giada Maran Mufaro Makubika James McAndrew Hannah McBrien Livia McLauchlan Jo McLeish Sooki McShane Gary Miller Maddie Monte Jordan Mooken Francesca Morris Nick Morris

Clare Moss Alex Moxon Ali Murray Andy Nairn Charlotte Nash Sam Nicholson John Noton Nick Oakden Paige Ockendon Kane Oliver Sarah Ormanroyd Laura Osei-Bonsu Orkut Otcikin Sean Parker Abi Parsons Tom Parsons Hannah Payne Elaine Pearson Louise Pearson Aurora Postle Ollie Poulter Lewis Prescott Paul Preston Yasmin Purnell Andy Pyle Simon Radford Kirk Ratcliffe Simon Raven Oliver Read Deborah ReedAspley Richard Renshaw Sarah Richard Dave Richardson Sarah Rickard Steve Ridgway Charlotte Ridley Aaron Roberts Jill Robertshaw Lauren Robinson Kate Robotham Danielle Rose Nathan Rose

Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review The Nottingham Playhouse Team

Aneela Samrai Dominika Sarosi Graham Saxby Aaron Schoburgh Jacob Seelochan Simon Seligman Justine Sharp Sabrina Shaw Lisa Shipman Kat Shooter Andrew Siddons Sheila Sisson Stephanie Sirr Myra Slack Shannon Smith Simeon Small Julian Smith Kim Smith Ollie Smith Allie Spencer Joseph Stairs Sarah Stephenson Stella Stibbons Hannah Stone Sarah Story Richard Surgay Victoria Sutton Amy Swift Richard Swift Heather Sykes Sheldon Talbot Nathan Taylor Alexis Theobald Claire Thompson Andrew Tinley Tony Topping Amy Townson Lucy Tregear Michael Turton Helen Tye Bea Udeh Be Wade Jeremy Walker

Patricia Walsh Anna Wheelhouse Tim Wheelhouse Paul White Michael Whittington Cherelle Wilks Matt Williams Safiya Williams Tom Wood Nicola Wragg Susan Yeoman Richard Zamorski

Volunteers Emma Barber Ilija Barosevcic  Louise Carney Beverley Clark Michael Comerford Lynn Coxon Lisa De Vivo Sylvia Draycott Hywel Jones Liza Krejci Jake Leonard Janet Mitchell Siba Munsanje Andrew Pearce Aurora Postle Heather Roberts Beth Robinson Mel Romaine Hannah Stoddart Liz Squires Nikita Vyas Attrata Walls Louise White

Actors David Ahmad Ritu Arya James Austin Harvey Teresa Banham David Bark-Jones Stefan Bednarczyk Sia Berkeley Bhavin Bhatt Jonny Bower Philip Bretherton Charlotte Brimble Antony Bunsee Pascale Burgess Neil Caple Stephen Clarke Tom Clegg Sian Clifford Callum Coates Dario Coates Tomm Coles Beatrice Comins Richard Conlon Andrei Costin Clara Darcy Emilio Doorgasingh Mark Edel-Hunt Kelly Edwards John Elkington Francesca Ellis Joanne Evans Jonny Fines Polly Frame Tim Frater Natalie Gavin Ilan Goodman Rob Goll Simon Haines Tom Hanson Finn Hanlon Edward Harrison

Anthony Hoggard Adam Horvath Mark Jardine Louise Jameson Robbie Jarvis Rosie Jones Nicholas Karimi Kaffe Keating Phoebe Kemp Ezra Khan Nicholas Khan Laurence Kennedy Robin Kingsland Philip Labey Emily Laing Rebecca Little Paul Lincoln Miranda Mac Letten Chris Andrew Mellon Ifan Meredith Jordan Metcalfe Lizzy McInnerny Doireann McKenna Trevor Mugarisanwa Steve North Amaka Okafor Olivia Onyehara Tom Palmer Florence Roberts Jamie Satterthwaite Jacob Seelochan Dale Superville Parth Thakerar James Thorne Scott Turnbull Ben Turner Sarah Twomey Cathy Walsh Georgina White Hannah Whittingham Miranda Wilford Lisa Zahara Zolfa Zahedi nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Nottingham Playhouse Annual Review The Nottingham Playhouse Team

The Nottingham playhouse team Musicians Matthew Green Hanif Khan Ian Maclean Matt Marks John Morton John Porter Steve Tromans David Storer John Watterson

Panto Chorus Anya Blyth Hanna Bricklebank Emma Brown Charlotte Burrows Elyse Davison Francesca Green Ellie Hudswell Georgia Hunt Eliana Mastrangela Jessica Melbourne Olivia Neville Elise Paterson Lucy Phillips Jessica Reilly Malaika Singh Anais Tobin-Storer Jade Tolley Holly Whitehall Millie Wilson

Mermaid Chorus Jessica Bailey Courtney BlenhamGiddy Claire Blensley Carys Brown Hannah Burns Grace Chamberlain 36


Madeline Chapman Nikki Charlesworth Poppy Cook Isabella Elliott Emma Ford Saskia Fryer Tabitha Gresty Harriot GrinnellMoore Anna King Lucy Mabbit Rebecca Mitchell Mille Riddell Elia Rodriguez Daisy Scarffe Lowri Spear Rebecca Truelove Joanna Walton Joni Wildman Isabella Wood

Writers Peter Arnott Andy Barrett Gill Brigg J.B. Priestley Erik Gedeon Mufaro Makubika Shannon Sickels Matthew Spangler Tom Stoppard Kenneth Alan Taylor Polly Teale Laura Wade


Sound Designers

Fiona Buffini Giles Croft Hamish Glen Natasha Holmes Anna Newall Esther Richardson Kenneth Alan Taylor Polly Teale Susannah Tresilian

Steph Bartle Drew Baumohl Martyn Davies Adam P McCready

Designers Barney George Madeleine Girling Rachel Jacks Lisa Lavery Sarah Lewis Sophia Lovell Smith Tim Meacock Ellan Parry Sara Perks Tom Piper Libby Watson

Lighting Designers Charles Balfour Steph Bartle Martin Curtis Oliver Fenwick Mark Jonathan Nick Morris Steve Ridgway Mike Robertson Alexandra Stafford Jason Taylor

Composers/ Musical Directors Stefan Bednarczyk Hilary Brooks David Goodall Jonathan Girling Matt Marks John Morton Jon Nicholls Isobel Waller-Bridge

Video / Projection Designers William Simpson

Choreographers / Movement Directors Laura Savage Adele Parry Stevie Prickett Liz Ranken Kitty Winter

Fight Directors Alison de Burgh Philip D’Orléans

Assistant Directors Allison Coyner Nic Harvey Laura Farnworth Adele Parry Rachel Ross Allie Spencer

Voice Coaches Sally Hague Majella Hurley

Casting Directors Amy Ball Lucy Jenkins Sooki McShane Debbie O’Brien

Associate Artists Andrew Breakwell Mouthy Poets The Cutting Room

Chaperones Janet Barnes Angela Beere Karen Broughton Lucille Denkinson Jayne Kirkham Nicola Kirkham Michelle Leek

Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company Wellington Circus Nottingham NG1 5AF Box Office 0115 941 9419