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Untitled - Quebec Writers' Federation

The Discoveries December 2010 This zine was produced at Mountainview High School as part of Writers in the Community, a program run jointly by the Q...

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The Discoveries

December 2010 This zine was produced at Mountainview High School as part of Writers in the Community, a program run jointly by the Quebec Writers’ Federation and The Centre for Literacy of Quebec. Thanks to writer-facilitator Jason Selman and teacher John Devlin. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada.  

My life, you know nothing about it. Nobody knows my struggle but they only see the trouble. Life is rough but I just got to keep my head up and stay tough. I’ve been a victim many times, always kept it inside. Almost seen my mom die, all I could do was cry. I was a victim every day, all I wanted to do is runaway. Some people say money changes everything. But money doesn’t change anything. He licked my face, I was eight, and I didn’t know if it was okay. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Nobody was there when I needed them My mommy and daddy were gone out. I wanted to scream and say something but he took the pillow and put it over my mouth. After a week my mommy noticed there was something wrong. Every time he came over I would go to my room and listen to a song. When I told my mommy that he licked my face my mommy got up and told him to get the hell out of my place. Anonymous

How many times can your heart be stabbed? Until you feel you’re up for last gasp How many scars do you plan to leave? By picking all these scabs How many times do you plan to laugh? When you really want to cry How far will you let yourself fall Until you decide to pick yourself up Real eyes recognize even when hidden Behind A best friend disguise No more turning back I’m tired of all the lies So ima dust myself off And say my final goodbye!  


The Discoveries

I hate it when people can’t make up they’re mind. Like come on, stop wasting my time. Why did you lay your hands on my face? I’m not going to say names but deep inside I’m in pain. Life is so messed up sometimes; always ask myself WHY WHY WHY. Why me? Why does it have to be this way? I wish I had wings and fly away. I have a smile on my face every day. Deep inside I’m crying, crying out for help. I wonder if you feel guilt. It’s like you didn’t give a damn about how I felt. A lot of stuff happened in my life but I never wish to die. Money doesn’t buy love but money can buy things you love. Amira

Move, go run as fast as you can Stay here and watch him die Go to the back and get the saw Be good and watch your sister Watch them, they’ll try to kill you See it, eat it, live it, and die for it Live free, die restrained Learn hard you get smart Fight til death, fight for life Show how much is worth David I am awesome I was little We are cool Let’s stay home Because I’m bored If only I had a million dollars Then I could buy a car Show me the money David

I wish I was the water, so I could wash away, away the pain. I wish I was the rain, so when I cry nobody sees my pain. I wish I was a bird, so I could fly away, away from the trouble that’s in my way. I’m smiling but deep inside I’m crying. I’m alive but deep inside I’m dead. I’m standing but deep inside I’m falling. I can deal with this but deep inside I’m losing my head. I might be ugly on the outside but I’m pretty on the inside. I might look happy but deep inside I’m angry. This feels wrong but I just got to live with it and stay strong. Amira


I shut the lights in my room I ran quickly out of house It was easy to do this when I was young Silent and quiet are synonyms I was playing the game in slow motion My friends are not intelligent I am not a kind person when people bug me I like sleeping on a soft comfy pillow The hulk is strong I pick unusual things as hobbies Chris I am different from others I was once very small We are not the same Let’s stay friends Because you are annoying me If only I could go back Then I could change things Show me how to work well Let us help you We can do it Chris

It is time to leave Can you see the bus? Everyone is waiting at the stop… We should all get on the bus I just can’t chill If we were at Montreal North Things might change to be better Why are we not home yet? I think we missed our stop Then I can get off and go home Chris Open the door so that I can come in See the past through this globe Get away from me now Hear everything that they say through this door Show me what you meant If only we could be friends I would like a haircut Please stop what you are doing If we can go why don’ t we? Then is when we leave Chris