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Thanks to you fix)m us Neigjibors of Watts Founders Founding Board of Directors PresiJeitl Herb Alpert Te d A s h l e y Mrs. Lawrence Tubman Mr. ...

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Thanks to you fix)m us

Neigjibors of Watts Founders

Founding Board of Directors PresiJeitl

Herb Alpert Te d A s h l e y

Mrs. Lawrence Tubman

Mr. and Mrs, Joe Barbera

Seerelary Mrs, Fred Henry Members Miss Demise Alexander Mrs. Danny Arnold Mrs. Stan Atkinson Mrs, Robert Doorstin M r s . To m D r o k a w *Mrs. Phyllis Kirk Bush Mrs. Gower Champion Mrs. Saul Chaplin Mrs. Armand S. Deutsch Mrs. Daniel Dworsky Mrs. Michael Fasman Mrs. David Foster

Mrs. Judith Franzblau •Mrs. Edwin S. Friendly, Jr. •Mrs. Richard Gold 'Mrs. Milton Gordon Mrs. Bernard A. Greenberc

Mrs. John Guillermin Mrs. Larry Hagman •Mrs. Fred Henry

•Mrs. Herb Jaffe Mrs. Edward Lasker Mrs, Ernest Lehman Mrs. Allan Ludden Mrs. Richard Mannheimer •Mrs, Martin Manulis Mrs, Mark Miller •Mrs. Walter Mirisch

•Mrs. Jerry Moss Mrs. Irving Paley •Mrs. Bruce Rambr

Mrs. Lawrence J. Ramer Mrs. Ben Roberts

Mrs. Jerry Sherman Miss Nancy Sinatra Mrs. Mel Stuart •Miss Marlo Thomas M r s . H e r b To b i a s Mrs. Melville Tucker

Mrs, Jay Tunney •Mrs. Lawrence Turman Mrs, Mark Warren •Mrs. Paul Ziffren Executive Co-Oriinator Mrs. Susannb Brfssler Accountant Irving Klein

Legal Consultants Covey and Covey

M r, a n d M r s . R i c h a r d L . B l o c h M r. a n d M r s . G o w e r C h a m p i o n M r . a n d M r s . To n y C u r t i s M r. a n d M r s . A r m a n d S . D e u t s c h

John Factor Robert J. Franks Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Friendly, Jr. Gil

G a r fi e l d

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gershwin Mrs, Samuel Goldwyn Cary Grant Amelia Gray

Jack Haley, Jr.

Mr, and Mrs. Charlton Heston M r. a n d M r s . N o r m a n J e w i s o n E u g e n e V. K l e i n Burt


Miss Hope Lange M r, a n d M r s . E d w a r d L a s k e r Mrs. Henry Mancini Mr. and Mrs, Martin Manulis David May II M r s , To m M a y M r. a n d M r s . > X ' a l t e r M i r i s c h

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moss Marshall Mike

Naify Nichols

Mr, and Mrs, Michael Nidorf Alan


Oscar Pattc Mrs. Gregory Peck Martin


Harold Robbins M r. a n d M r s , D a n i e l S c h w a r t z M r. a n d M r s , S t a n l e y S h f . i n b a u m Frank Sinatra Miss



Dan Stevens Leonard Straus

Mr. and Mrs. John Swope M a r k Ta p e r Danny Thomas Miss Marlo Thomas M r, a n d M r s , L a w r e n c e Tu r m a n Mr, and Mrs. Hal Wallis Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Wertheimer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Willens Andy Williams M r. a n d M r s . R o b e r t W i s e Mrs, Dawn Wolper David Wolper Miss Natalie Wood M r, a n d M r s , E u g e n e Wy m a n M r. a n d M r s , P a u l Z i ff r e n Columbia Pictures MCA

' JoHl/ F o I -IP DAVD CfAR e s m i taESi'io AAy, s-~ CrL

L A T< C : L-Afr)A < M ^ h LEEF^O/?&£M^lBW J Tc l


Twentieth Century-Fox Western Video Industries

'Executive Committee

S u i t e 6 0 8 • I 2 0 i i S a n V i c e n t e B o u l e v a r d • L o s A n g e l e s , C a l i f o r n i a 9 0 0 4 9 • Te l e p h o n e 4 7 2 - 9 5 2 7 Printing doiiaied by Jertnes Banknoie

]\/\cLrLO bHAU/VA

Neigjibors of^Wktts ^resents

The South Central Community Child Care Center • Operating since January, 1971

• Children receive total pre-school education • Each child receives breakfast, hot lunch, snacks

• Accommodates 40 children, ages 2V2

through 5 ^^2 • Completely equipped • Fully air-conditioned

• Director: Mrs. Harriette Shields, experienced children's administrator

Complete staff of professional youth educators Land donated by Brentwood Savings and Loan for four years at $ 1 per year Outdoor equipment donated by Creative Playthings

Landscaping donated by San Fernando Landscape Contractors Association

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^ 53

The Center is completely non-profit... with

80% of the children from sub-poverty standard homes. The children get the care they need while parents are free to find jobs to provide for their family's livelihood or to further their education.

Neighbors of Watts has given the Title of Ownership of the building to the South Central Community Child Care Center Board of Directors. This Board administers the Center.

This is the first time a private charity has turned over "Title" to a community group.