Varsity football looks for a Cinderella story

Varsity football looks for a Cinderella story

4 SPORTS PAGE Volume 54, Number 1 Varsity fall sports schedule Football 9/07 Lakewood 9/14 Valley Christian 9/21 Artesia 10/5 Norwalk 10/12 Cerri...

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Volume 54, Number 1

Varsity fall sports schedule Football

9/07 Lakewood 9/14 Valley Christian 9/21 Artesia 10/5 Norwalk 10/12 Cerritos 10/19 Glenn 10/25 Bellflower 11/01 La Mirada

Girls’ Volleyball

9/11 Tustin 9/13 Mary Star 9/18 Bellflower 9/20 La Mirada 9/22 Mayair- Vc trn 9/25 Norwalk 9/27 Glenn 10/5 Cerritos 10/9 Artesia 10/11 Bellflower 10/16 La Mirada 10/18 Norwalk 10/23 Glenn 10/29 Cerritos 10/31 Artesia

Girls’ Tennis 9/10 Brea Olinda 9/11 Paramount 9/12 Gahr 9/13 Cerritos 9/17 Artesia 9/19 Lakewood 9/21 Norwalk 9/24 Bellflower 9/26 La Mirada 9/28 Glenn 10/1 Cerritos 10/3 Artesia 10/9 Norwalk 10/11 Bellflower 10/16 La Mirada 10/18 Glenn

Girls’ Golf

9/10 Cerritos 9/12 Bellflower 9/17 Artesia 9/24 Wilson 9/25 La Mirada 9/26 Bellflower 9/27 Warren 10/1 Warren 10/3 La Mirada 10/8 Cerritos 10/9 Valley Christian 10/10 Knabe cup

Cross Country

9/8 Cerritos Inv. 9/15 Mt. Carmel Inv. 9/19 Avalon Island 9/27 League Meet #1 10/6 Central Park Inv. 10/11 League Meet #2 10/13 Rockin Rub Inv 10/19-20 Mt. Sac Inv. 11/1 League Finales

Have a successful season Mayfair athletes. Make Mayfair Proud.

6000 N. Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA, 90713

Friday, September 7, 2012

Varsity football looks for a Cinderella story By Ethan Hinde Reporter

The season started off rough for Mayfair football losing to Downey 30-20. A loss is never easy, but Mayfair did have an exciting play when Quarterback Christian Woo connected with Wide Receiver Aaron Minor on an 83-yard touchdown pass. Minor talked about the amazing touchdown and said, “Words can’t describe the feeling as I heard the crowd roaring as I scored the touchdown.” Although every loss is tough, the players are still very optimistic about the season.

Henry Adams said, “It was a learning experience and it will only make us better.” Fellow teammate Jamal Joseph said plain and simple “We need to win.” Coming off of their loss to Murrieta Valley, they look to rebound in their next game against Lakewood, tonight at 7 p.m. at Lakewood. Quarterback Christian Woo said this game is a must win game because Mayfair needs to get back their “Milk Bucket.” Woo was asked about how safe he feels behind his offensive line and said, “I trust my offensive

Olympic games of 2012 end with a bang By Milton Duenas Sports Editor The 2012 Olympic Games took place in London, England on July 27 through August 12. America sent 539 athletes to the 2012 Olympic Games and only 208 won medals in the 25 sports they competed in. The United States overall in the 2012 Olympic Games won the most medals with 104 medals; however, America was represented by more females than males for the first time in the Olympic Games. The United States dominant performance in the games earned them 43 gold medals, 29 silver medals and 29 bronze medals. Then in the 16 sports that America won medals in only 13 of those sports America

won a gold medal. Then China got 88 medals with Russia tailing them with 82 medals overall in the Olympic Games. America’s youngest athlete in the 2012 Olympics games was 15 year old Katie Ledecky which won a gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle swimming. Also, 16 year old Gabby Douglas was the first American to win individual and team competitions in the same Olympic Games. Then swimmer Michael Phelps won four gold medals and two silver medals at the last Olympic Games he will participate in. Missy Franklin won four gold medals and one bronze in women’s swimming and making her debut at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Girls’ tennis hopeful for success this season

Shannon Turner/The Windjammer Junior Ridhi Mehta and Sophomore Angela Wong practice together.

By Shannon Turner Editor-in-Chief Mayfair girls’ tennis is hopeful for a successful season this year as they prepare to defeat Bellflower, Norwalk, and Cerritos to reach CIF. The entire team agrees that Cerritos will be their toughest competition. “Our main adversary is Cerritos. We’re trying to beat them every single year; that’s the main game,” VanWinkle said. Cerritos is not the only competition the Monsoons will face, but they are remaining hopeful that they will be successful this season. “We always have Cerritos in our face. Other than that, Norwalk will probably give us some

competition. We should once again make CIF, and hopefully we can go past first and second rounds,” Varsity Coach Tran said. “We have some returning players who are playing at their best.  Megan Nguyen and Jacolia Jackson will carry the team with their experiences. My best doubles will be Shianne Bonds and April Van Winkle.  I believe the two play really well together and will win most of their matches this season,” Tran said. Not all of the players this year are returning. Senior and varsity co-captain April VanWinkle believes this year will be a training year for the team. “Our JV team is all new and everyone except for three people who were on JV last year, so it’s a relatively young team,” VanWinkle said. Both varsity captains are remaining hopeful for a successful season and for the team to do their best. “I hope the team will stay positive and hope for the best outcome,” said senior and varsity co-captain Shianne Bonds. Good luck girls’ tennis in your match against Brea Olinda on Monday, Sept. 10.

line and I know that they have my back.” The key players on offense this season are quarterback Christian Woo, left tackle Miro Dragic, right tackle Jamal Joseph, center Nate Silitai, tight end Alex Ploum, and wide receivers Aaron Minor, Keenan Wright, and Josh Anderson. The key players on defense this season are defensive end Andrew Hernandez, free safety Christian Woo, and cornerbacks Billy Thomas and Jared Sheffield. One spotlight player to look for is the youngest player on the Varsity team, sophomore

left guard Zach Robertson. One thing that Mayfair football can be excited about is quarterback/free safety Woo is going to be 100 percent going into this season after coming off of surgery. He said, “Everything feels fine, I actually feel a little bit better than before the surgery.” The team has a lot of bright spots and spots that need to be fixed. But the team is ready for the challenge that awaits them. Like the departure of seniors and the task of replacing them. But hopefully all of the Monsoons will have the teams back this year!

Cross Country expects young team to gain experience

Photo courtesy of Coach Boppell The administrators talking to the team.

By Milton Duenas Sports Editor Cross Country is ready to begin its 2012 season in league on Sept. 27 in La Mirada. Head Coach Mr. Boppell is looking forward to the season and has hopes of making CIF. Mr. Boppell and Coach Broomfield said, “We have been working hard all summer and preparing for the season and our early hot dessert retreat that is coming up.” The team is preparing for upcoming races like the Cerritos invite on Sept. 8, then the team will race in the Catalina invite on Sept. 19. The boys’ cross country key boy runners are junior Ellis Newton, seniors Flavio Ortiz and Ventura Quintana. “We’ve been training hard and looking forward to facing some very

tough opponents this upcoming season,” Quintana said. “We seniors really want it this year, and it is making the younger ones really want it also, and I’m happy with the boys’ effort,” said Ortiz. The girls’ cross country top runners are sophomore Hiedi Snyder and seniors Itzel Vasquez, Ariana Mckenzie and Adriana Garcia. “We’ve been working hard and need to work harder to beat Cerritos and we are on the right track to do that,” said Mckenzie.

Photo Courtesy of Coach Boppell

The team warms up before practice.

Girls’ volleyball looks to beat CoSuburban League champ Cerritos By Melanie Lim Web editor Hey mighty Monsoons, get ready for a new and exciting year for our 2012 girls’ volleyball season. Though there has not been much practice so far, our girls feel confident in winning thanks to the talent that they possess on the offense and defense and the excellent teamwork they create when they play together. The most exciting game and their toughest competitors these lady monsoons plan on competing against is their rival for the past years, Cerritos High School. “Our strongest rivals are Cerritos because being coSuburban League champs last year,

we both strive to be the one and only official league champs this year,” said Lovet Umeh, senior. While the opposing team beat our players last year, we are all looking forward to how this thrilling event will happen this year. Besides this rival team, the girls are confident in playing against other schools in the Suburban League division. “We feel confident about playing every single team. If we don’t go in with confidence then that’s how we lose” said Madison Seaman, senior. Girls’ volleyball, we are all looking forward to watching you serve, set, and spike against all your competitors this year and seeing you strive for the title of CIF Champions.