volunteer guide - Ogunquit Playhouse

volunteer guide - Ogunquit Playhouse

VOLUNTEER GUIDE 10 Main St. (Rte 1) Ogunquit, ME 03907 OgunquitPlayhouse.org MISSION STATEMENT The Ogunquit Playhouse is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 a...

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10 Main St. (Rte 1) Ogunquit, ME 03907 OgunquitPlayhouse.org

MISSION STATEMENT The Ogunquit Playhouse is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 arts organization. The Playhouse is governed by a Foundation Board whose primary mission is dedicated to preserving the Ogunquit Playhouse experience for present and future generations by: • • • •

Maintaining and preserving the Ogunquit Playhouse facilities in conformance with the National Register of Historic Places standard, and insuring its continuation as a functioning playhouse. Providing and promoting high-quality ongoing performing arts programs in keeping with Ogunquit’s historic tradition. Promoting education and cultural programs and events for the public that will benefit the performing arts. Raising and soliciting financial and other resources necessary to accomplish our objectives.

Brian Martin, Shelby Putlak and cast in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2016)

Confidentiality Agreement As an Ogunquit Playhouse Foundation Volunteer, I understand that any information (written, oral, or in any other form) obtained during the course of performance of my duties must remain confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, all business conducted at any Board or Committee meeting; any and all proprietary information related to the Playhouse, its operation, employees, and artistic productions; as well as any information otherwise marked or known to be confidential.

IMPORTANCE OF VOLUNTEERS Ticket prices alone do not cover the high cost of producing the first-rate Broadway caliber shows audiences have come to expect from the Ogunquit Playhouse. In addition to single ticket sales, we rely on donations from local business sponsors, advertisers and volunteers to help offset production and operating costs, and keep the doors open to our wonderful historic theatre for many years to come! We have experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, mostly due to the extended season and the quality of the performances under the guidance of Executive Artistic Director Bradford Kenney. While other performing arts centers across the country have closed due to this financial hardship, the Ogunquit Playhouse has thrived. Volunteers allow the Playhouse to continue to offer quality customer service to its patrons and enhance behind-the-scenes operations without jeopardizing its financial goals. In other words, the Ogunquit Playhouse relies on its volunteers to be successful!

SHOWTIME! Showtime really begins when audience members arrive at our driveway. The condition of the building and grounds as well as the demeanor and dress of the volunteers and staff are important first impressions. Volunteers are the opening act and set the tone for the theatre experience for every patron. The Front of House staff is the first “cast of characters” that the audience meets. The term “Front of House” defines all operations starting at the front of the stage, up the aisles, through the lobby, and into the parking lot. It encompasses the Concession Stand, the Gazebo, the Gift Shop, the Will Call Booth, the Assisted Hearing Devices, the Box Office Window, the Ushers, the Greeters, the Parking Lot Staff, and the House Managers. Volunteers are expected to be courteous and helpful in order to ensure our audience has a happy and positive experience. Fostering a relaxed, stress-free experience is the top priority of our volunteers.

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Volunteer Positions Ushers Report to House Manager

Ushers assist the House Manager in preparing the theatre for the performance. This may include carrying, stuffing and distributing programs, escorting patrons to their seats, assisting physically disabled or challenged persons in and out of the theatre and to their seats. Please do not assume that empty seats are available.

Will Call Report to House Manager

The Will Call position entails distributing tickets to customers who chose to have their pre-paid tickets held for pick-up at performance time. The designated Will Call location is outside in front of the Box Office window. Volunteers spend an average of 45 minutes assisting customers in line. Customers provide their name to the Will Call attendant when picking up tickets. Due to the large volume of tickets sold through the Box Office, Will Call attendants must keep up with the fast pace! Volunteers in this position work in conjunction with Box Office personnel and return undistributed tickets to the Box Office or House Manager when shift has ended.

Greeters Report to House Manager

Greeters are responsible for assisting patrons immediately in front of the theatre. They assist with the unloading of passengers and answer any questions that arise. They distribute programs as patrons arrive. Greeters are the first contact the patrons will have at the theatre and, therefore, should be outgoing individuals with upbeat, friendly personalities.

Assisted Hearing Devices Report to House Manager

The Assisted Hearing volunteer is responsible for the distribution of the assisted hearing devices located in the lobby. This person should become familiar with the controls of the units and be able to explain to the patron the correct way to use the device. This position is also responsible for checking the functioning of the devices and the batteries of the devices prior to each show. The volunteer will obtain a driver’s license or other form of identification in exchange for the unit. Credit cards, debit cards, cash, or other items which have value shall not be used for this purpose. Assisted Hearing volunteers must be available at the end of the show to receive the returned units and return the identification material to the patrons. Please make sure that all units are turned off before storing.

Gift Shop Report to Gift Shop Manager

The Gift Shop sells Playhouse merchandise. Sales can be handled either by cash, check or credit/debit card. Volunteers must become familiar with credit card machine and computer operations. Gift Shop volunteers are asked to stay until patrons have cleared the lobby after the show.

Concessions Report to Concession Manager

Theatre Clean-Up

Special Events

Concession volunteers will work under the supervision of the Concession Manager. This includes restocking all merchandise or products at the end of each shift. The Concession is a fast paced food and beverage service environment, particularly at intermission. This position handles cash and computer operations. Volunteers for this area need to become familiar with the laws of the State of Maine concerning alcohol sales and consumption and may be required to attend a class involving those laws. (Note: Volunteers, staff, cast and crew may purchase snacks at half price. This excludes ice cream, alcohol and promotional items.) We ask that at the end of each performance ushers scan the seating area for playbills that can be recycled as well as lost items. Ushers should also remove candy wrappers or any other debris left behind. Please give all found personal property to the House Manager on duty. Volunteers can assist with special events including fundraisers and membership events held at the Playhouse. Volunteer jobs include, but are not limited to: welcoming guests to serving food and beverages to event set up and break down.

Attendance After checking in with the House Manager on duty, all volunteers must report to their volunteer position one hour prior to the start of a performance. Parking volunteers report to the Parking Lot Supervisor or House Manager one and one half hour prior to the start of the performance. If for some reason you cannot make your shift, please send an email to [email protected]

Membership As a volunteer, please consider also supporting the Ogunquit Playhouse through membership – we would love to have 100% volunteer participation in our membership program! Donated funds are used to increase the endowment and help provide financial assistance to participants in our theatre camps. Membership income supports the many outreach and education programs offered each year as well as helps to maintain our beautiful National Historic Register theatre.

Volunteer Policies Dress Code

Volunteers will wear a white shirt (long or short sleeves), black pants/skirt, dark colored shoes, and official Playhouse black vest (to be purchased for $20 by the volunteer) while on duty. Name tags will be provided and should be worn on the upper left part of the vest. Black jeans, Crocs, and flip flops or other types of open toed beach-type wear are not appropriate. Remember, you are really part of the performance.

Friends or Pets

Volunteers are expected to be professional at all times while on duty at the Playhouse. Therefore, pets, family or friends should not accompany you while on duty.

Cell Phones and Other Distractions

Volunteers are expected to help patrons adhere to the rules of the theatre, which includes no cell phone use or talking during a performance. It is vital that all volunteers follow the same rules.

Usher Intermission Assignments

Ushers will be assigned to certain positions at the exit doors prior to intermission. Please stay in this area throughout intermission so the House Manager can locate you in case of emergency.

Comp Ticket Program

Those who have volunteered a minimum of 12 hours per show will earn a pair of comp tickets valid for performances Tuesday through Friday on a space available basis. Comp Request Forms will be issued the second Friday of each main stage production, and can be found in the Volunteer Comp binder (next to the playbills). Submit completed form to the House Manager or place in the Front of House Coordinator’s mailbox. Once approved, you will receive an order confirmation sent to the email address we have on file. Tickets will be available for pick up at Will Call the day of the performance. Comp tickets may be used by family or friends as long as there is no financial consideration. Please do not contact the Box Office directly. If you have any questions, ask the House Manager on duty. (Note: Any hours earned during the final week of the production will be applied and carried over to the next production.)

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Additional volunteer opportunities include helping with special events, serving on the poster team, performing administrative and production duties, planting or watering flowers, and helping at cast and crew barbeques. All earn hours towards comp tickets.

Backstage Tours

All volunteers are invited to take a Backstage Tour at no cost, on a space available basis. This is an opportunity to find out what happens backstage as well as learn the history of the Playhouse, which may help you answer patron questions while you’re on duty.

Need To Know Camera Policy

While it is a violation of theatre rules to take photos or video during the performance, we cannot confiscate a camera from audience members. We can ask them to stop taking photos, videos and to please delete them. If they continue, we can ask them to leave, but should probably do so at a time that does not interfere with the performance, such as intermission. If the performers stop the show because of flash photography or other audience distractions, the Stage Manager will turn up the house lights and we will ask the person to leave and call the police if they refuse.

Food and Beverage

As a rule we allow patrons to take only water and packaged snacks into the theatre. Patron can now bring drinks into the theatre in our specially designed, spill-resistant Ogunquit Playhouse Souvenir Cups. Plated food is not allowed.


There is no smoking within 25 feet of the Playhouse.

Side Exit Doors and Mother Nature

When it is cold or very hot outside, we try to keep the heat or air conditioning in the audience area by not opening all four side doors. House Managers will give guidance during times of extreme heat or cold weather.

Emergency Calls

If you place a 911 call from the Playhouse using your personal cell phone, the call will go to your local emergency response dispatch. You should first identify the location you are calling from as “Ogunquit Maine,” then proceed with emergency details.

Nice Work If You Can Get It (2015)

Signing Up For a Shift Access our online Volunteer Scheduler to sign up for volunteer opportunities from the comfort of your home or office! Keep in mind when using the online calendar you will only be able to sign up for the allotted available positions. As always, we will try to keep you in the position for which you signed up; however, last minute changes do happen and we greatly appreciate your flexibility.

Volunteer Scheduler available here:


© 2017 | Cover Photos: Nat Zegree as Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet (2016); Andrea McArdle and cast in Anything Goes (2016); Lisa Brescia and cast in Victor/Victoria (2015); Jason Michael Evans and Catherine Charlebois in Beauty and the Beast (2016); F. Michael Haynie in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (2016); and Neil Candelora and JT Curtis in Let It Be (2016). Above: Sally Struthers and cast in Anything Goes (2016)

Contact Info

Sandi Clark, Front of House Coordinator (207) 646-2402 ext. 225 [email protected]

Norm Levey, Volunteer Coordinator (207) 646-8091