Walkthrough v. 0.5.5 (Man of the House) - F95zone

Walkthrough v. 0.5.5 (Man of the House) - F95zone

Guide (Walkthrough) - In the morning (7.30 7.30AM) talk with mom, for earn some points. - (8.30AM) Talk with Sis (Ashley) twice, and open new option. ...

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Guide (Walkthrough) - In the morning (7.30 7.30AM) talk with mom, for earn some points. - (8.30AM) Talk with Sis (Ashley) twice, and open new option. - For now MC only need talk with Veronica in the Kitchen (9.00(9.00 10.00AM) and open new option. - In the beggin MC need go in his Room and in the computer and have Online Course, do it till have the message that MC –have mastered completelycompletely (8.00-12.00AM) - MC need go in the pizzeria and Work (12.00-15.00AM) (12.00 15.00AM) – doing this, MC can open new options, and get some itens. - (15.00PM)) Teaching Sis in in Her Bedroom, twice. - (18.00PM)) Dinner with everyone. - (19.00) Talk with Mom in the kitchen, for earn some some points. - (19.00 – 19.30PM) See movies with Sis. - (21,00PM) MC giving for Mom the -rub foot-, after –Try – to move- (MC need give her some Wine) -Buy in n the SupermarketSupermarket -

- (22.00PM) MC need give Goodnight for Sis (Ashley) - (6.00AM) Go to the rooftop, see and talk with Mom.

- The Rooftop - Advice: Walking or travel with bus, taxi or even going with Veronica’s car, is a random event but MC can find some itens and some advertising that open Pizzeria, Casino and maybe others location (in the next version). - And for open Health Club, MC need talk t with Mom in the rooftop (6.00AM) -


- (8.30AM) - Breakfast - (15.00PM) - Teaching (Twice, till options are open) - (19.00PM) - See movies (When Horror movie are open, new option in the night) (19.30PM when MC talk with Mom) - (21.00PM) - Bathroom (New scenes with Sis) – You can alternate with Mom’s scenes – one day Sis, another Mom. - (22.00PM) – MC say Goodnight - Saturday (8.00AM) - Yoga session (Rooftop) - Saturday (9.00AM) – Breakfast

- Saturday (10.00AM) – Bathroom (Next versions) (Ashley and Veronica inside) - Sunday (9.00AM) – Breakfast - Sunday (11.00 AM -17.00PM) – Talking with Sophia - (17.00PM) – For all the week on the phone - For all the week (18.00PM) – Dinner - (22.00PM) – MC need always see the Mom’s Bedroom and wait Ashley talking about – Lingerie – (Buy it for Her) Shopping Mall. -


- (6.00AM) – Yoga (Rooftop) - Talk with Her for open Health Club - (7.00AM) - ( Mom’s Peeping Time ) – before, MC need sleep until 7.00AM with Bedroom door open - (MC need stay with the boxers till Mom arousal increase ) - (7.00AM) - Bathroom - (7.30AM) - Breakfast (When She ask for MC do the Laundry, MC need go to the Bathroom and see the basket) - (7.30AM) - Breakfast (When She ask for MC clean the House, go to Living Room (Entrance) and You see the vacuum – The same on the Kitchen, You see the bucket - (17.00PM) – Kitchen (Foyer) – For all the week - (18.00PM) - Dinner - (19.00PM) – Kitchen (Washing the Dishes) - (21.00PM) - Living Room (Reading a book) - When new option appear MC need (Buy a Bottle of Wine) - (22.00PM) In the whole week, MC need look the Mom’s Bedroom (for see and happen new scenes) - (22.00PM) New event – Listen the conversation (New option

open 7.00AM) - Saturday (8.00AM) - Yoga session (Rooftop) - Saturday (9.00AM) – Breakfast - Sunday (9.00AM) – Breakfast - For all the week (18.00PM) – Dinner -


- (10.00AM) – MC need talk with Her on the Kitchen (MC need drink coffe and to wait till this happens) - (10.00AM) – Breakfast (MC don’t need talk with Her) – only after, when en Her call him in the night - (From From now on MC can let Her do all the chores that Mom asked for Him do)( do) Ask for Her take Him in the many places of the city in Her car) car) - (22.00PM) - Bathroom - (23.00PM) – After the call MC can talk with Her. - (23.00PM) – MC now need talk with Her for increase some points - With Veronica MC need wait a call in the night from Her asking for help, MC need - Help Her - Some tips – Always look in the Bathroom when closed You can see and have good pictures for your phone. phone. - In the Saturday (8.00AM) MC can join in the rooftop in the Yoga’s session. -

All Places (Map)


- Shopping Mall

- Supermarket

- Pizzeria - Casino -

- Health Club

- -

- Police

And MC’s Apartment

- Phone - Cheat - In the Phone one MC can see all Status - Pictures and receive messages and add some Cheats. -

- Inventory - All things that MC buy are here here -

Save Load - And Save the Game too. - This Game is linear, and all things happens in the right moment, for this reason, I think all what I put here can help many players. -

Only one tip:: (All RPG game You need do anything or heard someone for happen something more) -


By.: Carlo