Wanzl leads from the front !

Wanzl leads from the front !


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Wanzl leads from the front !

Pole Position




EDITORIAL Pole Position is the confident title of this latest edition of our magazine WANZL WORLDWIDE. Once you´ve made it to the front of the grid, it´s then all about accelerating at the right moment and staying ahead of the field. In Formula One racing or in the world of business. For this reason we are investing continuously in expanding our business and securing the successful future of our company. At present we are extending our headquarters in Germany by almost 20,000 square metres of production, warehouse and office space. Internationally, too, Wanzl is expanding to ensure that we continue to offer the very best service to our customers worldwide. In October 2005 our Italian subsidiary moved into new, bigger premises and conversion work was finished at our facilities in the Czech Republic. Now Wanzl is also expanding in the UK, China and Russia. These investments are important for the further development of our company. So, too, is the continued expansion of our corporate strategy. In this context we are currently setting up a new business division called ‘Hotel Service’. Already we have received the first orders from international hotel chains and caterers, and the outlook for the future looks very promising. Expanding our product programme is another cornerstone in this development, so that we can meet the needs of the retail trade in full. Our supersize plastic Tango, for example, with 220-litre basket capacity, is one of our most recent innovations. With this new, RFID-compatible Tango Wanzl is investing in a significant technological development in the world of retail. This issue of WANZL WORLDWIDE brings you detailed information on the activities of Wanzl and the latest news from the world of international retail.

I hope you enjoy the read !

Gottfried Wanzl

www – wanzl worldwide The customer magazine of Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH Published by: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH – Bubesheimer Straße 4 89340 Leipheim – Germany Phone +49(0)8221/729-0 – Fax +49(0)8221/729-100 [email protected] – www.wanzl.com

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  SUMMER 2006

Pitstop at PIT LANE PARK

PIT LANE PARK, BMW Sauber´s high-tech Formula One theme park, was premiered at the European Grand Prix on the Nürburgring in early May this year. Following its pre­miere at the Nürburgring, BMW Sauber´s PIT LANE PARK is to be dismantled and set up again at Formula One races in Barcelona, Silverstone and Montreal. Coming up next:

R Italian Grand Prix, Monza, 10 September 2006

R Chinese Grand

25,000 Formula One fans visited PIT LANE PARK at its debut at this famous racing track in the Eiffel. BMW´s Motorsports Director, Dr Mario Theissen, was very pleased with the interest shown: “This theme park brings our fans right up close to the sport. We have developed ideas here that fulfil the wishes of Formula One fans.” PIT LANE PARK was set up by the Nürburgring track and during the Grand Prix entry was free for all race ticket-holders, and for all BMW drivers. Here fans could see and experience close up what they would normally only glimpse from a distance. Authenticity and interaction were the watchwords in the park´s concept.

Prix, Shanghai, 1 October 2006

Covering an area of 120 x 45 metres, PIT LANE PARK borders a 90-metre section of track leading to a turning area. BMW Sauber F1

Team race cars and the smaller Formula BMW cars take it in turns to power down the track. The doors of the garages along the track are kept open, inviting visitors to come in and look around at a reconstruction of the real thing. Other attractions include an F1 driving simulator, an interactive quiz and the Pit Stop Challenge, which tests practical skills in fast tyre-changing.  «

“PIT LANE PARK brings Formula One close up and personal. It´s a great place to experience the BMW brand live.” BMW Motorsports Director, Dr Mario Theissen.

Mobile turnstiles from Wanzl Four of Wanzl´s Portec turnstiles are in service at the PIT LANE PARK, regulating visitor access to this theme park. A further two Portec systems are fitted at the exit. For wheelchair users, there are two separate gates. The automatic rotating bars, electrically operated, let people in or out of the park one at a time, enabling a control unit to log the numbers passing through, and give the figures for total visitor numbers in the park at a particular moment. It´s also possible to assess figures for visitor frequency over the course of the day on the unit. A maximum of 1,400 visitors are allowed in PIT LANE PARK at any one time. www.wanzl-security-products.com

KEY FACTS: PIT LANE PARK R High-tech theme park on 5,400 m² of space

R 90-metre F1 track, lined with stands, leading to a turning area

R Capacity: 16,000 visitors/day

R Special attractions: BMW Sauber F1 demonstration starts, garages with show cars, driving simulator, Pit Stop ­Challenge in fast tyre-changing, and F1 quiz, BMW Sauber F1 team merchandising shop, Speaker’s Corner with BMW Sauber F1 drivers Jacques Villeneuve, Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica




METRO Group Future Store Initiative


Zygmunt Mierdorf

The retail sector has been undergoing radical change for a number of years. Rising international competition and ever changing customer expectations demand great flexibility and innovations capability. In Germany the ongoing caution among consumers coupled with overcapacities in sales space is further exacerbating the situation. If retailers are to be successful in the future, they need to optimise their sales concepts and cut costs. The METRO Group recognised early on that modern technologies are a decisive competitive factor in this context. In 2003 we set up the ‘METRO Group Future Store Initiative’, together with leading consumer goods manufacturers, the IT sector and the services sector. We are now working with over 60 co-operation partners on developing and testing technological innovations for the retail trade of to-

morrow. The focus is on the specific benefits to the customer, as modern technologies enable the shopping experience to be more comfortable and interesting and meet individual needs. On the other hand we are also concentrating strongly on ways to improve efficiency along the process chain. Our goal is to achieve fast, optimum movement of goods and information flow from the production locations through to the store. A cornerstone in this ‘METRO Group Future Store Initiative’ is the ‘Future Store’ in Rheinberg near Düsseldorf. In this supermarket of the future, we try out new applications for sales space and for warehouse management, under realistic conditions. Only then can we get a feel for whether these technologies will be any good in ­dayto-day practice and whether customers will accept them. Our experiences so far have been positive, e.g. with Intelligent Scales, which use a digital camera to identify the fruit or veg placed upon them, and with ­Automatic Checkouts where customers scan in their purchases and then pay. Both

i­nnovations were received so well by the customers that we are now introducing them in other stores in the METRO Group. The shopping trolley will also look different in future. Together with partner Wanzl, we have already developed a prototype that is specially tuned to the needs of older people. Because of the demographic structure in Germany this customer group is grow­ ing. Above all this prototype brings us one step closer to realising our vision – fitting a built-in reader into the shopping trolley that automatically logs all items placed in it, works out the total price and sends this ­information to the till. This means that the items no longer need to be taken out and put onto the conveyor, nor do the till ­operators have to scan them all individually. In ten to fifteen years it could be possible to revolutionise checkouts in this way. The key to this revolution is radio-frequency identification, or RFID for short. Radio waves are used to identify the goods – there´s no need to pick them up or even




O TANGO PROTOTYPE  for the ‘METRO Group Future Store Initiative’.

touch them. Unlike the barcode which requires a direct line of sight between the reader and the item, RFID uses transponder technology, which is a tiny computer chip with antenna. We are convinced that this technology will fundamentally change the consumer-goods industry, and in November 2004 we started to implement RFID in our operations. Leading firms like Procter & Gamble, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson and Esprit are now fitting RFID transponders to certain categories of pallets destined for the METRO Group. This accelerates goods intake in our stores and distribution centres, and helps avoid errors in registering the delivered goods. In the near future we will be starting to use RFID on cardboard boxes. As soon as the price of RFID transponders comes down to an acceptable level, and once the technology is mature enough, we want to use them to label a wide range of individual items. The ‘METRO Group Future Store Initiative’ has set its sights high – together the partners want to develop and test technologies that contribute towards a successful ­f uture for the retail trade. The experience so far has given me confidence that we will succeed. Our customers, our partners and the METRO Group itself will all benefit ­greatly from RFID and many other innovations in the pipeline.  «

P CUSTOMERS at the automatic checkout. O CEBIT 2006 – German Chancellor Angela Merkel tests the ‘Intelligent Shopping Trolley’, a co-production of the METRO Group and Wanzl.

“The shopping trolley has a built-in reader which automatically logs all items placed in it, works out the total price and sends this information to the till.” “As soon as the price of RFID transponders comes down to an acceptable level, and once the technology is mature enough, we want to use them to label a wide range of individual items.”




The boom in organic foods Retail success stories in the organic sector in Germany and Switzerland

Healthy living is ‘in’ Sales in North America and Europe continue to grow at the fastest rate, while in Asia, Japan is regar­ ded as one of the most important markets for organic foods and natural products. In the US revenues from organic products were 20 percent higher in 2005 than the year before. In Germany experts predict annual increases of six per­ cent on average, with revenues at around 600 million euros by 2007, and a total of 350 organic super­ markets. According to basic AG, an organic supermarket chain in Germany, its customers are mainly between 35 and 65, have a good education and higher income, are well informed and care about their health. This type of customer is loyal to its suppliers, as shown by a study con­ ducted by the University of Göttingen on behalf of the organic and natural products sector. For the ten new member-states of the EU, the pro­ spects for growth in this sector are also seen as good. “In the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia, we are seeing a build-up in the organic

foods segment,” reports Equalita of Cologne, an organisation that promotes training and networking among organic products suppliers in Europe. «

Revenues in organic foods in Germany in billion euros* 2000: 2.1 2001: 2.7 2002: 3.0 2003: 3.1 2004: 3.5 2005:


* excl. luxury foods and consumption away from home.


Honest, stylish, unique At the start of this year the first Yardo organic supermarket open­ ed in the Swiss town of St Gallen. Its owner and managing director, Albert Keel, created a 450 m² sales area for ‘organic gourmets’, complete with integrated takeaway and demonstration kitchen. Yardo offers a full range of organic products, from foodstuffs, including wine, to natural cosmetics. The store decided not to go for its own brand, preferring instead to concentrate on the well-known quality organic labels. Albert Keel is planning to open more organic supermarkets in Zurich, Berne, Basel and Lucerne. This entrepreneur has founded his plans on a solid analysis of the Swiss organic market, which finds itself in a period of stag­ nation, at odds with the booming markets in the US, UK and Germany.

Source: ZMP GmbH

Wanzl´s Wire Tech system was fitted at the Yardo pilot project in St Gallen, used in combination with glass and wood elements. A mobile Wire Tech display is available for wine tasting sessions. Other items

delivered by Wanzl include: display racks for fruit and R

­vege­tables, three of them air-conditioned units wooden weighing tables for the R fruit and veg area EL 101 shopping trolleys R oval shopping baskets, with a R capacity of 17 litres, and two basket stacking trolleys www.yardo.ch

“Yardo´s target group is a new, self-confident generation of organic gourmets.” Albert Keel (l.), founder and owner of U  ­Yardo AG, with Renzo Blumenthal, ‘Mr Switzerland 2005’ at the opening of the Yardo store in St Gallen.




In 2005 the world market in organic foods reached a value of almost 24 billion euros, say experts from ‘Organic Monitoring’, a UK-based research and consulting company. That´s an increase of over 1.5 billion on the previous year and solid evidence of the dynamic growth in the international organic foods sector.



‘Organic for all’

Retail and wholesale organic supplier

This was the motto basic AG adopted when it first started trading in 1998, with the opening of the first basic store in Munich, a supermarket-style outlet offering the full range of foodstuffs from apple juice to zucchini, all top quality organic produce. Munich´s first organic supermarket broke the mould – modern, bright and colourful –with a wide choice of products. The company now has over 15 stores throughout Germany, and in the current year basic is planning to open new stores in city-centre locations, including one in Vienna. The store in Vienna is the company´s first venture abroad, and further expansion is planned both in Germany and Austria. In each store, on up to 1,000 m² of retail space, customers can choose from a range of 8,000 products, many of which are of regional origin. Last year the basic store in Essen was awarded a gold ‘Selly 2005’ by the Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft (CMA), which nominated it as ‘organic supermarket of the year’. Wanzl has

ebl-naturkost operates twelve organic supermarkets in Nuremberg and the surrounding area. Not only does it offer the full range of products, it also has its own butchers and runs an organic wholesale business supplying local organic retailers. In a pilot project Wanzl fitted out ebl´s organic store in Bretter­garten­ strasse, Nuremberg, with the Wire Tech system, delivering 59 wall and gondola units, plus end frames. For its quality cosmetics products eblnaturkost chose glass shelves and wooden drawer units. Special antislip ridged metal inserts were designed for use on the sloping fruit and vegetable racks. Wanzl´s next order from ebl came for Röthenbach, which opened in June. Here, too, over 100 Wire Tech wall and gondola units were delivered. ebl is already planning to open another outlet in the Nuremberg area.

fitted out eleven basic stores, with items such as: the High Rack and Wire Tech R systems D75 RC shopping trolleys R DR 22 children´s shopping trolleys R special-offer tables with R 120-, 180- and 320-litre capacity double Ecoport Radar entrance R systems, plus barriers and checkout gates. www.basic-ag.de

“We really want to stand out from other organic outlets. All the produce here is organic, but it´s presented in a bright, contemporary modern style.” Georg Schweisfurth, co-founder of basic AG.

Other products from Wanzl´s selfservice systems delivered to ebl: D 120 RC shopping trolleys, plus R D 155 RC trolleys with baby carrier DR 22 children´s shopping trolleys R Ecoport entrance system R check-out barrier R www.ebl-naturkost.de

“Today´s customers enjoy life to the full.” Gerhard Bickel, owner of ebl-Naturkost.




At Auchan’s trial store

New solutions and innovations often arise as a result of intensive co-operation, and Auchan and Wanzl have jointly developed a new shopping trolley. O JACQUES DE BEAUVAL, Sales Manager for Wanzl France, FRANÇOIS GUERMONPREZ, Organisation Management for Auchan, and VALÉRIE GARLAND, Checkout Manager at Auchan’s Faches-Thumesnil store (l. to r.) with the Wanzl ‘bag shopper’, which has space for two bags or two shopping baskets, and the ‘EL 240 Auchan’.

shopping comfort, taking into account, of course, all safety regulations.

In 2000, the Auchan group launched a new strategy based on the slogan ‘The hypermarket for better living’. The aim is to make Auchan once again a brand that offers customers ‘good solutions for better living’. As part of this new philosophy, Auchan began working closely with Wanzl three years ago on the development of the new ‘EL 240 Auchan’ shopping trolley. At the beginning of May, representatives of Auchan and Wanzl met at the Auchan trial store at Faches-Thumesnil in the suburbs of Lille to review the current state of development of Auchan’s new trial trolley. François Guermonprez, Project Manager with Auchan Group’s Information and Organisation Systems department, and Valérie Garland, Section Manager at Auchan’s trial store, held discussions with Jacques de Beauval, Sales Manager for Wanzl France, on the development of the project furthering the cooperation between the companies. Why did you decide to develop the new shopping trolley in co-operation with Wanzl? Guermonprez: Auchan is constantly looking for solutions that make life easier for its customers. Auchan’s founder Gérard Mulliez aims to perfect every detail in order to satisfy the customer. We looked at the actual business of doing the shopping, which usually begins with the shopping trolley. On the basis of research and intensive discussions, we became aware that customers have a range of different expectations: the ideal shopping trolley should be easy to steer and be able to be pushed in a straight line from the checkout to car park. It should be light and above all quiet and provide a high level of

Did Auchan develop a specification for a new shopping trolley based on these various requirements? In the past three years we have been carrying out development work and have produced a number of test prototypes at the Auchan laboratories at Villeneuve d’Ascq. Did the co-operation with Wanzl begin on the basis of these prototypes? de Beauval: Wanzl produced 2,500 shopping trolleys equipped with five castors, the fifth castor being located under the centre of the trolley. These trolleys were designated as ‘EL 240 Auchan’ and were used for the first time in February 2005 here at the Auchan trial store in Faches-Thumesnil. The aim was to test various technical aspects of the functionality of the new trolley. We worked very closely with Dr Rainer Eckert, Wanzl´s Technology and Development Director, and his department. What are the key features of this new shopping trolley? Guermonprez: This model is technically advanced and is an important tool for building customer loyalty. The new, attractively designed ‘EL 240 Auchan’ shopping trolley has numerous advantages: the features which customers appreciate are the quiet operation, ergonomic






Wanzl’s ‘EL 240 Auchan’ model makes it easy to do the big

Bernd Michael Baumann, Managing Director of Wanzl

weekly shop.

France, Jean-Claude Baumgartner, Administration

UU FRANÇOIS POUPARD, Director of the Auchan store at

/ ­Finance Manager, Michèle Hertzog, Management


­Assistant and Bernard Wittner, Production Manager.

UU WANZL FRANCE – in Sélestat since 1980

Auchan – the 11th largest company in France

Wanzl France

In 45 years Auchan has grown under its

service and proximity to customers in the

founder Gérard Mulliez into one of the leading

retail sector in France. It rapidly proved a success

design and the comfortable child seat. This extremely light trolley also has a storage area at the front for PET bottle packs and a separate compartment for delicate items. What are your experiences with the fifth castor? The version with the fifth castor has yet to prove itself. This additional castor is extremely practical when the trolley is pushed in a straight line, particularly when fully laden between the checkout and car park. However, it restricts the manoeuvrability of the trolley in the store. After a ten-month operational phase and detailed surveys, we found that most customers preferred better steering in the aisles, and the fifth castor was therefore discontinued. Is the ‘EL 240 Auchan’ being supplied in standard design with four castors? de Beauval: The close co-operation between Wanzl and Auchan enabled this shopping trolley to be continuously developed. The fifth castor was dispensed with for the reasons already stated, but the trolley retains the most important advantages, i.e. its quiet operation and good manoeuvrability and steering. How can this trolley be improved yet further in the future? First we need to develop an appropriate technical solution to allow optimum use of the fifth castor in the car park once the customer leaves the store. A possible solution could be to equip the trolley with an electronic system to lower the fifth castor automatically when the trolley leaves the checkout area. What knowledge have you gained from this field trial? Garland: Two factors are of crucial importance for our customers: service at the checkouts and ease of use of the shopping trolley. The ‘EL 240 Auchan’ with its smooth operation has improved the rating of our supermarket here in Faches-Thumesnil within the Auchan group: we rank 26th out of 115. The footfall in our shopping centre has increased by one percent. These figures are based on a survey conducted before the trolley was converted to four-castor operation. What is Wanzl’s objective? de Beauval: The ‘EL 240 Auchan’ is being produced exclusively for the Auchan Group. Auchan also remains the owner of the innovative trolley components, in particular the plastic parts. We aim to equip all Auchan stores with the new trolley as they are modernised. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, our main objective is to develop and introduce innovative solutions for the self-service sector, in order to improve the customer service in the stores. The retail industry is under constant competitive pressure and it is not enough to keep reducing prices. It is important to develop solutions that give customers added value with genuine benefits.  «

In 1980 Wanzl opened a new manufacturing plant at Sélestat in Alsace, to ensure optimum

supermarket chains in the world. Mulliez originally

and Wanzl France expanded its production, increased its ware-

worked as a foreman in a textile dye works. It was during a

house capacity and built a galvanising and powder-coating

visit to the USA that he first came across modern self-service

plant. In order to increase its sales presence in the domestic

retailing. On his return to France he opened a supermarket in a

market, it simultaneously established sales management in

vacant 600 m² warehouse in the Hauts-Champs district of

Paris. Wanzl France is the largest Wanzl subsidiary in Europe,

Roubaix in 1961. The very first promotion at the store set the

with more than 150 employees and an industrial site covering

company firmly on the road to success: specially for his male

more than 17,000 m². Its ultramodern machine park guaran-

customers, Mulliez offered whisky at knock-down prices.

tees exceptional quality of the products manufactured in the

People flocked to the store …. and indeed still do, to what is

French plants. As a leading industrial company, Wanzl naturally

now the 11th largest company in France. The Auchan group

attributes the utmost importance to the protection of the

operates in 11 countries with 365 hypermarkets and 654

environment: modern equipment and regular, strict controls

supermarkets. The group employs 174,600 people worldwide.

help protect mankind and nature. Wanzl France has invested

Auchan generated net revenues of €33.6 billion in 2005,

greatly to fulfil this responsibility.

representing revenues of €1,300 per square metre, a rise of 10.6 percent. The group’s net income in 2005 totalled € 964 million – a result unmatched by any of its competitors in the French retail sector.





European Retail Academy

This new virtual platform for the international retail industry sees human capital as the most important factor in retail success.

For over a decade the retail trade and its suppliers have been feeling the effects of globalisation and increasing competition. At the leading international trade fair for the sector, EuroShop 2005 in Düsseldorf (which incidentally for the first time attracted more exhibitors from abroad than from Germany), the European Retail Academy (ERA) was set up to support retail research and education at universi­ ties and institutes of higher education. The initia­tive for this virtual international umbrella organis­ation came from Professor Bernd Hallier, Managing Director of EHI EuroHandelsinstitut Group and President of EuroShop.

Summer University

Hall of Fame

ERA Tools

ERA Report

Summer Camp ERA Annual Conference

ERA website

“We have to concentrate more on human capital, not just hardware and software, because it is people that decide the future,” said Hallier. “We must also make sure that we act upon the declaration signed by European education ministers at their con­ference in Bologna, and bring more practical experience into our education and training programmes.” The aim of the Bologna process is to harmonise European higher edu­ cation degree systems by 2010. Examples of good inte­ gration of education and practical experience in the retail sector are the participation of students from Moscow in ShopDesignRussia and the involvement of Chinese students from Tongji University at CRC Expo in Shanghai, either as interpreters, or by deepening their understan­ ding of business processes at the stands of exhibitors. In February 2005 ten institutes from six countries sounded the starting gun for ERA. One year later the number had risen to 59 participating institutes from 25 countries around the globe. The ERA website provides a

W CROSS-BORDER TRADE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE – A visiting professor with a group of students at the Czech university of Tábor.

P 1st ERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Prague in February 2006. networking and contacts platform for those involved in retail research and studies at universities and institutes of higher education. In addition, ERA organises conferences and workshops – already, two trade symposia have been held, attended by university professors. The first of these was a one-week summer camp in Kiev, looking at the inno­ vative sandwich courses offered in Germany, and possible ways of transporting this model to other countries and the second was the annual conference in Prague. Here delegates discussed the current status of evaluation and accreditation in individual partner countries. ERA´s website has had 15,000 visitors so far. Its news pages feature information about EHI studies or upcoming international conferences and trade fairs, as well as details of the national retail structures of coun­ tries like Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Students also benefit from the site´s links collection on traineeships, grants and jobs. “We have to make the retail trade attractive to students, and providing these links is one way to do that. After all we are in compe­tition for the best brains with industry and services sectors,” said Hallier. In the medium term ERA intends to give the sponsors of EHI the chance to present their companies and marketing initiatives to students in guest lectures. Professor Hallier is planning an international conference in the week before EuroShop 2008 in Düsseldorf, on the current status of implementation of the Bologna process in retail study programmes.  «





W WANZL DELIVERED 1,500 AIRPORT SHOPPERS for the duty-free zone and 1,000 Voyager 3000 baggage trolleys. On order for the new Terminal 3 are a further 4,000 trolleys, with a longer base, 104 trolley dispensing stations with RFID technology for trolley tracking, plus ten Airport Scooters (photo on right) for managing trolley returns and availability.


ERA history



Hallier successfully negotiated the expansion

2005 February ERA idea was born; ERA set up March Launch of ERA website May 1,000 visitors to the site June 25th university partner joined, 15 countries July Summer Camp in Kiev 2006 January 10,000 visitors to the website February 1st ERA Annual Conference in Prague Start of the ‘Hall of Fame’ to honour outstanding personalities in the retail industry Start of weblink to the sponsor, ‘EuroCommerce/ Brussels’, the retail, wholesale and international trade representation to the EU March Start of the section on ‘Traineeships/Grants/ Jobs’ for students May 59th university partner joined, 25 countries

of the ERA network to the Gulf States.

W Prof. Bernd Hallier (small photo) E  WANZL´s FIRST APPEARANCE AT RETAIL MIDDLE EAST. This trade fair was held for the second time at the Expo Centre Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).

“We have to make the retail trade attractive to students, and providing these links is one way to do that. After all we are in competition for the best brains with industry and the services sector.” PROF. BERND HALLIER, Managing ­Director of EHI EuroHandelsinstitut Group, President of EuroShop and the initiator of the European Retail Academy.

UNIVERSITIES AND INSTITUTES OF HIGHER ­ DUCATION IN THE ERA NETWORK: Australia (1), E ­Austria (2), Brazil (1), China (1), Czech Republic (3), France (1), Germany (11), Hungary (1), India (3), Ireland (1), Moldavia (1), Netherlands (1), Norway (1), Poland (3), Romania (2), Russia (8), Serbia-Montenegro (2), Singapore (1), Slovak Republic (1), Spain (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), Ukraine (3), United Kingdom (6), USA (2).

Dubai International Airport has so far received 36 awards for outstanding service. Key future markets such as China, India and central Russia are just a few hours’ flying time away and Dubai is now one of the pre-eminent hubs for international air travel. More than 3,000 readers of the travel magazine Business Traveller Germany recently voted Dubai International Airport the best airport in the Middle East and Africa in 2005. The magazine has been giving awards to airports since 2003, assessing complete service, including baggage transport, check-in, personnel, spatial design and duty-free facilities. Dubai International Airport aims to be one of the best airports in the world. In pursuit of this aim last year it embarked on its second expansion phase with investments exceeding € 3.2 billion. The airport operators are currently building the new Terminal 3, which will be used exclusively by Emirates. The plan includes 23 gates for the Airbus A380. There will also be a large-scale freight terminal and the existing Terminal 2 will be completely modernised. The new Terminal 3 is scheduled to open in March 2007. Dubai International Airport will then have a capacity of 70 million passengers a year. By way of comparison: in 2005 Dubai had 24.7 million passengers; by the end of 2006 the figure will be 28 million and by 2010 the airport is forecasting 60 million.





Opportunities for retail logistics “44 percent of the retail companies surveyed intend to extend their promotional activity in the future due to rapidly changing custom­er requirements. As a result, the figures for unsold inventories and out-of stock situa­ tions are set to rise.”

The latest study on ‘Trends and Strategies in Logistics’, con­­ducted by the German Logistics Association (BLV) in cooperation with four universities, examines the current situation and the future of the logistics sector. A survey was carried out among 4,000 German companies, including a number in the wholesale and retail sector, revealing that retailers often concentrate on the handling of logistics processes only. Out of stock! A customer requires a particular product, but the retailer cannot supply it. A nightmare scenario and yet a frequent reality, because in retailing there is still too little co-operation between marketing and logistics. Only half of the logistics managers surveyed are involved in the retailer’s promotion, sales or order planning. Unforeseen capacity spikes and high out-of-stock rates are the result. Forecasting problems in retailing are the main cause of empty shelves, and this problem is exacerbated by the increasing trend towards promotion-based selling. Differences between planned order quantities and actual deliveries often average 40 percent on a weekly comparison, and up to 10 percent on a monthly and annual comparison. 35 percent of retail businesses (mostly in the wholesale sector) say that they are carrying higher stocks because of this trend, showing clearly why lower logistics costs are hard to achieve in the retail sector. In contrast to the industrial sector, retail companies frequently still carry out inventory management, order-picking and transport services in house, functions which generate 60 percent of total logistics costs. Here the

›Trends und Strategien in der Logistik‹ Ein Blick auf die Agenda des LogistikManagements 2010 / A study of trends and strategies in logistics conducted by the Universities of Berlin, Munich, Darmstadt and Paderborn on behalf of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V., 2005 / ISBN 3-87154-331-4


study recommends outsourcing to external specialists in order to combine operations, tighten the logistics process and cut costs. At the same time 81 percent of the retail companies surveyed placed optimised transport at the top of their agenda for the future. 89 percent also said they wanted to make their logistics structure more flexible for cost reasons, for example by devising new working time models. The introduction of RFID currently plays a major role for only 31 percent of retail companies, and RFID will not entirely replace barcodes, even in 2010. In order to reduce costs, the retail sector is increasingly centralising its logistics structures, streamlining organisational structures and introducing inventory-free operation. For 70 percent of retailers the most important facility is currently the central warehouse with the ability to deliver combined shipments of items from various suppliers. Cross-docking systems, which were seen by 50 percent of the retailers surveyed as a cost-reducing alternative to traditional inventory structures, are expected to play a more important role in the future.  « WWW.WANZL-LOGISTIK-INDUSTRIE.COM





Winner of innovation competition Wanzl’s KT3 ‘drive’ picking trolley was awarded first place in the innovation competition of 2005 held by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The KT3 ‘drive’ is equipped with a fifth castor – fitted under the centre of the base – the hub of which contains an integrated (maintenance-free and wear-resistant) electric motor to power the trolley to transport heavy loads. The fifth castor, a patented Wanzl development, guarantees excellent manoeuvrability even when fully loaded. Wanzl recently supplied the new model to the German Heart Centre in Munich, where the KT3 ‘drive’ is used to transport boxes of medication with a total weight of up to 300 kilograms per trolley from the central distribution point to the patients. The KT3 ‘drive’, which is easy to handle even when loaded, protects the health of employees and consequently the clinic’s budget, since the German Heart Centre had recorded cases of sickness absence in the past due to slipped discs, and related problems.   «

Wanzl delivers bespoke solution successes in UK logistics market Wanzl has made a significant impact in the massive UK logistics and industry market with a number of innovative bespoke solutions for national clients. After only two years of promotion of the logistics and industry product range, Wanzl’s sales consultancy approach was welcomed in a market which for years had been dominated by established competitors supplying standard solutions. Worrick Mosley, Head of the Logistics and Industry Sales Team in the UK says Wanzl’s ‘sales consultancy’ approach is all about building a lasting relationship with the client. “With the support of the dedicated design and production team at Kirchheim, Wanzl has met the widely varying application and volume requirements of customers.” Worrick says: “With its vast R&D and manufacturing resources, Wanzl looks forward to building on the early successes we have achieved with our logistics and industry customers, and establishing us as the foremost long-term, ‘added-value’ supplier to this market.”

To date, Wanzl’s Logistics and Industry success in the UK includes:

Tesco – the largest retailer in the UK: Plastics – developed a bar code label plate to retro-fit to roll cages enabling Tesco to improve stock tracking. Special design requirements were that the plate should be suited to operation in chilled and ambient environments, be compatible with a number of different roll cages and that the labels should be easy to remove.

NHS (National Health Service) – the UK’s national health services provider. A sustained process of consultation with the client has resulted in Wanzl UK securing this high-profile account, for the supply of a bespoke roll cage to meet NHS requirements nationwide.

Tesco Banana Cage – Specialised merchandising unit developed for Tesco. The unit enables trays of storeready bananas to be transported directly from the supplier to the retail space and back, eliminating costly double-handling.

WANZL HAS DEVELOPED a bespoke roll

Suzuki UK – national automotive distributor. Re­-



cage solution for one of the UK’s largest

designed the standard KT3 picking trolley, pro­viding

THE FUTURE – These concepts developed by

designed für the NHS.

clothing wholesalers.

a longer unit with specific accessory items. Wanzl

Wanzl in the UK are for a ‘deliver and display’

also developed a very large tote con­solidation

special merchandising unit for tropical fruits –

trolley which helps deliver up to 30 totes at a

just one of many innovative bespoke solutions

time from the central consolidation area to the

Wanzl is developing for the logistics and industry

conveyor belt system, at the end of the shift.

market in the UK.





Designs for better living For over 120 years Abt has been a familiar name in the retail landscape of Ulm, Southern Germany. In 2005 this department store was completely refurbished – its ranges of household goods, porcelain, gift items, stationery, crafts and D.I.Y. equipment are now presented on over 4,000 square metres of stylishly designed sales space. Newly introduced are the stationery department and the ‘Abt Junior’ section, featuring children´s toys. The products are imaginatively displayed on four floors, in an innovative interior design featuring Wanzl´s Alu Tech shopfitting system. “People really feel very much at home in the new Abt ”, says Abt´s Managing Director, Gunther Strauss. They come here to shop and to be inspired with new ideas. “When the goods are presented really well, they sell much better,” said Strauss, reporting on his experience since the refurbishment. The open-style layout on the floors is an invitation for customers to explore ‘designs for better living’. Abt opted for Wanzl´s new shopfitting system Alu Tech, and now finds itself a magnet not only for shoppers, but also for retail profes­ sionals, keen to see this pilot project for themselves.

“Footfall is now up at the store and average spend has increased.” Abt Managing Director, Gunther Strauss.

Choosing the right shopfittings concept was critical. Especially given the broad range of items stocked by Abt, and “because not every item is square” Special solutions were necessary – for presenting ironing boards, hair-dryers, pull-out shelves for food mixers, and banked shelving for all-round product visibility. As well as functionality, quality and elegance were important requirements of the shopfitting system, plus the ability to adapt configurations easily. Wanzl´s new Alu Tech system, with its various gondola, wall unit models and integrated display cases, was able to fulfil these requirements. For the units, Abt chose shelves in glass and wood, with back panels partly in painted wood and partly in backlit acrylic. Shelves and panels can be switched over as required for

any new display arrangement. To ensure a harmonious overall look and to distinguish between the various product sections, most of the wall units have a 50 cm deep wooden frame, finished in cream. Alu Tech was also used for the four-metre long wall unit on the ground floor, where kitchen utensils are hung for display. For the new entrance area a corner solution was developed, with a rounded form. In total Wanzl fitted over 400 metres of the new shelf system at Abt. Also part of the shopfittings concept is a new counter system – Abt opted for wooden-look counters, mostly in a dark shade, but some in light apple. Supplied in a range of sizes and heights, the counters are ideal for all kinds of product displays, stackable if required, and can even be used by customers as a seat. With this innovative new interior design Abt has entered for the 2006 ‘Store of the Year’ award, in the ‘Living’ category. The award is organised by Germany´s Retail Trades Federation (Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandes – HDE). At Abt each product section has a different feel. “The customer enters a whole new world each time,” is how Gunther Strauss describes the concept. Another helpful idea is positioning the tills in exactly the same spot on each floor. Already this design concept, with its clever harmonisation of products, presentation and service, has attracted new attention in the sector, and led to the conclusion that “Abt has now firmly established itself as a brand.”  «




The Abt brand

sales floors at Abt are spread across three interlinked buildings, each with its own specific architectural characteristics. The store‘s pedestrianised location plus the decision not to close during refurbishment, demanded great flexibility of all the partners involved in the project.

O TEAMWORK (l. to r.): Gunther Strauss, Managing Director of Abt, Elke Kalvelage, interior designer at Wanzl and head of the Abt shopfittings project, with Hermann Hutter, new owner of Abt.



In 1879 Carl Abt opened an ironmonger´s shop. ­Today Abt is one of the three biggest high-street names in household goods in Germany. In 2004 ­Hermann Hutter took over the company and, backed by a group of investors, repositioned it for the future. The aim of the extensive renovation and refurbishment programme (costing around two million euros) was to boost business and to re-assert the firm´s long-standing tradition in ­retailing. For further information on the store, its products, services and in-store presentations, go to: www.abt-ulm.de.

Alu Tech – flexible and modern

Wanzl´s new shopfitting system Alu Tech premiered at EuroShop 2005 in Düsseldorf. Alu Tech´s aluminiumprofile frame with its uniform-look uprights, horizontals and cross members, is a real eye-catcher. The system offers a tremendous range of design options, thanks to flexible combinability of its elements, and the choice of wood or glass in a range of colours. Other products delivered by Wanzl to Abt included:


A FRAME around the wall units creates a P harmonious structure while still clearly distinguishing between the various sections. ABT: OPEN AND INVITING. O

R 20 City Shopper trolleys, 60-litre capacity R 10 DR 22 Harlequin children´s shopping trolleys R 300 Boxxi handbaskets and 17 stackers for Boxxis R 20 tables for special offers





Boom time in the Far North

Iceland’s quality of life and level of development make it one of the top five countries in the world, according to a United Nations report. The unemployment rate is only 1.5 percent. On 9 January 2006 the population of Iceland was over 300,000 and is set to rise to more than 350,000 by 2045.

Iceland’s economy has been stable since the mid-1990s. The country has long been a member of the rich countries club, leaving behind traditional industrialised countries such as Germany and Great Britain. The standard of living is high, edu­ cation levels are above average and location benefits such as low energy costs and excellent infrastructure have strengthened Iceland’s leading sectors of fishing, tourism, energy, aluminium production as well as research, finance and information technology. But the Icelandic market is also expensive: price differences between imported and domestic goods are small because of the high salaries paid in Iceland. But according to OECD statistics Iceland is one of the countries with the highest per capita income, averaging €2,965 per month, and the highest purchasing power. Icelanders therefore enjoy shopping,

usually going twice or three times a week, particularly in the catchment area around the capital Reykjavik. Bónus, which has a 40 percent market share, is the most popular store chain. In the most frequently visited store locations, the discounter boasts a 65 percent share. Bónus is the largest discount chain in Iceland, with 22 outlets nationwide, 14 of them in the Reykjavik region. It belongs to the Baugur Group, which accounts for two-thirds of the food retail sector in Iceland. Baugur’s other busi­nesses include Hagkaup hypermarkets with their wide product range and high level of service, and ‘10–11’ convenience stores which open daily from 8am to midnight. In second place, with a 30 percent share of the Icelandic food retail market, is the Norvik Group, which includes chains such as the large Nóatún super­markets, the Krónan discount stores and the ‘11–11’ convenience stores. The remaining 10 percent is shared by a number of small companies.  «

Countries with the greatest economic freedom Ranking


















According to The Heritage Foundation, the respected Washington-based research institute, economic freedom is the only way to create a positive cycle of economic growth and prosperity in an era of increasing globalisation. Since 1994, The Heritage Foundation has investigated 161 countries, looking for indicators such as a moderate degree of state intervention, unrestricted wage and price-setting, foreign investment, protection of property rights and a limited black economy. Source: Heritage Foundation / Washington, 2006





W 80 PERCENT OF ALL TOURISTS visit Iceland for its unique ­scenery and wide range of outdoor activities.

E REIGNING MISS WORLD: Iceland’s Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir was voted the most beautiful woman in the world in a contest against 101 international competitors.




RÝMI – WANZL’S PARTNER IN ICELAND (l. to r.): Jósep Grímsson

Manager of Hagkaup Smáralind.

Iceland’s largest hypermarket.

in the 12,000 m² store.

(Sales Manager), Svanfrídur A. Lárusdóttir (Sales Representative), Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson (Sales Representative) and Magnús Scheving (Purchasing Manager)

Hagkaup Smáralind – Customer of Wanzl & Rými Trausti J. Reynisson, Manager of Iceland’s largest hypermarket Hagkaup Smáralind, banking on growth. How many customers per year shop at Hagkaup Smáralind? In 2005 we had around 1.3 million customers. Will customer footfall rise further in the years ahead? We are forecasting annual growth of seven percent. And what is the value of the average spend? It currently stands at exactly €32.12 and has risen steadily in the past few years. Which types of product are the most important? We believe that sales in the food sector will grow by three percent in the next year. In the case of all other product groups, such as sports goods, clothing, shoes, cycles, furnishings and toys, we expect growth of six percent. Last year the Hagkaup Smáralind hypermarket was ranked top in the Hagkaup Group in terms of sales, and we are probably the strongest retail store in the whole country. Our objective is to retain our lead in the long term.

Hagkaup has made its mark on retailing in Iceland

Hagkaup, founded in 1959, has funda­ mentally changed the retail landscape in Iceland in recent decades. Hagkaup opened its first large supermarket in 1970 and played a leading part in the Kringlan Project, Iceland’s first shopping mall, located in the new heart of Reykjavik. Today, Hagkaup is one of the leading hypermarket and supermarket chains in Iceland and one of the largest customers of Wanzl and its Icelandic sales partner Rými. Hagkaup specialises in high-quality goods at reasonable prices, and its stores are modern and largescale. In its outlets Hagkaup combines selfservice departments with special areas in which expert personnel provide high-quality customer service. Fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and bakery goods are provided fresh each day. Hagkaup also offers the widest range of specialities, including select brands from small, high-quality producers. International brands are also available in clothing, gifts, household goods, toys, cycles and outdoor equipment. Five years ago, Hagkaup opened its largest store so far: the 12,000 m² Hagkaup Smáralind hypermarket in the Smáralind mall. The catchment area is Reykjavik and its surrounds.

Ofnasmiðjan/Rými – Partner of Wanzl Ofnasmiðjan/Rými was founded in 1936 and is still family-owned. For the first few years the company produced heaters. The Icelandic name ‘Ofnasmiðjan’ means ‘heater manufacturer’, but the company soon began importing shopfitting systems and shelving solutions. The original Ofnasmiðjan company has since been sold, but still produces heaters and shelving solutions for the retail industry on behalf of Rými. Wanzl and Rými are joint suppliers to the market leader Hagkaup, belonging to Baugur, the largest retail group in Iceland. Rými’s aim is to win over other stores in the Baugur group, such as the Bónus super­market chain and the ‘10–11’ convenience store chain, as customers. Rými currently has 20 employees and is managed by Sveinbjörn Egill Björnsson, the grandson of the company’s founder Sveinbjörn Jónsson. Rými has operated as Wanzl’s local sales partner in the Icelandic retail market since 1993.





The Tango has grown There is a new addition to the Tango family of plastic shopping trolleys. In addition to the Tango 160-litre basket, Wanzl is now also offering a 220-litre version. WWW talks to Dr Rainer Eckert, Wanzl’s Technology & Development Director..

R Dr Rainer Eckert, Wanzl’s Technology & Development Director




INCLUDED a 160-litre version of the Tango


plastic shopping trolley in its offer, and over


50,000 have been sold to date. Customers

the addition of a second

include the Sigo chainstores in Venezuela

model with a larger

(above), the Polish supermarket Alma (l.) and

basket capacity for large

the Belgian retailer Delhaize (r.).

volumes of shopping.

Why is Wanzl introducing the new Tango model? The Tango with a 220-litre basket capacity is a prompt and coherent response from Wanzl to the current developments in the market. Right across Europe customers are purchasing larger amounts of shopping. The new Tango was designed to enable retailers – from whom we have already received enquiries – to offer these customers plastic shopping trolleys with large capacities. That means stores can now provide two Tango versions for different target groups, tailored to customers’ shopping patterns. But surely there are already a lot of high-volume shopping trolleys? That’s true. Wanzl has an extensive range of tried-and-tested, highvolume, classic models with wire baskets. But the Tango 220 offers other advantages besides a large basket capacity. What are these advantages? The basket, basket flap and handle unit of the Tango 220 are made of plastic, so the trolley weighs around eight kilos less than a traditional trolley. When the trolley is loaded this weight reduction helps improve manoeuvrability. The plastic components also offer a marked reduction in noise. Both of these improvements benefit the customer. Also the Tango helps to reduce inventory differences, since the plastic basket build allows almost 100 percent recognition of EAS labels, and the Tango is compatible with RFID technology

being used increasingly in retailing. When RFID is rolled out to stores on a large scale, the retailer will not have to invest in new trolleys if he has opted at an early stage for the Tango plastic model. A further advantage is that it can be supplied in a choice of colours or combination of colours, and it can be printed with ads or a logo to match the store’s corporate design. With its basket made of impactresistant plastic, the Tango has a long service life too. What reaction is Wanzl expecting from retailers? We are expecting a positive reaction, because there is demand in the market for a high-volume shopping trolley made of plastic. This has been clear from the enquiries we receive from retailers. The first trials are already running, and experiences so far give us reason to be optimistic. The first production orders will be delivered from August.   «

“The Tango 220 was specially developed for people doing the big weekly shop, and it’s already RFID-compatible.”





Poland´s favourite store – Biedronka ‘Super prices, every day’ – That´s what keeps the customers coming back to Biedronka discount stores. “Consumer surveys have shown that 92 percent of Polish consumers know the brand name of Biedronka.” Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK), Poland

Model co-operation Wanzl has been working successfully with the Polish retail chain Biedronka for many years. At the outset Wanzl recognised the potential of the Biedronka concept and put together a special ‘Biedronka Team’, which is always on hand to serve the needs of this leading Polish discount store. Always on time for the Biedronka store openings, Wanzl delivers shop­ ping trolleys, special-offer tables, pallet surrounds, divider systems and customer barriers. Also Wanzl Poland, together with Biedronka employees, are engaged in developing new solutions for fitting out the stores. An important part of this is close cooperation with Mago, a supplier of shelf systems and check-out coun­ ters to Biedronka, and also based in Nadarzyn, where Wanzl Poland has its offices. A further 20 or so part­ ners are also regularly involved in fitting out new Biedronka stores, always working in close harmony with Wanzl’s plans and deliveries.


The price is right and so is the quality. And the cus­ tomers know it. Biedronka stocks over 900 different products – the full range of everyday foodstuffs, including fresh fruit and veg, plus non-food items such as clothes and equipment for gardening and D.I.Y. 95 percent of the supplies are from 450 Polish manufacturers. Biedronka is one of the most popular stores in Poland, and, with a staff of over 13,000, is a leading employer in the country. In 2004 Biedronka was the only retailer to be chosen from among 1,200 brands as a winner in the ‘Superbrands Awards’. The first Biedronka store opened in 1995. By 1997 this supermarket chain had expanded to 48 stores. Just one year later, there were no less than 243 Biedronka stores across Poland. In 1998 Biedronka became a part of the Portuguese retailing group Jerónimo Martins (JMD). Since then JMD has invested 390 million euros in Biedronka´s future success. As well as the new outlets, so far five distribution centres have been created in Grudziadz, Lubin, Ruda Ślaska, Wyszków and Kostrzyn, the latter being one of the most high-tech warehouse centres in Europe. Currently there is one more distribution centre under construction in Wojnicz. Spread out across the country as they are, these centres ensure rapid delivery of fresh goods to stores. Today Biedronka is one of Poland´s leading retail chains, with a 60-percent share of the discount store market. This success is due to the store´s dense network of branches, smooth distribution operations and ongoing, independent quality testing carried out by external bodies. Following 84 new openings in 2005, Biedronka is continuing on its expansion course and by the end of 2006 another 100 or so new stores will have been launched.  «

POLAND´S STRONG INDEPENDENTS: Proportion of independent stores in the retail market: 66 % R Proportion of national and international retail chains in the R

retail market: 34 %









Czech Republic




Baltic States







EU 25







Proportion of retail turnover in private expenditure in EU countries Source: European Retail Network

EUROPEAN RECORD: In Poland the proportion of consumer expenditure spent in retail is well above 60 percent. In Germany, Austria and Italy, by contrast, that figure is only around 30 percent. The EU average is around 33 percent.





Displays instead of expensive packaging Elegant displays in the toys section are a great way of increasing sales. Marc Wiebusch, Key Account Manager at Corvus, can confirm this. What made you decide to buy Wanzl displays? We were impressed by the high quality and robust nature of these displays. They emphasise the quality of the products we offer, without the need for sophisticated packaging. So we are investing in a display that does the job that otherwise would be done by expensive and spaceconsuming packaging. After all, sales space is expensive and you have to use it wisely. Also we wanted the items to speak for themselves, something that was achieved in full with this quietly elegant display. Another big plus is the way the whole display is made – as spaces begin to appear, the shop-owner gets a clear picture of how much is being sold. Without their own display unit, the goods would probably get pushed together on the shelf by the staff, as stocks are sold off, and we would lose out on sales space. A display

unit where you can see at a glance what´s been sold is a superb prompt for the retailer to put in a new order. And that´s just what we want. Have you had any feedback yet from retailers and customers about the new displays? Our customers noticed within a short time that their sales had risen. So, not surprisingly, they are delighted with the new displays. You worked with Wanzl on the design of the display. What was that co-operation like? From the start we felt we were in good hands. They responded professionally and sympathetically to our ideas and requirements. We were able to input into the development process and were constantly surprised to see how well our (sometimes vague) ideas were turned into concrete form !  «

Corvus & Papo Corvus is the German distributor for the French toy manufacturer Papo. Papo´s range of hand-painted figures trans­-ports children into a world of ­fabulous ­creatures, knights and pirates, film stars and comic heroes. Papo´s ­animals ­collection was created in 2004. The company sells to countries around the world – in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania. Wanzl has made a series of new, ­specially ­designed displays for Papo products, ­including presentation shelves to fit into existing shopfitting systems, creating extra sales space.

Buy me !


3.44 seconds is all it takes for a customer to choose between twelve products on a shelf. 74 percent of purchase decisions take place at the POS, where, depending on type of store, the customer can choose between 1,000 and 60,000 products. Displays activate the urge to buy and have been shown to increase sales by up to 300 percent. This was one of the findings of a study published by the University of Cologne in February 2006. Wanzl supplies innovative display solutions for the POS. Tailored to the customer´s particular requirements, produced cost-effectively and delivered on time, whatever the quantity.

Key Account Manager


at Corvus.

New paints centre for Rayher Wanzl delivers innovative new displays to Rayher Hobby for high-impact presentation of their DecoArt paints series for amateur artists and crafts enthusiasts. The modular display with nine, adjustable shelves and flexible, push-fit components, offers plenty of space for product presentation. The pull-out shelves are easy and fast to refill, and the adjustable wire dividers on the shelves are a practical way of keeping all the differently sized bottles and tubes looking tidy. At the top of the stand is an eye-catching panel showing the distinctive Rayher paint spiral. The clever trick with this wall unit is that, in just a few easy moves, it can be transformed into a gondola, fillable from both sides.





The new Hotel Service Business unit Ralf Aubele, who is in charge of Wanzl’s Hotel Service Business unit, talks about this latest strategic development. Wanzl customers

Maritim Hotel Dresden WANZL’S NEW

The new Maritim Hotel Dresden, situated on the


banks of the Elbe between the Marien Bridge


and the Saxony State Parliament, opened in

available from:

mid-May. The new hotel, the 45th in the Maritim

Verena Glogger,

Hotel Group, is connected to the International

+49 (0)8221 / 729-529

Congress Center Dresden (ICD), which has been

[email protected]

operated by the Maritim Group since 2004.



for perfect hotel service.

the ‘Group’ luggage trolley.

Retail & Shopfitting, Airports, Logistics and now Hotel & Catering. Why is Wanzl expan­ ding into this new business field? Wherever luggage has to be trans­ ported comfortably and conveniently, Wanzl offers solutions with an extensive range of baggage trolleys. The hotel industry has long apprecia­ ted this service and Wanzl now offers a range of products for hotels, from reception and room service to catering, as well as products for internal logistics. Wanzl’s solutions help employees by optimising every­ day processes in the hotel ensuring guests have a pleasant stay.

China. This international positioning, which naturally includes the growth markets of China, India and Russia, guarantees short communication lines, local contacts and efficient after-sales service. Another of Wanzl’s strengths lies in the development of individual solutions tailored to customers’ requirements and specific demands.

What benefits can new customers expect? Wanzl is currently present on all con­ tinents with around 2,700 employees and a large number of subsidiaries and representatives. Outside Germany, it has manu­facturing plants in France, the Czech Republic and

What is your forecast for the future? The international travel industry expects to generate total revenues of well over €5 billion in the current financial year, representing growth of 4.6 percent compared to 2005. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is forecasting a rise to over €9 billion by 2016. Experts are basing their forecasts on a number of assumptions, including that the Chinese tourism industry will grow in the next 10 years to become the second largest in the world after the USA. According to WTTC estimates, consumption, investment and government spending on tourism and travel in China will grow by more than 14 percent in the current year. An average rise of more than eight percent per year is expected up to 2016. Rises are also forecast for countries such as India, South Africa and Russia, although not of the same magnitude. In view of these figures, we expect the new Hotel Service Business unit to perform well.  « WWW.WANZL-HOTEL.COM

RAMADA Hotel Herzogenaurach The new RAMADA Hotel in Herzogenaurach, with 150 bedrooms and a 550 m² conference area, opened at the end of May.

‘Steigenberger Hotel Der Sonnenhof’ Bad Wörishofen The Frankfurt-based Steigenberger Hotel Group currently operates 76 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Egypt. The first-class ‘Der Sonnenhof’ hotel at Bad Wörishofen in the heart of Bavaria’s Allgäu region is one of Germany’s best-known ’wellness’ hotels, with more than 3,500 square metres of bathing, sauna and health facilities. ‘Der Sonnenhof’ is currently being extended. The new building is due to open in the autumn of 2006.

W In the picture (l. to r.): RALF AUBELE, Director of Wanzl’s Hotel Service Business Unit, and GERD MERTEN, Key Account Manager at Wanzl, in negotiation with MARTIN BRINK, Deputy Director of ‘Steigenberger Hotels Der Sonnenhof’.





›Smoking Shelter‹ Smoking in public is becoming less and less acceptable, not only in the workplace. For this reason the Belgian retailer Delhaize now provides ‘Smoking Shelters’. Smoking in public areas has become a sensitive subject in many countries. Legal smoking bans came into force at the beginning of the year in Belgium and Spain, and similar rules have been in place for some time in Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway and Sweden. In Switzerland, employers are required to ensure that non-smoking employees are not troubled by colleagues who smoke, and in Britain a general smoking ban in all workplaces is set to pass into law in the middle of 2007. These rules also apply to the retail sector, and Wanzl is promoting its new ‘Smoking Shelter’. A weatherproof alternative space for all employees and customers who do not want to give up smoking. The Belgian retailer Delhaize has already ordered 50 ‘Smoking Shelters’, which have been erected in car parks in front of its stores. The basic version is four metres long, has integrated ashtrays and is openfronted. Because of its modular construction, the ‘Smoking

Shelter’ is also available in customised extended versions, and Wanzl can even supply seating and solar lighting as accessories.  «

A new trend: Shopping with baby MOTHERS GIVE THEIR VIEWS Test interviews conducted among mothers ­revealed positive views of the ‘Trend’ baby ­carrier. They particularly liked the baby’s sitting position, unimpeded view and the fact that the baby’s arms can move freely.

”I don’t have to lean over so far to put the baby in or take the baby out of the seat.” ”The view in front of the trolley is much better – now I can see where I’m going.” ”I can now use all the space in the trolley.”

When youngsters are happy, their parents are happy too and can get on with their shopping in peace. The new ‘Trend’ baby carrier makes shopping with baby much more pleasurable. It provides a service for families thus encouraging customer loyality to that store. Wanzl’s new baby carrier is already in high demand in the UK. ASDA ordered 2,750 for the EL 212 shopping trolley, while Sainsbury’s decided to take 1,050 and Iceland Frozen Foods opted for 488. Tesco took 400, which are currently being trialled in various stores. The ‘Trend’ baby carrier is equipped with a new, easy-to-use

belt system which guarantees maximum safety. The carrier is resistant to knocks and other external effects, offering an attractive appearance and long service life. On request, Wanzl can supply the ‘Trend’ baby carrier in colours which match the store’s corporate identity. Trolleys fitted with the new baby carrier can, of course, be nested together to save space.  «





PRODUCT INNOVATION Customers like using baskets

Each year Wanzl produces around 600,000 plastic and wire baskets for the

Baskets are popular with British shoppers

international retail industry. This is equivalent to almost one-third of the total of 1.7

On request, Wanzl can also develop customer-specific solutions, such as the innovative HW 24 shopping

million shopping trolleys produced each year, showing that customers are still keen to use shopping

basket, a model which successfully combines design, functionality and price. The British retail chain

baskets. They are complementary to trolleys, particularly for small purchases or ‘top-up shopping trips’.

Marks & Spencer has ordered a total of 90,000 of these and Wanzl is currently supplying them to

Plastic models are particularly popular because the panels can be individually printed to suit the store´s

refurbished stores nationwide. Nisa Today, Aldi and Tesco Ireland have also opted for the new basket

­corporate identity.

model and Wanzl UK is confident of further future orders. There is a tradition of using shopping baskets in Britain: compared to customers in other European countries, many British people shop more frequently, even daily, buying small quantities of fresh products. They like using shopping baskets as a convenient alternative to shopping trolleys, especially when they are in a hurry or the store is ­particularly busy.

Putting the service into self-service The shopping basket has a long history, and self-service retailing is inextricably bound up with it. It was right back in 1955 that Wanzl developed its first patented model for a stackable shopping basket with locking handle (illustrated left). Today, a range of different models is available. Wanzl also supplies co-ordinated basket-stacking trolleys for supply and return.

R A basket model patented in 1955 RR Wanzl´s oldest handbasket model, dating from 1947.




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