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Westlake Pride - Fulton County Schools


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Westlake Pride - Fulton County Schools
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Westlake Pride Monday February 8, 2016


COLLEGES COURT ATHELTES ON NATIONAL SIGNING DAY Forget Groundhog’s Day and President’s day. The new major American holiday to emerge in February is National Signing Day, when high school athletes officially decide which college teams they are joining. Millions of people watch National Signing Day events on television or keep up-to-date with the biggest news online, where sports websites and CNN tickers alike to take notice of the student announcements. Westlake hosted a Wednesday assembly for all our high achieving athletes, who secured spots on college teams. Westlake would like to recognize these students, as well as three NFL players, Keith Adams, Keyaron Fox, and Anthony Mitchell, who were in attendence to support the students and received a golden football award for their community support. Congratulations, athletes on your hardearned success!

Stephanie Ajia Northern (Dance) – Alabama Alexis Lawson (Soccer) – Alabama A & M Terrell Frazier (Baseball)- Georgia State Ramon Laster (Baseball)- Eastern Kentucky Christion Abercrombie (Football) – University of Illinois Jaquan Allen (Football) – Eastern Arizona Community College Ronnie Blackmon (Football) – University of Colorado Marquez Burdette (Football) – Tuskegee University Jarrett Cornelius (Football)– Kentucky Wesleyan Kristen Griffin (Football) – Limestone University Jarrod Jones (Football)– South Carolina State Josh Jones (Football)– Limestone University Marquez Louder (Football)– Limestone University Darron Paschal (Football)– Wofford University Tarveres Tate Jr. (Football)– University of Central Florida


2016 Issue 14


This football season, all of America has been following League MVP Cam Newton’s onfield dips and dodges, as well as his dabs. Westlake would like to congrate our alum in his successful season, which culminated over the weekend at the Super Bowl. This season, the Carolina Panthers were the breakout team to watch, and so much of their success was rooted in Cam’s dominate play. To read more about Cam’s football career, successes this season, and home connection please read inside. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 2)

WINTER SPORTS GO TO PLAYOFFS, CHAMPIONSHIPS BY STAFF ATLANTA - The weekend was eventful for Westlake’s winter sports, three of which entered the championships, and one of which prepared for the playoffs. Wrestling sent six athletes to the state sectional in Valdosta. including Ajani Bacon, David Derixson, Jacquantae Hudson, Stephen Jackson, Reginald Robinson, and Xavier Wilder. Stephen Jackson advanced and will compete in the state tournament in Gwinnett on Thursday February 11 and Friday February 12. The competetive dance team, Mane Attraction, competed at the Universal Dance Association’s State Dance Championships at McIntosh High School. Westlake defended its current title of Kick State Champions and sent dancers to compete for individual titles as well as team tittles. Specifically, freshman Elexia Willie and junior Tatyana Callier competed in the solo divisions, and the entire team

competed for the Varsity Hip Hop Title and the Varsity Jazz Title. Westlake Swimming saw one swimmer, Kiara Thompson, qualify for the State Championship Swim Meet, which was held at the Georgia Tech Natatorium, the same pool used for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Qualifying for State Championships is the top honor for any high school swimmer, and it takes tremendous amounts of hard work, dedication, and practice. Kiara, a fierce com-

petitor in both academics and athletics who brings a quiet intensity to her performance, qualified in three events, which is quite a feat for a sophomore. Kiara swam in two events, the 50 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle and placed an impressive 40th in the 50 Freestyle and 38th in the 100 Freestyle, making her one of the fastest swimmers in the entire state of Georgia. To put her success in perspective, there are thousands of high school

swimmers in the state of Georgia, but only 62 earned the honor to the 50 Freestyle and 69 the 100 Freestyle, and Kiara beat around half the competition in the most difficult meet of the year. Kiara also had the fastest reaction time coming off the block of

any swimmer in the 50 Freestyle, leaving the block in less than a second (.64 seconds). Over the weekend, Westlake’s boys and girls basketball teams also secured victories as they marched to the playoffs, where they will be strong contenders to go

all the way. Our historically successful basketball teams are surging, and with hard work and expert marksmanship, they will extend Westlake’s playoff highlights from wrestling, dance, and swimming all found such success. W


Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS

WESTLAKE ALUM GOES ALL THE WAY TO SUPER BOWL BY CHELSEA CARTER, LENA DENIS, KIYAH ELIAS, JANICE POE ATLANTA -During each lunch period on Friday, students flocked together outside the cafeteria, repping their Carolina Panthers spiritwear and posing for group pictures taken by school administration. What could have inspired so many teenagers to unite around the Carolina Panthers? What could have created so much extra buzz around this approaching Super Bowl? Why were so many students wearing matching jerseys, all sporting the number 1? To explain all these questions, we must travel back approximately ten years and explore Westlake’s past. The year is 2007; a five star quarterback that attends the Westlake High School in Atlanta Georgia commits to the University of Florida and becomes part of the top rated recruiting class of that year. He lives, breathes, and sleeps football and enjoys every minute that he is on the field. In his four years of being a high school quarterback, he scored 32 touchdowns, ran 638 yards, and passed 2,500 more. He would graduate and become a legend to his community; however his time at Westlake would prove to be just the beginning of a very long, gruelling, but fulfilling journey. His name? Cameron Jerrell Newton, the future NFL MVP and Super Bowl contender. Cam Newton began playing football at a young age. He established a love and driving passion for the sport that impressed his high school football coach Dallas Allan. “I always knew as long as I had Cam on the field, we had a chance,” remarked Coach Allan Cameron developed outstanding skills that took him all the way to the University of Florida, where Cam played 2nd Quarterback behind eventual Heisman winner Tim Tebow. Cam only attended the University for two years, where he scored 3 touchdowns, passed 40 yards, and rushed for 103 yards. What many fail to

understand is that no true journey comes without tribulations. From a high ankle sprain that put him out for the rest of that season to three felony allegations that arose the following year, Cam Newton refused to quit. He chose to persevere and become the man he is today. As we all know, and as MMA fighter Rashad Evans once said, “True strength is not measured when you’re at your strongest, but when you’re at your weakest.” Following his tribulations, Cam decided to transfer from the University of Florida three days prior to their national championship win over Oklahoma. He sequentially attended Blinn Junior College in Brenham Texas, where he was a “juco” player, which is short for junior college. Returning to a humble beginning, Cam became the most recruited juco quarterback in the country, was named juco All American honorable mention, and led his team to the 2009 NJCAA National Football Championships where they won 31-26. The following year, Cam signed with Auburn University. He threw 185 completed passes, scored 30 touchdowns, and covered an average of 203 yards per game. Auburn University beat the Oregon Ducks 22-19 in the 2011 Tostitos BCS National Championship Game for the

2010 year. Also in 2010, Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy and due to being first draft pick in the NFL, decided to forgo his senior year. Instead, Cam decided to sign a four year $22 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. It took less than three years for Newton to become know across the nation as the star he was born to be. However, he never lost touch of his roots. He continuously to this day to donate to the sports facilities here at Westlake and visit our student athletes during the football season. On December 14, 2014, Cam was in a car accident and injured his transverse process, an area of the spine that when damaged, limits one’s mobility. Due to the stress on the lower back, lifting objects and strenuous activity became difficult for him. His vehicle flipped almost three times in the two car accident that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina Although no one was cited in terms of causing the incident, Cameron himself reported on the severity of that crash that, “Someone should be dead.” Cam only missed one game but still experiences discomfort to this day that he plays through for the sake of his team. Over the five years that he has been a part of the Carolina Panthers,

he has had 18,263 passing yards, 3,207 rushing yards, and 78 touchdowns. Now, fast forward to January 24 2015, a particularly proud day in Cam’s trajectory. Cam celebrates with his fellow teammates of five years as they take pictures being honored as the NFC Champions and Super Bowl contenders. On February 8, 2016, the Carolina Panthers played the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, and much of the story told by the media was about the duelling quarterbacks. Before the game started, everyone wanted

to know the answers to the burning questions. Who will take the trophy, rings, and bragging rights? Will the Panthers aggressive yet talented offense be enough to overcome the famous Broncos’ powerhouse defensive? Will the powerhouse quarterback on the rise be able to best the waning quarterback, close to retirement? While Cam and the Panthers fell short of winning the Super Bowl title in a 10 to 24 loss to Denver, Westlake’s most famous alum this side of Mayor Kasim Reed performed well on the national stage and yet again brought promi-

nence to our community. Here at Westlake, students are already placing their bets that the Panthers will work their way to another championship and get a repeat performance in Super Bowl 51, where Cam’s skills and heart will be unstoppable. For a player who has always found a way to win, the long arc of football history bends to ward Cam adding a Super Bowl MVP award to his Heisman and League MVP. Tune in next season to see Westlake’s Cam Newton set his sights on Super Bowl 51; once a lion, always a lion. W


Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS

MEDIA CENTER UNVEILS CELLPHONE CHARGER STATION BY RAVEN WILLIAMS ATLANTA -When your phone is low battery, how would it feel to have a place to charge your phone at Westlake? Thanks to the Westlake Media Center, there is now a public charger in the library, and hopefully, students will find that it comes in handy. The charger station is in a place where staff, students, and visitors are able charge their phones anytime when needed. The charger station is located in the front of the library right next to the pencil dispenser. Students can either come during their lunch

break to recharge or come during classtime if they have a pass from their teacher that directs them to the library. There are so many benefits of having a media center charger station, which brings relief and alleviates worries. The most obvious of these benefits ranges from getting a quick top off when your phone gets low to finding a communication solution in an emergency when your phone is completely dead. If you are wondering if your current phone will fit the station, have no fear. This charging

the updated versions of iPhones. Overall, both students both expressed their support for having surveillance over the phones for security, as well as the overall style of the charger. “This station not only helps out, but it looks good,” commented one student who was impressed by the giant blue W and dramatic lettering that says “GET CHARGED, LIONS!” Certainly, this stylish charger station will become the new water cooler for students in need. W .

station will have you covered. The charging station has six chargers available, and some are used for Androids phones, while others are for Apple phones. Two students were recently interviewed on their opinion about having a charger station at Westlake library, and both expressed excitement and gratitude. Interviewees also wanted to make sure that the station had a stand where phones could rest and requested that the station add additional chargers available for phones, especially


BY JUSTICE MARSHALL ATLANTA -Prepare to meet the new Cohen Brothers and Company in the hallways of Westlake. F.E.D.S., headed up by brothers Naehr Williams, a Senior, and Kedar Leonard, a Junior, is a collective of high school age kids that do just about anything pertaining to entertainment, especially when it comes to videos. Sadly, they don’t do music, so don’t expect any mix tapes produced by F.E.D.S., but if you were watching commercials during the Super Bowl, then you will be familiar with their latest project. Their freshest pet project was entered into the huge Crash The Super Bowl contest, a contest hosted by Doritos that looks for amateur commercials that advertises Doritos. The groups that wins the competition nets $1,000,000, gets its commercial aired during one of the coveted Super Bowl advertisement spots, and earns a chance to work with

famed action and sci-fi director, Zack Snyder to remaster its commercial. In the past, Doritos winners included iconic commercials that featured an attractive woman in a laundromat, pigs flying, a finger cleaner, and a screaming goat. This year, F.E.D.S. put together a commercial that gave them an excuse to have an intricate fight scene and trash an apartment. Specifically, their commercial featured Savon Lofton, a junior here at Westlake, and Willie Page, a junior at Frank McClaren High School, throwing each other over couches and into tables in chip fuelled anger when the Doritos run out and there is only one chip left. Junior Danielle Paterson saves the day by bringing their prized bag of Doritos but not before severe damage is done to the apartment. The commercial ends with Kedar coming out of an upstairs bedroom, confused why the group of teenagers are at his

house. The ending seconds of the commercial reveal that the fight happens every year, so no one will host the party, leaving the teenagers only one option---to crash an unexpecting neighbor’s house and hope that they don’t get kicked out until the game is over. Careful viewers of the F.E.D.S. commercial might also notice that the costume design hints to the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. F.E.D.S. did not win the top spot this year, but the group placed 250 in the contest out of more than 5,000 entries, which is a huge point of pride for the filmmakers, who expressed gratitude. “My brother and I are really happy that we placed so high considering the amount of entries,” explained Naehr. “Of course we wanted to win, but this feels good too,” added Kedar. This year, the grand prize winners of the competition included a hilarious ad featuring dogs vying for Doritos in a grocery store that puts the Budweiser “Lost

Puppy” ad to shame, as well as a chilling ad about a woman being forced to go into labor because her fetus wants the prized triangular

chip. F.E.D.S. may not have taken home a gold medal, but they have a consistent body of work that is funny and

groundbreaking. If you’re interested in seeing more, Subscribe to F.E.D.S. Entertainment on Youtube. You won’t regret it. W


Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS

SKILLSUSA COMPETITORS MEDAL IN REGION COMPETITION BY MS. THORTON ATLANTA -SkillsUSA members performed very well in our Region Competitions held at Atlanta Technical College on Friday, February 5th. We had nine students to win bronze medals and fourteen to compete overall. I am so proud of them all. The quiz bowl team worked extremely well together and exemplified the true meaning of TEAMWORK! Members of the quiz

bowl team included scholars Rian Burns, Kila Childs, Skair Crews, Su-

chana Das, Rani Shagarabi, Chelsea Spencer, and Dereka Thomas.

In the First/Aid and CPR category, Sydni Athy was very disciplined in

LILLY PULITZER DONATES AGENDAS BY STAFF ATLANTA -The kind people of Lilly Pulitzer have made a sizeable donation of stylish agendas to teachers. The agendas, which can be viewed in the picture to right, came by the box and were a great relief to teachers in need, who celebrated the thoughtful gift. Those who received the agendas were impressed not just by the thought but also the quality of the product.

“Simply beautiful,” said Ms. Hall. Ms. Raven Bowen, the Westlake math teacher who coordinated the donation, shared

with the staff these kind words from a letter sent by Lilly Pulitzer explaining the donation. “Thank you for working well after the weekday ends, for dedicating your lives to enriching your students and for preparing the next generation for success,” started the kind letter. “We want you to know that we notice you. Your work is important. Your time is valued. And while we know that there is so much that

needs to be done, we hope that this gift will help you in your mission each day.” The overflowing letter continued for more room than this article has, but it concluded with the following words. “We value you. We respect you. We believe in your work.” On behalf of Westlake, we would like to say that the feeling is mutual! Thank you for your kind donation and sweet sentiment! W

her training, putting in extra hours after school to be sure she had her techniques precise. Her diligence paid off with a medal. Even when N’Naserri Carrew-Johnson was thrown a challenge at the competition by switching events moments before the competition began, she was still able shine. This is a direct reflection of her continued quest for excellence and her determination to

excel in and out of the classroom. Also, I received very positive feedback and complements on our students. They represented Westlake well. The next step for the SkillsUSA team will be to prepared for the State Competition. State Leadership and Skills Competitions will be March 17-19, 2016, and the mighty lions of SkillsUSA will be there to shoot for medals again. W

TEACHERS EARN SUPERLATIVES BY STAFF ATLANTA -The senior class assigned superlatives (some similiar to senior superlatives, some with a twist) to the following teachers: Most Likely to be There For You (Mr. Eric Williams) Most School Spirit (Mr. Gossett) Most Athletic (Coach Lou) Most Likely to Feed You (Ms. Belinga)

Most Likely to Turn Up (Ms. Grimes) Most Inspirational (Mrs. Holliman) Most Unforgettable (Mrs. Rae Coleman) Most Likely to Give Homework Over a Holiday (Mrs. Hernandez) Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Student (Ms. Codiero) Most Humorous (Mr. Brackett)

GEORGIA TECH TO START DIGITAL AUDIO SUMMER CAMP BY MS. BATES ATLANTA -The Georgia Tech EarSketch has been awarded $65,000 from the Blank Foundation to pilot a STEAM Pipeline at Westlake High School that capitalizes on the popularity of creating music digitally. STEAM, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering,

Architecture, and Mathematics, also includes sound engineering, particularly digital audio. STEAM is not only the fastest growing area in education but also the intellectual foundation of the future, and the Georgia Tech EarSketch team has chosen to invest in what Westlake students can do for

our technology-driven future, which is a huge point of honor for our Math and Science Magnet Program. Members of the EarSketch team include Doug Edwards (PI; CEISMC), Jason Freeman (Co-PI; GTCMT) and Brian Magerko (Co-PI, LMC). As its website explains, EarSketch

REMINDER: MORNING TARDIES BY MS. BATES ATLANTA -It is critical that our students arrive to school on time each day. The first bell rings at 8:20am. Our highest rate of tardies occurs during this time. We are seeing an increase this semester specifically with carpool riders who are late. As we prepare for EOC and

Advanced Placement (AP) exams it is critical for students to arrive to school on time. The 1st 15 minutes of each class begins with test preparation. We have about instructional days (considering our A/B schedule) for these exams. If a student is just 5 minutes late for these 30 days that e-mails to 150 min-

utes of lost instructional time. We are here to ensure that every child reaches their full potential, but can only do that when they are present. Students that ride the school bus even if its late will not be marked tardy, so please encourage your child to ride the bus. The following are the consequences for being tardy to school:

teaches core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun, engaging environment. Through EarSketch, students will learn to code in Python or JavaScript, two of the most popular programming languages in the world, while manipulating loops, composing beats,

and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation. The EarSketch team is creating a summer camp model where high school students from EarSketch (ES) courses help run the summer camp for upper elementary and middle school students from schools in their cluster.

The summer camp will be held at Westlake High School in Fulton County in Summer 2016. Applications will be available in February for the High School Student Assistants and in March for camp participants. Details forthcoming regarding the cost of the camp for students. W

REMINDER: STUDENT LUNCHES BY MS. BATES ATLANTA -When enjoying lunch, please be reminded about the following guidelines. First, students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch. As tempting as it might be for students with vehicles to drive to get food of their choice, it is NOT permitted due to safety concerns.

Second, parents may drop off money if needed to purchase a school lunch, however, no food should be brought to students during lunch. We simply do not have the resources in our front office to facilitate that process. Third, students are permitted to bring in lunch from home, but please keep in mind that

Please be advised that juniors and seniors desiring to participate in prom and other activities will have additional behavioral and attendance expectations in order to participate. These expectations will be clearly

there will be no access to microwaves to warm up the food. Unfortunately, the county has explained that we cannot purchase microwaves due to concerns about food safety, food sanitation, and student safety. With these three details in mind, we hope all enjoy their lunch period experience! W

communicated to students and parents Also, please be advised, that student drivers may lose their on campus driving privileges if they are found in violation of our tardy policy. W


Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS


All the votes are collected, and the seniors class has decided its representatives. Below, you can find the standouts of the senior class in diverse categories ranging from Most Intellectual to Best Hair. As always, there might be controversy (for example, who doesn’t think they were supposed to win Most Attractive?), but we can all agree that these are outstanding seniors.

Most Intellectual

Best Whip

Morenike Ibidapo Anthony Hudson

April Simmons Nathaniel Williams

Most Athletic

Most Attractive

Faith Rockward Stephen Jackson

Tasharia Burke Marquez Louder

Most Likely to be Famous

Best Personality

Lauryn Davis Morgan Guerin

Jattorya Hudson Brandon McCloud

Most Helpful


Shardi Griffin Josh Rich

Kelsey Brown Marcus Woodard

Class Clown

Best Smile

Carina Funches Darion White

Jasmine McCrary Josh Jones

Most Senioritis

Biggest Flirt

Alexis Parker Tremar Johnson

Taliyah Harris Wesley Solomon

Best Hair Claycee Hackneye Khalil Lindsey

Best Dressed Ashley Clemons Greg Ussery

Cutest Couple Alexis Lane Damonte White

Best Friends Patrick Burke Jerry “Tripp” Freeman


Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS

TEACHER OF THE YEAR CANDIDATES NARROWED DOWN TO THREE It’s that time again! Westlake High School has voted and narrowed down its fantastic faculty to three representatives for Teacher of the Year. One of the three teachers below will be selected as teacher of the year and move onto for consideration at the Fulton County level, where selected teachers will advance to become the elementary, middle, and high school State Teacher of the Year. Perhaps Ms. Gladden, Mr. Heq-M-Ta, or Ms. Johnny will continue onto the next levels!

Ms. Gladden (Mathematics) MS. GLADDEN (MATHEMATICS) After 22 years of teaching mathematics, LaTricia Gladden continues to strive for excellence in all of her students. Her educational journey began in Cincinnati public schools, where she spent 10 ½ years influencing the youth and her colleagues. In 2004, LaTricia and her family made the move to Atlanta, and for the last 11 ½ years, she has made Westlake and Fulton County her family. Throughout the 10 years at Westlake, LaTricia has served on several committees and in several positions while still maintaining the love and dedication she needs for her students. As Precalculus PLC lead and department chair, LaTricia has the ability to ensure that all math students have the best foundation to be successful now and in the future. LaTricia’s passion for student achievement has inspired her to move outside of Westlake to

make a difference in the county. To date, she has assisted with facilitating a math workshop for Fulton County schools selected text books for the counties usage and has revised and design curriculum, all to make sure all voices are represented in our county. LaTricia wants to continue to perfect her craft by increasing her knowledge in Personalized Learning and standards based grading so that she is better prepared to assist the next generation of learners .MR. HEQ-M-TA

(SOCIAL STUDIES) Heru Setepenra Heq-m-Ta is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and a graduate and valedictorian of Roxbury Community College (RCC) in 2004. During his stint at RCC, Mr. Heq-m-Ta maintained a 4.0 Grade Point Average and served as the President of the Student Government Association. He has earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Social Science, an As-

Mr. Heq-M-Ta (Social Studies) sociate of Arts Degree in General Education, and a Certificate in Computer Network Administration. In the Fall of 2004, Heru enrolled into Howard University on an academic transfer scholarship and graduated Summa Cum Laude and obtained a baccalaureate in Afro-American Studies in 2007. That same year, Mr. Heq-mTa enrolled into Cornell University’s Africana Studies Program to pursue a Masters of Professional Studies. In 2009, Heru was accepted into the African American Studies Ph.D. program at Temple University, where he currently is enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate. In addition to his academic accolades, Mr. Heq-m-Ta’s teaching career spans twenty-fiveyears. An extended stint as a certified Instructor with the Department of Defense inaugurated Heru’s teaching career. Subsequently, a sixyear instructional tenure at the university level at both Cornell and Temple universities culminated his teaching portfolio prior to being hired at

Westlake High. Heru’s personal interests include reading, calisthenics, food preparation, meditation, health and wellness strategies, running and music.

MS. JOHNNY (SCIENCE) Mrs. Kimberly Johny graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, later pursued a Master of Science degree in Public Health from Long Island University and recently received her Educational Specialist degree in Science Education from Nova Southeastern University. She is also a talented and gifted endorsed teacher. Mrs. Johny has served as a science educator for sixteen years in both middle and high school. She has served as a middle school science teacher in the New York City public school system for six years and as a science teacher here at Westlake High school for the past ten years. Mrs. Johny is also the current science department chair at Westlake

Ms. Johnny (Science) High School. For the past seven years Mrs. Johny has also served as a science instructor for Fulton Virtual Schools. She has taught all areas of science including Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, exceptional children, and Talented and Gifted courses. Mrs. Johny has served as Biology, AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology content team leader. She has also served as science fair co- coordinator and is currently serving as the Westlake High School senior class co-sponsor. Mrs. Johny is a proud mother of two children and has been married for eighteen years. Education has always been an important component in her household growing up as a young child on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. She has instilled those same values in her children. Mrs. Johny’s love of knowledge and learning as well as her ability and dedication for educat-

ing youth in achieving academic success have led her to a career in education. Mrs. Johny believes that every child has the ability to learn at the highest level, despite their educational, social or economic disadvantages. As a veteran science teacher Mrs. Johny has taught all types of learners. While furthering her career as a science educator, she constantly assesses her teaching styles, methods, and student learning styles. She is consistently seeking new strategies to keep her students engaged and challenged. Over the past years, Mrs. Johny has shown dedication to her students by teaching them to stand up to every challenge that she has given them. Mrs. Johny is excited and passionate about learning, which transcends to her students. Mrs. Johny lives in the Westlake community and has been a proud Lion for ten years! W


Monday February 8, 2016 TESTING CORNER


STATE MILESTONES RESULTS BY STAFF ATLANTA - State scores from the 2014-15 administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System (Georgia Milestones in grades 3-8 and Georgia Milestones EOCs in grades 9-12) were released. These preliminary scores reflect the first administration of Georgia’s new comprehensive testing system. This year’s assessment results establish a baseline for the progress we expect student to make over time. According to the Georgia Department of Education, the state showed overall lower results than in past years. “These results show a lower level of student proficiency than Georgians are used to seeing, but that does not mean Georgia students know less or that teachers are not doing a great job – it means they’ve been asked to clear a higher bar,” State School Super-

intendent Richard Woods said. State Results for GA 9th Grade English (25% Beginning, 39% Developing, 29% Proficient, 6% Distinguished) American Lit (25% Beginning, 39% Developing, 29% Proficient, 6% Distinguished) Algebra (31% Beginning, 36% Developing, 26% Proficient, 8%Distinguished) Geometry (32% Beginning, 35% Developing, 25% Proficient, 8% Distinguished) Biology (37% Beginning, 25% Developing, 29% Proficient, 9% Distinguished) Physical Science (36% Beginning, 33% Developing, 26% Proficient, 5% Distinguished) US History (27% Beginning, 34% Developing, 30% Proficient, 9% Distinguished) Economics (30% Beginning, 31% Developing, 30% Proficient, 9% Distinguished)

SCHOOL GOVERNANCE COUNCIL ANNOUNCED Representatives 3 Parents: Chris Lennon Keisha Minter, Christel Jackson 2 Teachers: Yoshana Jones, Ashley Barker 2 Community: Suzanne Wilborn, Rhonda Hudson 2 School Employees: Chantrise Holliman, Estella B. Cook

FY16 SGC Meeting Calendar Location: Westlake High School Media Center Time: Tues. 4:30-5:30 PM Dates: 12/01/15, 1/26/15, 2/23/15, 3/22/15, 5/10/15

School Programs ............................................... • Counselors’ Corner will be held in the school cafeteria (November 3rd) • Apply to College Day (November 5th) • Counselors’ Corner will be held in the school cafeteria (November 17th)

9th Grade Programs ............................................... • 9th Grade BRIDGE Law Benchmark Activity: Career Interest Inventory ( October - Novemeber) • Suicide Prevention Classroom Guidance: Signs of Suicide (October - November)

10th Grade Programs ............................................ • 10th Grade BRIDGE Law Benchmark Activity: Dual Enrollment and College Credit Now Opportunities (November 18th - 19th)

11th Grade Programs ............................................ • Applying to College Guidance Lesson (November 10th – 11th) • Fall Junior Classroom Guidance: What Colleges Consider in Admissions (November) • 11th Grade BRIDGE Law Benchmark Activity: Virtual College Search (November)

12th Grade Programs ............................................ • Please see School Programs

Counseling Programs Reaching 11th - 12th..... • College and Career Center • College Representatives at WHS (Grades 11-12)

Counseling Programs Reaching 9th–12th ........ • New Student Enrollments • Academic Advisement • Post-Secondary Planning and Advising • Dual Enrollment Information • Parent/Teacher Conferences • Summer School Information • Community Agency Referrals • Collaboration with Teachers, Administrators, School Social Worker, and School Psychologist • Care Team Referrals • SAT and ACT Information • Crisis Intervention • Career Guidance and Exploration • Transcribing Student Records


PARCHMENT REGISTRATION FOR SENIORS ATLANTA - To make it easy to send transcripts to colleges, Fulton County Schools has partnered with Parchment to provide secure online transcript ordering available

24/7. Creating the account is free and only takes a few steps. All seniors received their Parchment registration codes on September 24th and/or 25th and should register with Parchment right

SIGN UP FOR REMIND 101 ATLANTA- Join our distribution list to receive texts and/or emails with information on upcoming college representative visits and scholarship updates. Both students and parents are encouraged to register.

Don’t be left out of the loop—join today. To receive messages via text, text @566a2 to 81010 or to receive messages via email, send an email to [email protected] remind.com.

CHECKING SENIOR STATUS ATLANTA- On May 20, 2016, senior students will be closing this chapter on their high school career. Congratulations to all the senior students and parents of senior students who have almost made it to the graduation milestone.

Counsellors will begin senior status checks immediately following the schedule change window so we can inform you of your student’s specific status. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

CONTACTING COUNSELORS ATLANTA- As the year advances, you may find yourself in need of contacing one of Westlake’s counselors. When that happens, we want to make sure that you know the correct number and can quickly get in touch with the person who can best help your student. Below, you will find a list of useful contacts for

the counselors. If you need to set up a parent-teacher conference, we can set up a conference with all your student’s teachers if you contact the Student Services office. Please either call the school at (404) 346-6400 and request Student Services or email Jeanine Griswold at the email address posted below.



Please use the following numbers to contact the school in times of need. Student Services Administration Curriculum Assistant Principal: Cecelia Johnson, [email protected] Administrative Assistant: Candice Hickman, [email protected]

Data Specialist: Jan McLemore, [email protected] Back Up Data Specialist: Mesi Spencer, [email protected] Records Clerk: Jenna Bannister, [email protected]

Student Support Staff College and Career Advisor: Steven Johnson [email protected] or 470-346-6400 x46462

Guidance Secretary: Donna Carter, [email protected] or 470-346-6400

School Social Worker: Willette Stephens, 504 Coordinator and [email protected] or 470-346-6400 x46483 Graduation Coach: Twanda Harrison, [email protected] or 470-346-6400 x46428 School Psychologist: Judith Perkins [email protected] Instructional Support Teacher: Jennifer Swint, [email protected] or 470-346-6400 x46444 School Psychologist: Elizabeth Scott, [email protected] SEC Department Chair: Andrea Freeman, [email protected] or 470-346-6400 x46444

9th Grade (A - Z): Antonio Grissom, [email protected] 470-346-6400 x46429

10th – 12th (A – E): Anthony Decosta, [email protected] 470-346-6400 x46434 10th – 12th (E – K): Beatrice Ford, [email protected] 470-346-6400 x46482 10th - 12th (L – Q): Shelia Reese-Jackson (Head), [email protected] 470-346-6400 x46433 10th - 12th (R – Z): Dawn Perry, [email protected] 470-346-6400 x46432 Guidance Secretary: Donna Carter, [email protected] 470-346-6400


Monday February 8, 2016 BULLETIN BOARD



Monday February 8, 2016 SCHOOL NEWS

2016 ATHELTIC CALENDAR AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER BY STAFF ATLANTA - If you are interested in supporting the Westlake Athletic Department, then please preorder a Westlake 2016 Athletic Calendar! Each month of this 12 month calendar is dedicated to one sport (and in some cases two or three) and features top atheltes galore. Nearly all pictures in the calendar were taken by CadyStudios, who gives an impressive professional edge to our student athletes. You can look through

the thumbnails to the right to get an idea of the calendar’s design, but when printed, the calendar will be full-sized and ready to hang on your wall or be displayed on your desk. Featured sports include swimming, wrestling, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, golf, tennis, rifle, volleyball, cross county, cheer, band, dance, football, and basketball. For more information, please email the athletic director, Coach Wilson at [email protected] fultonschools.org


Monday February 8, 2016

CALENDAR OF SCHOOL EVENTS Heels in Motion Paint and Palette ................2/10 DATE: Wednesday 2/10 PLACE: Cafeteria @ 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Magnet IB Decision Day......................................2/10 DATE: Wednesday 2/10 PLACE: Auditorium @ 7:30am - 8:30am PLACE: Auditorium @ 5:00pm - 6:30pm

STUDENTS OF THE DAY MONDAY 2/8 Cayla Jones assisted another student to the nurse’s office when he was feeling ill. She is always willing to help out and exhibits a great deal of honesty when others won’t. She is an asset to my class, as well as to the Lions’ family. (Nominated by Ms. Griffin)

Saxophone Summit ..............................................2/13 DATE: Thursday 2/11 PLACE: Westlake HS @ 7:00am - 5:00pm

10th Grade Advisement ....................... 2/16 - 2/17 DATE: Tuesday 2/16 and Wednesday 2/17 PLACE: Auditorium @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm DATE: Wednesday 2/17 PLACE: Auditorium @ 8:30am - 3:30pm

11th Grade Advisement ....................... 2/18 - 2/19 DATE: Thursday 2/18 and Friday 2/19 PLACE: Auditorium @ 8:30am - 3:30pm

TUESDAY 2/9 I have watched Alexis Butler grow into a mature young lady, focused on academic success and graduation. I had to give Alexis a shout-out for the awesome transformation and progress she has made since her junior year. I’m very proud of her! (Nominated by Ms. Cook)

WEDNESDAY 2/10 Justin McCrary has been working very hard in my class and is always asking to help others understand the material. He’s come a long way since the beginning of the year. (Nominated by Ms. Joiner)

10th Grade Bridge Law ...................................... 2/23 DATE: Tuesday 2/23 PLACE: Auditorium @ 8:30am - 3:30pm

School Governance Council Meeting ....... 2/23

Soccer vs. Chapel Hill

........................................ 2/16 DATE: Tuesday 2/16 PLACE: Football Field GIRLS: @ 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Baseball vs. Griffin

............................................... 2/17 DATE: Wednesday 2/17 PLACE: Griffin HS @ 5:55pm - 7:55pm

Baseball vs. Woodland

...................................... 2/18

DATE: Thursday 2/18 PLACE: Baseball Field @ 5:30pm - 7:30pm .............................................................. 2/20 DATE: Saturday 2/20 PLACE: Football Field @ 7:00am - 7:00pm

Baseball vs. Creekside

....................................... 2/23 DATE: Tuesday 2/23 PLACE: Baseball Field @ 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Dance Team Interest Meeting

...................... 2/23

DATE: Tuesday 2/23

DATE: Thursday 2/18 PLACE: Band Room @ 6:00pm - 7:30pm

DATE: Saturday 2/20 PLACE: Cafeteria @ 11:00am - 3:00pm PLACE: Media Center @ 11:00am - 3:00pm

DATE: Monday 2/15 PLACE: Baseball Field @ 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Track Meet

Band Parent Meeting ...........................................2/18

Girl Scouts: International Thinking Day .....2/20

Baseball vs. Fayette County ............................ 2/15

BOYS: @ 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Fashion Club Photo Shoot ................................2/11 DATE: Thursday 2/11 PLACE: Cafeteria @ 4:00pm - 6:30pm


PLACE: Dance Room (101) @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm THURSDAY 2/11 Coach Rogers and I would like to nominate Treshunda Robinson for all of her help in physical education. She has displayed outstanding leadership qualities and is always willing to help. Great students like Treshunda help brighten our days because she is always determined to do her best by being a positive role model. (Nominated by Coach McConnell and Coach Rogers)

Soccer vs. Langston ............................................ 2/23 DATE: Tuesday 2/23 PLACE: Football Field GIRLS: @ 5:00pm - 7:30pm BOYS: @ 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Baseball vs. Villa Rica

......................................... 2/25

DATE: Thursday 2/25 PLACE: Baseball Field @ 5:55pm - 7:55pm

Soccer vs. MLK

...................................................... 2/25 DATE: Thursday 2/25 PLACE: Football Field GIRLS: @ 5:00pm - 7:30pm

DATE: Tuesday 2/23 PLACE: Media Center @ :30pm - 5:30pm

ACT/SAT Mock Exam .......................................... 2/24

BOYS: @ 7:30pm - 9:00pm

DATE: Wednesday 2/24 PLACE: Auditorium - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Soccer vs. Paulding

DATE: Thursday 2/25

............................................ 2/26 DATE: Friday 2/26 PLACE: Football Field GIRLS: @ 5:00pm - 7:30pm

PLACE: Black Box - 4:00pm - 8:30pm

BOYS: @ 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Come West 8 Milestones Prep ........................2/27

Baseball vs. Mays

Last Poet’s Cafe ...................................................... 2/25

PLACE: Room 433 and 446 @ 8:30am - 12:30pm

................................................. 2/27 DATE: Saturday 2/27 PLACE: Baseball Field @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Westlake High School Graduation..............5/20

JROTC Area 3 Drill Meet .................................... 2/27

DATE: Friday 5/20 PLACE: Georgia Dome @ 7:00pm

DATE: Saturday 2/27 PLACE: Aux Gym, Cafeteria, Football Field TIME: 7:00am - 4:00pm

DATE: Saturday 2/27


Tuesday 2/9 Marcus Woodard

Wednesday 2/10 Aliyah Leite

Thursday 2/11 Kimaya Byrd

Thursday 2/11 Taylar Warren

Friday 2/12 Kendra Bailey

Friday 2/12 Stephen Jackson

Saturday 2/13 Junisa Robinson

Sunday 2/13 Tommie Tolivar Jr.