willy wonka character descriptions - Nationwide Children's Hospital

willy wonka character descriptions - Nationwide Children's Hospital

WILLY WONKA CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS WILLY WONKA – Vocal range: G2 – F4 The eccentric owner of the famed Wonka Chocolate Factory. He is the epitome of a...

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WILLY WONKA CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS WILLY WONKA – Vocal range: G2 – F4 The eccentric owner of the famed Wonka Chocolate Factory. He is the epitome of an introvert. Somewhat of a recluse, he is quirky and peculiar which comes from staying in his factory for years with only the Oompa Loompa’s for companionship. Mr. Wonka demonstrates his affinity for children and wariness of adults by choosing a child to take over his factory. The child he seeks is humble, respectful, and willing to run his factory exactly how he runs it himself. Mr. Wonka is unwilling to accept anyone’s foibles. He can be extremely demanding and judgmental. The four children who do not win the grand prize clearly disgust Mr. Wonka.

CHARLIE BUCKET – Vocal range: Bb4 – F#5 Charlie’s physical proportions align with his personality: not only is he quite small and undernourished, but also he is meek. He speaks only when he is spoken to. He never asks for more than he is given. He looks forward to the one time a year, on his birthday, when he can indulge in a Wonka chocolate bar, and instead of wolfing it down all at once, he savors it (bite by bite) for many months. Charlie walks past the world-renowned Wonka chocolate factory twice a day, yet this never causes him bitterness or anger. Behind Charlie’s meek and virtuous exterior lies an inner strength and courage.

MR. BUCKET – Vocal range: B3 – Eb4 Charlie’s father. He is a kind man who is trying to take care of his family, including both sets parents, in very hard times. He hates his situation, but never give up hope.

MRS. BUCKET – Vocal range: Bb4 – Db5 Charlie’s mother. She is as kind as Charlie’s father. She is trying to hold everything together for her family. She is very in love with Charlie’s father despite hard times.

GRANDPA JOE – Vocal range: Bb3 – Eb4 Grandpa Joe is the oldest and wisest of the characters in the novel. However, like Charlie and Mr. Wonka, he remains young at heart. His youthful exuberance makes him the perfect person to escort Charlie to the chocolate factory. Grandpa Joe is also Charlie’s best friend. Every evening when Charlie spends time with his grandparents, Grandpa Joe entertains Charlie with a story. It is Grandpa Joe who initially tells Charlie all about the history of Mr. Wonka and his vaunted chocolate factory, and Grandpa Joe urges Charlie to have faith that he can find a golden ticket.

GRANDMA JOSEPHINE – Vocal range: Middle C to E flat Quick-witted, cheerful elderly woman. Loves Nut-a-riffic bars!

GRANDMA GEORGINA – Vocal range: Middle C to E flat. Exasperated with Grandpa George because he is hard of hearing. Ability to holler at him in a controlled way. Funny elderly woman. GRANDPA GEORGE – Vocal range: “Hard of hearing” elderly man brings humor and crazy conversation to the house. Good sense of comedic timing.

AUGUSTUS GLOOP – Vocal range: B3 – G4 Sings I Eat More! He will wear a padded suit if needed. Uses a German accent to speak and sing. Very hungry!

MRS. GLOOP – Vocal range: C4 – E5 She is Augustus’s over protective mother. She also loves to eat. She must speak in a German accent. Comedic part

VIOLET BEAUREGARDE – Vocal range: G3 – E5 Sassy, forceful, rude. Should be able to blow a bubble with gum on demand and control it. Must chew gum the whole time.

MRS. BEAUREGARDE – Vocal range: C4 – G4 Dresses like her daughter, smiles a lot even as her daughter is extremely rude to her. Mother and daughter are mirror images of each other.

VERUCA SALT – Vocal range: C4 – G5 Spoiled rotten. Displays faux kindness and is a real brat. Has her father wrapped around her finger. Used to getting whatever she wants. Due to the set, the actress playing Veruca must be no taller than 5 feet.

MR. SALT – Vocal range: C3 – G3 Very wealthy, indulgent, arrogant father of Veruca. He will do anything it takes to get his daughter what she wants.

MIKE TEAVEE – Vocal range: Low B – High G

Technologically savvy, sarcastic, distractible nerd who only cares about his electronics devices.

MRS. TEAVEE – Vocal range: B4 – F5 Technologically savvy, permissive and has no control over her son.

OOMPA LOOMPA’S – Vocal range: Low A – High A These roles will be played by adults (15 and older) who will be on their knees. They work for Mr. Wonka who has taken them in. They will dance on their knees.

PHINEUS TROUT – Reporter present throughout Act I and beginning of Act II to interview each of the children when they find their Golden Tickets. Dry sense of humor, clever.

JAMES – Vocal range: A to A. He is Charlie’s best friend. Singing and dancing part

MATILDA – Vocal range: B to B. She is also one of Charlie’s close friends. Singing and dancing part

ENSEMBLE The ensemble will be made up of both adults and children. Some will play various characters as needed. Will be very busy. Singing and dancing.