Wilson Trailer Company - Hudsonville Trailer

Wilson Trailer Company - Hudsonville Trailer

402 Cattle/Calf Model 52-1/4" 51-5/16" 69-1/2" 59" 52-1/16" 66-7/8" Deck Settings Aluminum Sub Frame – The suspension on the SilverStar is moun...

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402 Cattle/Calf Model 52-1/4"




52-1/16" 66-7/8"

Deck Settings

Aluminum Sub Frame – The suspension on the SilverStar is mounted to a lightweight, high strength aluminum sub frame which translating into a potential 300 pound weight savings over steel sub frames.

The SilverStar is widely regarded as the very best in livestock trailers. It is produced by Wilson Trailer, a company of people who are dedicated to exacting standards of quality. You will not find another brand of livestock trailer that has stayed more attuned to the needs and concerns of today’s hauler than the Wilson SilverStar. • Exclusive Aerodynamics – Less wind resistance means greater fuel economy and reduced operating costs.

Because aluminum possesses a natural resistance to corrosion problems, the sub frame will last longer with less maintenance.

• Better Bio-security – Fewer places for contaminants to get trapped means a more bio-secure, easier-to-clean trailer. • Smooth, Unobstructed Load Patterns – With a well thought out system of openings and closures for gates and ramps, livestock are easily directed where you want them to go.

• Another example of the quality found only with the Wilson brand.

• Low Cost of Maintenance – Corrosion resistant aluminum, strong long-lasting construction, and hard wearing floors are the determining factors that make the WIlson SilverStar economical to maintain. Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

• Superior Ventilation – The distinctive Wilson hole pattern allows for a greater volume of air flow, accessibility to the load in every compartment, and a clear visual inspection of the entire trailer interior.

Not all equipment shown is standard.

The Brand of Excellence.

402 Quad Axle Cattle Model ( C A N A D I A N )




58-1/16" 61-1/8"


Deck Settings

Extreme Loads – For the areas that allow heavier gross vehicle weights with multi-axles, Wilson offers the 402 Canadian Spec model. Increased Rear Compartment Height – The 402 Canadian Spec model has up to 9 inches of additional interior room for double decking of fat cattle.

Suspensions – Weight restrictions and allowances vary greatly from state to state and from country to country. Therefore, making the selection of the correct suspension matched to the type of load all the more important. Wilson provides a variety of optional suspensions designed to make the most of gross weight limitations. Choose from standard tandem axles with various settings available, or spread axle and multi-axle configurations. Optional liftable and liftable/steerable rear axles provide easier maneuvering in tight areas.

Not all equipment shown is standard.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

The Brand of Excellence.

406 Fat Cattle Model 68-1/2"

68-1/2" 113-5/16"



Deck Settings

Pull-Out Ramps – The 406 Fat Cattle Model features straight-through loading to the nose of the trailer via three reduced-step pull-out ramps. The full width rear end opening allows for rapid unloading with reduced bruising.

Wilson has Attained the “Perfect Balance” of Quality, Durability, and Weight. • Quality – Wilson’s unmatched and renowned quality translates into “true value” and a satisfying experience for the consumer.

The ramps stow neatly under the stationary deck and leave plenty of back clearance for cattle ramping down into the belly of the trailer.

• Durability – Expert engineering and precision manufacturing coupled with the use of the finest materials assures you of a trailer that will be persistently durable, have amazing performance, and nurture very low maintenance costs. • Weight – Wilson Trailer has succeeded in building trailers with some of the lightest weights attained by any trailer manufacturer. Haul bigger payloads and haul in the profits! In addition to pulling the finest trailer on the road, Wilson Trailer owners realize the highest resale value and trade-in value in the market. Wilson trailers are consistantly the highest valued, most sought after brand in the used trailer market.

Not all equipment shown is standard.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

The Brand of Excellence.

408 Cattle/Hog Model 68-11/16"




51-5/16" 59"


Deck Settings

Wind Tunnel Tested – The smooth wraparound front and sweeping nose cap rounded on three planes, have been wind tunnel tested and proven to be more aerodynamic. Less wind resistance means greater fuel economy and superior handling, plus the design allows for more loading space.

• Rounded Side Header – The one-piece extruded aluminum side header is rounded to provide superior aerodynamics and appearance.

Wider Style Doghouse – The Wilson SilverStar is standard with the wider style doghouse. Livestock are channeled smoothly into the area with easy to position low incline ramps and bull bars.

The spun corner caps are more resistant to denting and the front skin is bonded to the framework, reducing the potential for rusting and adding strength to the overall good looks of the SilverStar. Robust King Pin Plate – The SilverStar’s king pin plate is strong to handle th elonger, heavier loaded trailers being pulled today.

• The SIlverStar’s side patterns are punched to minimize manure leakage in the Counter Balance Ramp areas. The filler channels of the Pull-Out Ramp are solid backed; therefore contamination has less area to accumulate.

Internally Grounded Wiring System – The wiring system is completely sealed and equipped with an internal ground – corrosion will not infiltrate the system or the lights. LED Lights – LED clearance, marker, stop and turn lights are standard equipment on the SilverStar.

Not all equipment shown is standard.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

The Brand of Excellence.

411 Sheep Model 34-3/8"










Deck Settings

• All SilverStars feature fully framed access doors. The doors have a clean appearance and no hollow tubes to fill up with contamination. They are more sanitary – more bio-secure.

Rear Header – The SilverStar features the Stop/Turn signals in the rear header. The full length gusset across the rear header provides greater strength and yields less racking from side to side.

• Spring loaded stainless steel locks and keepers are standard on all access doors. They provide a much cleaner look and are easier to operate. Stainless steel will not succumb to the elements and become corroded.

Roll Up Door – The tracks for the roll up door are extruded for strength and are rounded to lessen bruising for livestock.

• A Series of ladders, walk rails and hand grabs provide convenient access to every level of the trailer. • Full length conspicuity tape on the walk rail adds a more finished look. • Featuring a convenient fold down ladder, the Optional Walk Out Door gives the operator an easy way in and out of the trailer’s rear compartment while the trailer is backed up to a loading chute.

Rollers on the door make the door easier to roll up and down. A full length rubber bumper on the door bottom pads the door and minimizes manure leakage.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

Not all equipment shown is standard.

The Brand of Excellence.

Interior Features


Wilson’s 3” deep floor crossbars are on 12” centers and are fastened with stainless steel rivets to the floor. No welds to crack and the closer crossbar spacing makes Wilson floors stronger without becoming washboarded.


Interior Features

DECK Pull out ramp is notched to fit over floor corrugations; allowing for more back clearance under the ramp in the stored position.

The optional translucent roof provides natural interior lighting.

FRONT COMPARTMENT Smooth Interior walls greatly reduce livestock bruising and are easier to wash with less contamination and better bio-security.

The cellar ramp has large beveled top rails for less bruising.

Completely sealed ramp corrugations can be easily washed and sanitized.

Wilson is standard with the “Reduced-Step” pull out ramp – Only 4” from ramp to stationary deck.

The bull bar brace is in the center where it keeps the bull bar tight against the ramp. Fold-to-corner bull bars are standard with vertical tubes on the rear section. The full length hinge gives superior strength and durability; making the bull bar stiffer without sagging. Tube construction also provides better ventilation on the punched pan rear ends.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.


Wilson’s extra wide roof bows, on 24” centers, are now bonded for better attachment of roof panels. No rivets means a large weight savings.


The dog house rail is notched and capped to allow the upper deck gate to fit tight against the wall and provide better bio-security.


Full width hinges are used in strategic areas to reduce gate sag, lessen movement in sidewalls, and provide for stiffer connections.

All hinges are fitted with accessible grease zerks. Periodic maintenance will keep the hinge in good working condition.

The upper level of the nose is formed from aluminum decking plank.

Gate pin storage – no fumbling for a loose swinging gate pin at critical times.

Nose decking is easily stored in the channel provided – Simply nest and slide into place. Only a 5” step from the lower deck floor to the start of the cellar ramp – much more livestock friendly.

Floor corrugations on 16-1/2” centers allow for easier shoveling. (Scoop shovels will easily fit between the corrugations.) Floor corrugations, in the belly and the rear compartment, stop approximately 10” in front of the floor drains for easier clean out and better bio-security.

The front divide gate has the easy-to-maneuver counterbalanced ramp that provides smooth access for livestock into both levels of the nose area.

Wilson’s aluminum flooring is a 6061T6 hardness – the industry’s hardest alloy.

Full length hinges are incorporated for greater strength, better bio-security, and a shorter step out of the lower nose area. Wilson uses stainless steel rivets to fasten the tread plate flooring – No corrosion between rivets and flooring.

The access gate is a standard feature in the lower front divide. The gate allows for easier maintenance, clean out, or the removal of a downed animal in the front compartment.

All extruded tubes are capped for better sanitation and wash out.

The Brand of Excellence.

Quality Options for the SilverStar

If there is an option you need not shown here, contact your authorized Wilson sales representative – Many more popular options are available.

Shown here are some of the many popular options available to suit the SilverStar to your particular needs.

Venting Options Punched aluminum pan material behind the front vent cover.

Optional Tube Style Crowd Gates to increase air circulation.

Side opener for optional grate style floor drains.

Winter Kit and Panel Storage

LED interior light.

Tow hooks assist in maneuvering trailer. Backup flood lamps illuminate loading areas.

Border ties

Winter panel kits protect livestock from the elements. Convenient panel storage can be located on the trailer nose, between the spread axles, or built into the trailer behind the deep bar.

Stainless steel front vent covers

Spring loaded locks provide quick and easy closure when loading and prevent animals from opening during transit.

Wilson – The Livestock Hauler’s Brand.

Wilson offers the option of a BullNose front instead of the traditional Wilson rounded front.

Amplimesh behind front vent cover.

Beehive light mounting bracket.

Optional air gauge and standard full suspension dump valve box location.

Roof hatches provide extra ventilation and access to livestock.

Safety gate at the roll-up door helps keep livestock from going back down the chute.

Lift deck in front nose allows the deck to be raised and lowered with a system of cables and pulleys.

The Brand of Excellence.