Winter 2016-2017 Impact Report - Feeding America

Winter 2016-2017 Impact Report - Feeding America

Your Investments in Action Winter 2016-2017 Impact Report YOUR COMPASSION IS SUPPORTING FAMILIES IN NEED THIS WINTER Our country is in a time of tra...

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Your Investments in Action Winter 2016-2017 Impact Report

YOUR COMPASSION IS SUPPORTING FAMILIES IN NEED THIS WINTER Our country is in a time of transition. One White House Administration has concluded its service to our nation and another is in the early stages of its tenure. Both the White House and Congress face major challenges as they govern a deeply divided electorate. Opinions vary on a wide range of issues, yet if the past is any indication of the future, our lawmakers can still ind common ground if they are committed to working together. Feeding America has found ways to work with both Republicans and Democrats to support key federal programs that provide urgent relief to people facing hunger. As a non-partisan anti-hunger organization, Feeding America is well-positioned to continue ighting for struggling families. Your commitment to our mission has helped us achieve extraordinary success. As you’ll read in this report, you helped us source 966 million meals for people in need from July to September 2016, 4 percent more than the same period last year. Your dedication didn’t stop there, however. Loyal supporters like you committed to ighting hunger throughout the holiday giving season. From participating in #GivingTuesday to providing special year-end donations, your generosity helped provide holiday meals to many of your neighbors facing hunger. Your gifts have had a far-reaching impact. However, there are still many needs across our nation. Our research shows that many people we serve have to make tough choices between paying for basic essentials. This winter, millions of families may be confronted with the impossible choice of turning on the heat or going to the grocery store. We need your continued commitment to serve more people in need, and ensure that no one in America has to choose between having a warm home and full cupboard. In fact, you can show your support today by simply pledging to volunteer at a Feeding America food bank or food pantry between now and the end of April. After all, volunteerism is essential to the success of Feeding America’s eforts. More than half of all soup kitchens, food pantries and other meal programs in the Feeding America network rely entirely on volunteers. During this season of change in our nation, every American can help foster unity and ight hunger. People like you have already done so much, enabling our network to serve 46 million people nationwide. Your dedication to Feeding America is providing nourishment to many families and encouraging others to join the anti-hunger movement. Thank you for helping us reach even more people struggling with hunger and build a better, kinder world. Kind regards,

Diana Aviv Chief Executive Oicer Feeding America


Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017

THANKS TO THE FOOD BANK, GABY’S FAMILY DOESN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN FOOD AND UTILITIES Gaby never thought her life would turn out this way. She and her husband Josh used to both work full-time, and could buy their three young children all the things they needed. But then Gaby lost her job and things started to go downhill. Josh lost his job the following year. They did everything they could to ind other work but it just wasn’t enough. Gaby says that if it wasn’t for their local Feeding America food bank, they would deinitely have to choose between paying for utilities and buying food. Thankfully, Gaby and Josh’s son, John, comes home from school every Friday with a bag full of healthy food from their food bank’s BackPack Program. Gaby knows her family won’t always struggle, but in their time of need, they are grateful the food bank is there to help. VIDEO: hunger-stories/your-stories/your-story-gaby.html

Gaby’s family lives in Watauga, Tennessee, and receives food from Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee.

FEEDING AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS MEALS BY SOURCE FROM JULY THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2016 With your support, Feeding America sourced 966.9 million meals for Americans in need in the irst quarter of iscal year 2017, 4 percent more meals compared to the same quarter last year.

6% 328.1M Meals 3% 164.9M MEALS Donations from Manufacturers and Producers

10% 179.9M Meals

Produce from Farmers and Growers

Donations from Supermarket Retailers

37% 9.6M Meals

6% 147.4M Meals

1% 137.1M Meals


Provided by the Donations from Foodservice Providers* Federal Government

Food Purchased by Food Banks

*Prepared meal providers such as restaurants, hotels and convenience stores. Meals by source are compared to the same quarter last year. A meal from Feeding America is 1.2 pounds of product, based on USDA guidelines.

Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017




MEETING THE NEED AND ENDING HUNGER Feeding America is dedicated to building impactful anti-hunger initiatives in partnership with donors and partners from diferent geographies, sectors and perspectives. Our supporters enable us to collaborate with other leading organizations to meet the needs of struggling families. Over the past few months, we have launched new technologies, started innovative research projects and ofered additional resources to food banks to help alleviate hunger nationwide. Compassionate and generous people like you are helping make it all possible.

In November, Feeding America became one of

Feeding America also recently published a local

the irst nonproit organizations to begin

partnership guide in collaboration with Meals on Wheels

accepting donations through Apple Pay. This

America to support efective local partnership in

secure, private and easy-to-use donation

communities across the country. Together with our

channel makes it even more convenient for our supporters to contribute to our work on their Apple

partners, we are committed to providing more food to help seniors stay healthy and strong.

devices. And it comes at the perfect time—as more shoppers make their purchases online, a growing number

We are grateful to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation

of donors are also using the web to support the causes

for championing our senior hunger strategy and

they are most passionate about. Donating with Apple Pay

supporting programs that make a real and lasting

is as simple as the touch of a inger with Touch ID, so

diference for seniors in need.

there’s no need to manually ill out shipping and billing forms. As more than 42 million Americans struggle with hunger, Feeding America is energized by this opportunity to grow our support. With donations made through Apple Pay, we will help provide many more meals to our neighbors in need and develop and reine creative strategies to help end hunger. Millions of older Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Some lost their inancial footing during the Great Recession, others are unexpectedly caring for grandchildren or aging parents. Seniors across our nation, like Pat from Wells, Vermont, are making tradeofs between buying food and medicine, and sadly, many more may follow in their footsteps. As Baby Boomers age, the number of seniors facing hunger is expected to double by 2050. Feeding America knows that we must continually evolve to address complex challenges like senior hunger. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive senior hunger strategy and six-year implementation plan to meet the unique needs of older Americans. This year, as part of the implementation

Feeding America helps provide meals to people facing hunger across the nation. However, we must better understand the people we serve in order to continue improving our work and reach more people. To that end, we have embarked on a project that will help us determine how to responsibly gather the right information about households that receive food from our network. Feeding America has awarded grants to ive food banks to use diferent software systems to test a national framework for collecting data about the people we serve when they visit food pantries. The framework provides recommendations to all food banks on how to work with local food pantries to implement datatracking software, train staf to use the technology and determine what data to collect, in an efort to facilitate consistency across the Feeding America network. Testing the national framework will help strengthen it, encouraging more food banks to invest in electronic data collection. We believe that this project will help food banks make more informed decisions so they can better meet needs in their communities.

plan, we will provide grants to member food banks for

Feeding America is grateful to the Laura and John Arnold

senior hunger programs and conduct rigorous program

Foundation for its generous support for this initiative.

evaluations to inform future investments in the plan.


Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017

Hearing irsthand from the people we serve helps

Feeding America, in collaboration with The

Feeding America improve the quality and types

University of Kentucky Center for Poverty

of programs we ofer. As a result, we are testing

Research and with funding provided by The

diferent ways of collecting feedback about peoples’ experiences receiving food from local

Howard G. Bufett Foundation, has awarded grants to three universities to expand our

food pantries and meal programs. We are working with the

understanding of hunger in America and solutions to help

Urban Institute and the Fund for Shared Insight to collect,

end hunger. Columbia University, Rice University and the

relect and act on feedback in two food bank communities.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center will utilize

This fall, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and

data from Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap project to

Alameda County Community Food Bank surveyed more

conduct new research. Their studies will focus on the

than 1,200 people to get their feedback on food pantry wait

geographic distribution of food insecurity and its

times, respectful treatment and safety. In both communities,

consequences, as well as local policy interventions that

follow-up meetings and interviews allowed people who

seek to alleviate hunger. This coming fall, Feeding America

provided feedback to discuss the survey indings and

will convene hunger experts from around the country to

possible next steps. Participating food pantries and meal

discuss the research indings and implications for

programs are committed to modifying their services to

future research.

address the indings and close the feedback loop. As we test other methods for collecting feedback, Feeding

Feeding America is grateful

America will share recommendations with all network food

to The Howard G. Bufett

banks so they can develop lasting cycles of feedback

Foundation, Conagra

collection, relection and action.

Brands Foundation and Nielsen for supporting Map

Special thanks to the Fund for Shared Insight for its

the Meal Gap.

commitment to supporting this initiative.


WHY I SUPPORT FEEDING AMERICA For Sean Kelly, co-founder and CEO of SnackNation, philanthropic giving is an integral part of his company’s culture and business model. SnackNation provides healthy snacks to oices across the country. To help people struggling with hunger, every SnackNation box shipped triggers the inancial equivalent of an 11-meal donation to Feeding America. What seems like a small step really adds up. In fact, the company exceeded its original giving target by helping provide more than 1 million meals over the course of one year. Sean and the entire SnackNation crew also help their neighbors in need by volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “Sometimes it’s tough to get people out of the oice,” says Sean. “But the team takes that energy and passion toward achieving business goals and applies it on the food line. We put 2,400 food kits together on a recent visit, which equaled over 10,000 meals. Our work feels so much more real after a volunteer experience like that.” Volunteering and raising funds are important, but for Sean, they are only part of the equation. “Getting the word out is a big step in solving hunger,” he says. “Most people have no idea that 1 in 7 people in Los Angeles County are food insecure. When I tell them, they are labbergasted.” By donating, volunteering and spreading the word, Sean will continue to make a diference in his community while also inspiring others to join the ight against hunger.

Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017


BUILDING AWARENESS TO INCREASE ENGAGEMENT Feeding America builds meaningful partnerships with celebrities and companies to raise awareness of domestic hunger. Through launching creative campaigns, volunteering in the network and supporting Feeding America initiatives, our celebrity and corporate partners help educate our country about the hunger issue and grow the anti-hunger movement. Their generosity enables our network to help ill empty kitchen cupboards and stomachs nationwide. In its ifth year, the Give A Meal program, an exclusive holiday partnership with Bank of America which ran from September 26 to December 31, 2016, exceeded its goal by raising a record 58 million meals for people facing hunger. For every $1 donated by individuals, including customers and employees, Bank of America donated $2.

Inspired by its #WeAllCan campaign, American Eagle Outitters (AEO) partnered with Feeding America to help provide more than one million meals. AEO donated meals based upon customer purchases, and store associates across the nation, like the ones pictured here from New York, hosted food drives for their local food banks.

SUBWAY® restaurants set out to make National Sandwich Day, November 3, the single largest meal donation day in Feeding America’s history by inviting guests to join The Good Deed Feed™. The campaign resulted in a donation of 11 million meals and beneited every food bank in the Feeding America network.

Liev Schreiber and his son Sasha provided meals to people in need this November at The Bowery Mission in New York City.


During Kroger’s Bringing Hope to the Table campaign, people across the nation posted pictures of empty plates on social media with #PictureYourPlate to trigger donations from Kroger. As a result, Kroger helped provide more than 3 million meals.

In support of their commitment to create healthier generations, Disney provided a $1 million donation to Feeding America. The announcement aired on ABC’s “The Chew” as part of Disney’s “Share the Joy” campaign which helps kids and families who need it most.

Spiritual Gangster, a yoga-inspired clothing line, partnered with the TODAY Show’s Savannah Guthrie to produce a shirt with the slogan “Like You.” The equivalent of more than 5 million meals were donated to Feeding America from all shirt proceeds.

Julie Bowen picked clementines for people facing hunger in partnership with the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County in November.

Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017

THANK YOU FOR GIVING BACK TO FIGHT HUNGER ON #GIVINGTUESDAY For the past ive years, people around the globe have united to help their neighbors in need on #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With the generous support of many donors and partners like you, Feeding America raised more than three million meals for people facing hunger on #GivingTuesday. We received special #GivingTuesday support from: TONY ROBBINS: Best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Robbins used #GivingTuesday to promote the 100 Million More Meals Challenge, a giving opportunity by which Tony matches inancial donations to Feeding America. Tony posted a Facebook video to share why he supports hunger relief and giving back and invited viewers to join him in supporting Feeding America through the 100 Million More Meals Challenge. The response to the video alone triggered a donation of nearly half a million meals to Feeding America. To learn more, visit CELEBRITIES: Feeding America Entertainment Council members demonstrated their dedication to hunger relief by supporting Feeding America on Facebook and Twitter on #GivingTuesday, encouraging their followers to donate to end hunger. Ben Aleck, Kelvin Beachum, Betsy Brandt, Monica Brown, Gabriele Corcos, Sheryl Crow, Rocco DiSpirito, Carla Hall, Samantha Harris, Ellie Krieger, Tony Robbins, Alison Sweeney, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Scott Wolf all participated.

FACEBOOK: Facebook’s tools and support played a critical role in helping Feeding America mobilize the public on #GivingTuesday. Feeding America was one of three charities featured at the irst Facebook Social Good Forum, an event held just before #GivingTuesday to unveil new tools for supporting social causes on Facebook. At the event, Feeding America participated in a Facebook LIVE broadcast to raise awareness of hunger and invite the public to use Facebook’s Fundraisers tool to ight hunger. Additionally, Facebook Chief Operating Oicer Sheryl Sandberg helped raise nearly 100,000 meals for Feeding America by launching a Facebook Fundraiser on #GivingTuesday that exceeded its goal. CORPORATE PARTNERS: More than 20 of Feeding America’s corporate partners supported Feeding America on #GivingTuesday. Delta Air Lines, Food Lion Feeds and Gilt made generous donations to help people in need. Southeastern Grocers launched its SEG Gives hunger-relief program in partnership with Entertainment Council member Curtis Stone. And a number of our corporate partners took to social media, sharing their commitment to ighting hunger and supporting Feeding America’s mission.

PROVIDING MEALS DURING THE SEASON OF GIVING Feeding America’s hunger-relief eforts were highlighted through special cause marketing campaigns and media opportunities during the holidays. As a growing number of supporters and media outlets put the spotlight on Feeding America this winter, they helped raise awareness and meals in support of our mission, making it possible for families in need to cherish their own holiday meal traditions.

Feeding America was named the third largest charity for the third year in a row in Forbes’ annual year-end list of the 100 largest U.S. charities.

As people across the country prepared to gather for festive dinners, CNBC reminded them that 42 million Americans struggle with hunger and the Feeding America network is working to reach them. featured easy, ive-ingredient holiday recipes from celebrity chefs who have partnered with Feeding America, including Jose Andres, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Antonia Lofaso, Rachael Ray and Curtis Stone.

Several of Feeding America’s corporate partners launched inspiring cause marketing campaigns this year that concluded during the holiday season. Food Lion’s Holidays Without Hunger, Starbucks’ Buy One, Give One Power Lunch, the Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Hunger Is, French’s Crispy Fried Onions promotion, Unilever’s Share A Meal and Kiehl’s Baby Give Back, among others, achieved signiicant impact that helped make the season brighter for many in need.

Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017


CONCLUSION With your support, Feeding America helps millions of people receive the food they need—including healthy items like fresh fruits and vegetables. Your gifts to Feeding America are allowing many children and their families to enjoy nourishing meals in warm homes. During this chilly season, please remember that you are helping struggling households so they don’t need to choose between buying food and turning on the heat. Thank you for serving your neighbors in need during the winter and throughout the year.


Pledge to volunteer in the Feeding America network! Volunteers are essential for food pantries and meal programs to meet needs in their communities. To learn more, please reach out to your Feeding America contact.

There are many ways you can help Feeding America fight hunger. Take action by donating monthly, advocating to end hunger, volunteering your time and talents, joining the conversation on social media or starting a fundraiser.

35 East Wacker Drive Suite 2000 Chicago, IL 60601 800.771.2303 Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks that feeds more than 46 million people through food pantries and meal programs in communities across America and leads the nation in the ight against hunger. Support Feeding America and help solve hunger.

Donate. Volunteer. Advocate. Educate.


Feeding America Impact Report | WINTER 2016-2017