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PA R T N E R S O L U T I O N Wipro MiDAS © A master data management (MDM) solution for customer centricity for high-tech manufacturers industry fo...

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Wipro MiDAS


A master data management (MDM) solution for customer centricity for high-tech manufacturers

industry focus High-tech manufacturing

CHALLENGE Siloed views of B2B customers, contacts and products result in the inability to identify top customers and make relevant cross-sell and upsell offers.

SOLUTION A master data management (MDM) solution establishes a trusted and authoritative view of customers and contacts, allowing companies to become customer centric.

BENEFITS • Increase revenue through improved

cross-sell/upsell. • Maximize customer revenue by

proactively managing channel conflicts and coverage gaps. • Accelerate ROI with out-of-the-

box data models and master data business processes. • Create foundation for robust data

governance and stewardship.

High-tech manufacturing companies are under increased pressure to improve supply chain efficiencies, reduce costs, acquire and retain customers, improve decision making, and comply with government regulations. The outcomes of these business initiatives are often less than optimal because of incomplete, inconsistent, and duplicate views of critical business data—such as customers, associated products, and channel partners. The root cause of these issues is poor data quality spread across disparate systems. If it is not addressed, manufacturers risk reduced customer loyalty and increased attrition, missed sales opportunities, poor channel coverage, and increased operational risk.

The need for an MDM solution for customer centricity • High-tech manufacturers have been challenged with increasing the rate at which they can launch

next-generation products to better meet customer needs. • These companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their existing customers, to cross-

sell products to customers acquired from mergers, and to meet the increased expectations from channel partners and customers. • Disparate systems have also resulted in information inefficiencies that lead to high transaction

costs, the inability to deliver operational cost savings, and negative customer experiences. Manual data processing and reconciliation can increase operational risk and the chances of incurring penalties by regulators. • Companies have responded to these challenges in a tactical manner with point-to-point solutions

that are not scalable and lead to suboptimal business processes. Incomplete and unintegrated views of customer-product-partner-location relationships result in missed opportunities and loss of revenue.

Wipro MiDAS: The solution for high-tech manufacturers Wipro Technologies, a leading analytics and information management solution provider, and Informatica, the industry-leading, multidomain MDM technology provider, have teamed to offer the Wipro MiDAS solution. Wipro MiDAS is a comprehensive, customer-centric MDM solution that enables high-tech manufacturers to create a single, accurate view of customers and products that is consistent and unified across systems and business processes. The solution is built on the Informatica® MDM™, Data Integration and Data Quality™ suite of products combined with Wipro’s patented MDM reference architecture, industry best practices, and implementation expertise.


Informatica Data Director (IDD) Governance







Informatica PowerCenter


Cloud Apps

Informatica PowerCenter, SIF APIs

Informatica PowerCenter

• Deep experience in the complete MDM Destination Systems

Informatica MDM

Staging area


project lifecycle (information strategy, governance, architecture, solution implementation) • Patented MDM reference architecture • Ready-to-deploy solutions and accelerators

External Systems D&B


Master Data Business Processes

Source Systems

Source Applications


Informatica Data Quality Profile



MDM solution approach for customer centricity

• Master data models specific to the high-

tech manufacturing industry • Award-winning MDM implementations

Key Features

• Rich talent pool with diverse experience on

• Supports high-tech manufacturing-specific, logical master data models for B2B customers

and products to deliver business value • Uses MDM reference architecture to enable the solution in an enterprise business and

the Informatica product suite (MDM, Data Quality, and Data Integration) • Full spectrum of MDM services (define,

design, build, deploy, and operate)

IT landscape • Integrates with Informatica Data Quality and third-party tools, such as Dun & Bradstreet,

to cleanse and enrich customer and contact data • Improves data management with out-of-the-box, configurable master data models and

business processes (e.g., onboarding customers, channels, exception processing, and match/merge) • Includes preconfigured business and data quality rules to standardize name and address

for customers and contacts, and to measure the confidence factor associated with master data attributes • Offers predefined relationships and hierarchies for customers and associated contacts and


Customer Success With the Wipro MiDAS solution, a leading imaging technology manufacturer achieved a comprehensive view of key accounts and established a single harmonized source to access and view key accounts, products, and hierarchy data. These improvements have enabled the company to drive strategic business initiatives such as business integration, operational efficiency improvements, campaign management, and revenue growth.

WHY INFORMATICA? • Flexible and proven multidomain MDM

system provides comprehensive support for all MDM requirements—data integration, profiling, quality, and master data management—on the same platform • Best-in-class companies choose

Informatica MDM because they can start small by addressing any pressing MDM-related business problem with rapid implementation, and then expand to address additional business problems across the enterprise, realizing fast time to value, lower TCO, and superior ROI.

Learn More For more information, please contact your Wipro or Informatica sales representative, or visit: www.wipro.com/services/aim/services.htm#Master www.informatica.com/mdm www.informatica.com/customercentricity

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