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Wisconsin! - Sts Constantine & Helen

Page 1 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age.”...

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“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age.” (Eph. 6:12). February 10, 2015 St. Haralambos the Hieromartyr Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The entire community of Sts. Constantine & Helen GOC in Wauwatosa, WI, is proud and excited to welcome, serve, and above all to worship with you, the athletes and participants of the 2015 “Metropolis of Chicago – Western Region Family Basketball Tournament.” We are confident that with the blessings of our beloved shepherd, our beloved Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago, the Tournament will be memorable and uplifting experience. As we all know physical exercise in ancient Greece was part of a young man’s upbringing and always linked to his overall mental, emotional and spiritual development. Bodily exercise and especially competing at organized games was viewed and utilized as a method of psychotherapy, a method of perfecting both the soul and body. All games, but especially the Olympic Games, were full of rituals and ceremonies, where victory was understood as the individual athlete’s catharsis (purification), the transformation of the passion of anger and selfishness to manliness, bravery and selfsacrifice. The Scriptures, as well as the writings of our Fathers are full of images and metaphors taken from the games and the life of the athletes. The martyrs, “who fought the good fight,” are the ultimate athletes and a role model to all of us Orthodox Christians. St. Paul reminds us that “everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown.” (1Cor. 9:25) It is my humble prayer that all of us the participants of the Tournament will receive the crown of glory at the Lord’s Day as is written in the book of Revelation: “and they had crowns of gold on their heads…and cast their crowns before the throne of God.” (Rev. 4:4, 4:10) With sincere wishes for a Christ-filled weekend and a blessed Great Lent,

Fr. Theologos Pandelis Presbyter

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Metropolis of Chicago-Western Region + Family Basketball Tournament February 2015 Dear Clergy, Coaches, Teams, Parents, and Friends: Welcome to the 2015 Western Region Family Basketball Tournament! This tournament is celebrating its 63rd year! It is my 18th year as Tournament Director and I am always amazed at the amount of interest in this tournament. This year we have five divisions: YAL Men’s, YAL Women’s, GOYA Boys and Girls, and CoEd JOY. T his is our 5th year with our new formalized Co-Ed JOY division. We are so pleased to have the JOY division as we know it will enhance the longevity of our tournament. We have 27 teams participating from all over the Midwest representing 6 states! We have a wonderful tournament weekend planned for you all and hope that you all have a fantastic time here in Milwaukee, WI. As you may already know having hosted in the past, an event this size cannot be organized by only one person. The organizational leaders of this weekend Diane Demopoulos, Francine Klonis, Mary Jo Krueger, Tony Nestoras, George Papageorge, Mary Poulos, Andrew Purner, Kiki Skoufis, Mary Skoufis, Natasa Stavropoulos and all their committee members, have been planning for 2 years to make this weekend special for us. We are fortunate to have so many people in our Metropolis communities that are blessed with the gifts of organization and leadership. Another special thank you to our coaches who organize and lead practices and for keeping this tournament alive! Tournament Committee members, Kate Pierce (Tournament Secretary), Deacon Chris Avramopoulos, and Liza Lampi are the folks that continue to support this program. Please extend your thanks to all of these special people this weekend as without them, the tournament wouldn’t be this strong after 60 plus years! The tournament committee appreciates each one of you for taking the time and continuing your interest in edifying your Orthodox relationships through healthy competition and fellowship. As a Tournament Committee, we look forward to bringing you innovative ways to keep this piece of fellowship alive for you. There seems to be no other opportunity during the year when two of our Greek Orthodox Metropoli can come together in such a way. I vow never to take it for granted and hope you do the same. Let us move forward and discover new friendships and re-kindle old ones. Remember, as long as we stay together, we will grow in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In Christ,

Tina Tina Kouzes Houck, Tournament Director

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The Parish Council and the family of


WELCOME VISITORS TO WAUWATOSA!! We wish you an enjoyable stay, and a memorable Basketball Tournament Weekend! Page 7

MAYFAIR MALL 2500 North Mayfair Rd Wauwatosa, WI 53226


Walk-in’s Welcome Page 8


Page 9

Sts. Constantine & Helen, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin gratefully acknowledges the planning committee for coordinating the 2015 Metropolis of Chicago Western Region Family Basketball Tournament.

Fr. Theologos Pandelis Fr. Ted Trifon Diane Demopoulos Francine Klonis Mary Jo Kruger Tony Nestoras George Papageorge Mary Poulos Andrew Purner Kiki Skoufis Mary Skoufis Natasa Stavropoulos

Page 10

A heartfelt thank you for the generosity of the following businesses and individuals for their donations, helping make our tournament a great success. Wisconsin Vision * LBC Optics *nVision Solutions Philoptochos of Sts. Constantine & Helen Ground Crew Service Mr Dinos Hairstylists Mayfair Cermak Fresh Market Pop'n Spot Panos' Fresh Market Usingers Metro Market of Brookfield Noodles and Co. Milwaukee Ahepa #43 Parthenon Foods Alfa Flowers Capital Hustings Corner Bakery Café Monarch Creative Pete’s Fruit Market Lisbon Café Peachtree Restaurant Genesis Restaurant Spyropoulos Family Dimitrios & Alison Dakolias Mary & Tony Skoufis Louie & Prokopi Liapis Peter Latsoudis Terry Poulos Tec Foods Carma Laboratories, Inc. Milwaukee Bucks Organization Sheraton Hotel of Brookfield Epiphany Learning Academy and Child Care A thank you is extended to all volunteers who helped with scorekeeping/timekeeping, concessions and first aid. There were many others who contributed to the success of this tournament. If we omitted anyone, we regretfully apologize. Page 11


Virginia & Mari Topitzes ~ Instructors

STS. CONSTANTINE & HELEN CHOIR Angie Anagnostopoulos ~ Choir Director Page 12



Best Wishes For a weekend of Fellowship & Fun! Page 13

Welcome to Our City! The GOYA of Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa, WI 2015 Basketball Tournament GOYA Advisor: Georgia Konstantakis Assistant: Christina Tsioutsiopoulos President: Katerina Gorgolis Vice President: Amalia Melissourgos Secretary: Tiffany Topetzes Treasure: Elli Harris P.R. Coordinator: Kyra Topetzes For the past 60 years, the Western Region Basketball tournament has been hosted in many states including Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas. It is a great honor to be representing my church-parish, Sts. Constantine & Helen, in hosting the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Western Region Basketball Tournament. The members of Sts. Constantine & Helen have gone through many months of hard work to put together this event for all of us. We are truly grateful for their hard work and dedication put into this tournament. From all of us at Sts. Constantine & Helen Parish, we truly wish you all a great, fun, eventful weekend and we hope we've served you well!

President of GOYA, Katerina K. Gorgolis

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7001 W. North Ave. * 414.475.7080 * [email protected] Page 15


414-645-9888 * 734 South 5th Street www.laperlahot.com

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God’s Blessings on a Successful Basketball Tournament

Ladies Philoptochos Society Sts. Constantine & Helen Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Aleka Jifas, President Laura Limberatos, Vice President Nancy Kucharski, Treasurer Gale Flaschner, Secretary

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"Η Διευθύντρια, το διδακτικό προσωπικό και το Συμβούλιο του Ελληνικού Σχολείου, τα μέλη του Συλλόγου Γονέων & Κηδεμόνων, οι 71 μαθητές και οι οικογένειές τους καθώς και το τμήμα Ενηλίκων, σας καλωσορίζουν στο πολυαναμενόμενο Τουρνουά Μπάσκετ στην πόλη μας και σας ευχόμαστε να απολαύσετε αυτό το Σαββατοκύριακο." The Greek School Council, Director & Teachers, PTO members, 71 students and their families, and our Adult Conversational Class welcome everyone to the much anticipated Basketball Tournament in our city and wish you an enjoyable weekend. "May the best team win… and the rest enjoy the challenge!"

Page 20

TEAM ROSTERS YAL Mens Division Sts. Constantine & Helen (C)

Coach: Christo Gorgolis Chris Bofiles Randy Dahl Chris Yannaras Tom Giannaras Christo Gorgolis Andreas Panagopoulos George Skoufis Yianni Skoufis Nick Wilkowski

Annunciation Milw (A) cont’d Matt Gritzmacher Chris Kafarakis Evan Michael Kafarakis Andrew Papachristou Greg Papachristou Jordan Staleos Demetrios Tongas Nikita Tongas Annunciation Milwaukee (B)

Sts. Constantine & Helen Grey

Coach: Vasili Kolintzes GM: George Papageorge Zoran Dzovic Yianni Glavas Demitri Itsinis Christos Kalogriopoulos Barry Lymperopoulos Angelos Markos Jimmy Panagiotopoulos Geordin Panagopoulos George Papageorge John Poulos Nick Poulos Sts. Constantine & Helen (T)

Coach:: Danny Sarandos Demetri Itsines George Itsinis Steve Itsines Stevie Itsines Dino Poulos Niko Poulos DJ Sarandos Spiro Tselentis Yianni Tselentis Kosta Tsigistras Annunciation Milwaukee (A)

Coach: Nicholas Ganos Daniel Argyres Dennis Fournogerakis

Coach: Kosta Zervas Billy Dietz Johnny Dietz Nick Kanavas Thomas Kotsonis Jonathan McGinley Dennis Mistrioty Frank Mistrioty Peter Tongas Steven Tongas Annunciation Milwaukee (C)

Coach: Jim Liacopoulos Frank Anton Bob Busse Steve Dietz Ned Eberle Dennis Galanis Nicholas Ganos Andrew Joseph Jim Liacopoulos Emo Mamalakis Tim Mistrioty Tom Tongas St. Demetrios Libertyville

James Androus John Androus George Couvall Thomas Earth Tom Jikomes John Iskalis Thanasis Macheras

Page 21

St. Demetrios cont’d Alexi Mantis Pete Petropoulos Nick Stianos Alexi Tsavaras St. Dionysios Overland Park,KS

Coach: John Wickstrom Coach: Chris Antos Danny Kandah Johnny Kandah Alec Chambers Paul Foltz David Foltz Chris Antos Eric Luschen Teddy Brisimitzakis Jason Parra Joseph Sayegh Frank Lewis St. George’s Rock Island Coach: Nick Vretis Tyler Allen Joe Burmeister Areistidou Giannis Andrew Natsis Evan Spurgetis Jason Spurgetis Shane Spurgetis James Vretis Nick Vretis Ryan Vretis St. Mary’s Mpls Coach: John Beauchamp John Beauchamp Niko Beauchamp Theo Beauchamp Theo Boosalis Nick Chresand Tom Chresand Andrew Dovolis Theo Estep Luke Mikhail

TEAM ROSTERS GOYA Boys Division St. Constantine & Helen Coach: Andrew Purner Spiros Demopoulos Stathis Demopoulos Stathis Demopoulos Athanasios Georgakakis Panagiotis Giannaras Apostolos-Christos Lianos Vasili Panagopoulos Gregory Pandelis Stavros Skoufis Teddy Stavropoulos Dionisios Tsioutsioupoulos

St. Dionysios cont’d William Numair Dimitrijie Ratnovic Michael Tamer St. George’s St. Paul Coach: Anthony Selliris Adam Fuller Yianni Kalogeras Panayiotis Kontinakis Jackson Odegard Parry Paraschou John Simon Luke Simon

St. Dionysios Overland Park,KS

Coach: John Wickstrom Chris Antos Michael Bondar Alexander Brisimitzakis Matthew Chichura Michael Chichura Daniel Morris Matthew Numair

St. Mary’s Mpls (A) Coach: Dean Tortorelis Coach: John Beauchamp Perry Angeles Niko Doukas Jamie Dovolis Peter Karos Marcus Koumontzis Demo Murdakes Luke Possis

St. Mary’s (A) continued Evan Richardson Christian Rieck Evaggelos Sidiropoulos George Tortorelis St. Mary’s Mpls (B) Coach: Dean Tortorelis Gus Angelos Charlie Buss Nick Hainlin Alexander Halatsis Joseph Karos Stavros Koumontzis Luke Possis Mark Possis Elijah Richardson Perry Tortorelis

GOYA Girls Division Sts. Constantine & Helen Coach: Tony Skoufis Vasilia Athens Evelyn Bambarakos Katerina Gorgolis Alexa Jifas Paige Klonis Tiffany Konstantakis Katherine Kruger Amalia Melissourgos Maria Monty Elpida Pandelis Magdalini Skoufis Georgia Spyropoulos Kyriaki Topetzes Theofania Topetzes Demetra Tselentis Coco Tsioustiopoulos

St. Dionysios Overland Park, KS Coach: John Wickstrom Coach: Chris Antos Katie Barry Kristijana Bugarin Christina Demis Kim Demis Aimee Guthrie Glendy Papedo Juliana Ramirez Kassidy Zeiler St Mary’s Mpls Coach: Sean Gabor Alexandra Estep Alexis Friesen Anastasia Friesen Zoe Gabor Eva Hadjiyanis Stella Hadjiyanis

Page 22

St. Mary’s cont’d Alexandra Karos Anna Karos Anna Mentor Anna Mikhail Alexandra Nicklow Kristina Pappas Sia Tortorelis Christina Zane St. George/Holy Anargyroi Coach: George Mastrogiorgis Maria Kelly Elie Kheirallah Kharissa Maehren Marisa Mortari Carly Odegard Sophia Selliris AnnaMaria Simon Sophie Voytovich

TEAM ROSTERS JOY (CO-ED) Division Sts. Constantine & Helen Coach: Kristina Tsioutsiopoulos Coach: DionisiosTsioutsiopoulos

Nikita Athens Chris Konstantakis Peter Konstantakis Marianna Kruger George Liapis Christos Maillis Saotirios Maillis Dimitri Maniotis Dimitri Pandelis Spiro Perra Tommy Perra Peter Spyropoulos John Tsagalis Alexandros Tsioutsiopoulos Stavros Tsopelas Zoe Tsopelas Joseph Van Cleve Kostadina Zarmakoupis Vasiliki Zarmakoupis Aristotelis Ziogas Dimitrios Ziogas Annunciation Coach: Tim Mistrioty Elias Argyres Nick Foster Evi Galanis Diana Kotsonis George Kotsonis Kalliope Kotsonis Victoria Kotsonis Mia Liacopoulos

Annunciation cont’d Van Liacopoulos Luke Mamalakis Katerina Mistrioty Sotiria Mistrioty Nicoletta Orlando Xander Zwart Zelia Zwart Holy Trinity Sioux City, IA

Coach: Dean Karras Anesa Davenport Niko Karras Sophia Karras Nick Charles Margeas Shewitt McKennan George Miedl Gianna Miedl Taylor Reuter George Tsiobanos St George/Holy Anargyroi/ Annunciation (Lincoln, NE)

Coaches: Dan Simon Spiros Kapetanakis Christina Kelly Stephania Kelly Kyriaki Kontinakis Manoli Mastrogiorgis George Michael Kalogeras Gabriel Monoz Nina Munoz Sebastian Munoz Billy Paraschou Mark Simon

St. Mary’s Mpls GOLD Coach: Chris Angelos Coach: Dan Buss Coach: Gus Nicklow Manager: Edward Buss Manager: Ben Wehr Albert Buss William Buss Audrey Friesen Ellie Hainlin Evie Kaznessis Serafeim Kaznessis Themistocles Megas Isabell Tiggas St Mary’s Mpls MAROON Coach: Chris Angelos Coach: Dan Buss Coach: Gus Nicklow Manager: Edward Buss Manager: Ben Wehr Sophia Angelos Evie Doukas Sophia Doukas Maria Hadjiyanis Ellie Hainlin Kallista Halatsis Peter Nicklow Elias Wehr

YAL Womens Division “Wisconsin Trinity” Annunciation/Assumption/ Sts.Constantine & Helen Coach: Andrew Purner Joanna Dahl Christina Demakopoulos Maria Demokopoulos Angel Demolas Christina Haideman Alexia Haideman

“WisconsinTrinity” cont’d

MaryJo Kruger Maria Panagopoulos Athanasia Schreiner Mary Skoufis Kiki Skoufis

Page 23

St. George St. Paul Coach:

Anastasia Mastrogiorgis Ioana Ciuta Alexa Condos Elena Condos Georgette Condos Lisa Jordan Cassandra Kapetanakis Amanda Kapetenakis Maria Kontinakis

1400 S. Union Street Corner of 16th and Greenfield Milwaukee, WI 53204 414 383-1300 ph 414 383-1425 fax www.petesfruitmarket.com

Good Luck to all the teams Have a great tournament From the Pete Tsitiridis Family Page 24

11500 W. Burleigh St., Mayfair Collection/Wauwatosa

575 W. Layton Ave., Milwaukee 1325 E. Capitol Dr., Shorewood Proudly owned and operated by the Dimitropoulos families. Page 25

THE PHILOXENIA HOUSE ROCHESTER, MN The Philoxenia House Ministry demonstrates love for our “neighbor” which is a pillar of our Orthodox Christian Faith, and hospitality that is representative of our heritage. We offer free temporary housing to individuals and families visiting the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, within a Christian Orthodox environment that provides spiritual healing and comfort. Our small parish of Holy Anargyroi, with the blessings of our Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago, established in 2004 the first house, the “Philoxenia House.” The house is operated by volunteers that are parishioners of our Church. Page 26

Keynote Speaker: TERRY POULOS A second-generation Greek American, Terry romanticizes about his Greek Orthodox faith, rejoices in the aesthetic splendor and rich tradition of free thought that is his ancestral homeland Greece, and is a proud American. Terry was reared under the confines of St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Des Plaines, a close suburb of Chicago. As a senior in high school, he was named MVP of the Church GOBL team. Terry graduated Hersey H.S and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Columbia College. While there, he worked an internship at the Associated Press writing brief basketball game summaries which appeared in the local daily newspapers. He moved on to another internship as a Press Aide for the Cook County State's Attorney's Office and right before graduation was promoted to an office spokesperson. This led to his being hired in 1991 as a top aide to then-Cook County Board Commissioner (now County Treasurer) Maria Pappas. In 1994 he left to pursue sports. First, writing the sports column for The Greek Star newspaper in Chicago. Today, he's their Sports Editor in addition to contributing articles on media and a host of topics. He's also contributed articles to The National Herald (on science) and Greek Circle magazine (general). Around this time, Terry began writing on the business of sports for the mainstream audience and hosted local cable talk shows called "Picture This Sports" and "Talking Sports." Moreover, he began cultivating an innovative concept called "The $ports Index TM," the world's first composite average of the share prices of leading publicly-traded companies in sports (E.g, Nike, Brunswick, International Speedway, Madison Square Garden, among others). T$I is presented at TheSportsIndex.com. Additionally, he began developing a unique education curricula and in 2010 formalized it under The Sports Index Inc. In late 2014, the company unveiled a unique educational numismatic called "Net Zero Coin TM", a visual teaching tool which includes an image of Pi (3.14 etc.) and which also serves to commemorate the world's oldest computer, the famous "Antikythera Mechanism" (c.205 BC) (i.e, math, currency, innovation). The coin honors the work of legendary Greek mathematician/astronomer and inventor Archimedes. On a seasonal basis, Terry has worked for the National Football League since 1999 as a Replay Assistant in the officiating program, being assigned to numerous playoff games including both an NFC and AFC championship game. On February 1, 2015 he worked his first Super Bowl. In the Greek community, aside from writing Terry has also worked in networking as co-founder and codirector of Chicago's Greek Media Club. He's on the selection committee for the Supreme AHEPA Athletic Hall of Fame and he's a board member of the National Hellenic Invitational Basketball Tournament. Page 27

Page 28

Congratulations! Best Wishes for a successful

Good luck to all teams of the Tournament!


Helen & Laki Tselentis Spyro, Yianni & Demetra

Christ, Doris & Demetra Konstantinidis Page 29

1541 Miller Park Way 414-988-9051 Greek specialty items available

www.cermakfreshmarket.com Page 30

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Page 32




Page 33


Page 34




Page 35




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Page 37

 Bessie Athens & Aleka Klonis  Tony Kalogriopoulos & Family  George, Francine, Alexandra, Victoria, & Paige Klonis  George & Kiki, Ioannis, Stavros Skoufis  Harry, Christina, Tiffany & Kyra Topetzes  Theoni Topetzes  Trifon T. Trifon

Page 38

Page 39

Sts. Constantine & Helen J.O.Y. Ministry

Advisor: Jackie Papageorge Assistant: George Papageorge Page 40

Sts. Constantine & Helen’s

Teachers, children & their families

Welcome! We hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend of fellowship in Wisconsin! Page 41

260 W. Mains St. Waukesha 262-549-3910

Welcome everyone Have a great time at the tournament! Dimitrios & Alison Dakolias

332 Williams St. Waukesha 262-408-2320 Page 42

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church Wauwatosa, WI

Our Groups/Ministries’ leaders, members and volunteers would like to

Welcome athletes & families to Wisconsin! Good luck to all participants ! the Basketball Tournament! Altar Boys Bible Studies (English) Bible Studies (Greek) Choir Dorians Dance Group Epiphany Childcare Fish Fry Golden Agers G.O.Y.A.

Greek School H.O.P.E. Ionians Dance Group JOY Marriage & Family Ministry Parish Council Philoptochos Sunday School Y.A.L. Page 43

HECTOR CHAPTER 107 DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN The officers and members welcome all participants to the 2015 Western Region Family Basketball Tournament hosted by STS. CONSTANTINE & HELEN GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH

Play with determination and spirit! Interested in joining our chapter, please contact Diane Koukouras, chapter President at [email protected] .

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Page 45

Page 46

Page 47

5200 W. Loomis Rd, Greendale, WI 53219

[email protected] konstantakislaw.com

Celebrating 80 years of Product Innovation! Godspeed to all of the Basket Ball Players, Coaches and Participants! www.brooksstevens.com (262) 629-4610 (WI Office) (651) 379-0881 (MN Office) George Konstantakis, President

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Page 49

Page 50

Page 51

Page 52

Page 53

Page 54

Page 55

Page 56

Chris & Mary Nick, John, Steve & Dino Page 57

Christos Katravas & Family Page 58

Page 59

May God bless you with a safe and fun-filled weekend! Sts. Constantine & Helen’s Fish Fry committee, volunteers and staff Call to carry-out: 414.778.1555 2160 N. Wauwatosa Ave, Wauwatosa

Page 60

Page 61




Best Wishes for a successful tournament!

The Alex & Tina Marlis Family Page 63

Good Luck to everyone at this Year’s Tournament!

Helene Tsigistras

Page 64


Welcome everyone! Andreas Bouraxis, Family & Employees! www.madroostercafe.com Only the bold are truly ready. Welcome to where every bite is prepared with Mad Style and Mad Flavor. From the family-recipe Greek yogurt to the pancakes made from scratch, you’ll know you’ve found your neighborhood favorite. Whether it’s our own signature blend of fresh-brewed coffee or our fresh squeezed orange juice, the Mad Flavor will bring your senses to life! Visit Mad Rooster Cafe today and enjoy the ultimate blend of flavors. 4401 W. GREENFIELD AVE. (GREENFIELD & MILLER PARK WAY) Page 65

Welcome to Wisconsin! Good luck to all teams & players!

From the Lisbon Café 8518 W. Lisbon Ave.


7727 W. Greenfield Ave. West Allis, WI 53214 414.774.4828

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Page 67

Page 68

Good Luck to everyone Participating in the Basketball Tournament! We welcome you and wish you all the Best! Page 69

Page 70

Page 71

Page 72


Best wishes Enjoy our Tournament! Page 74

Page 75

Page 76

3473 S. 27th Street & Morgan, Milwaukee, WI 53215


Good Luck Teams! www.Omegaon27.com

Page 77

Good Luck to all the Teams of Sts. Constantine & Helen & to all visiting teams! The Moulopoulos Family

2012 memories ~ YAL Women’s Team! Pictured: Georgia K, Victoria K, Alexandra K, Maria S, Alexa M, Stephanie H, Theoni T, Mika F, Yiota T, Joanna K, Coach Harry Moulopoulos & Fr. Ted Trifon Page 78

Good Luck to all my basketball playing grandchildren Nick







Kyra Demetra

Love, Yiayia Koula Benezis

Page 79

2015 Western Region Family Basketball Tournament COURT SCHEDULE

Page 80

Page 81

Page 82

Page 83

Page 84

Page 85

Page 86

Page 87

The new Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero will be much more than a rebuilt parish. It will be a National Shrine of our Holy Archdiocese and a place of pilgrimage for our Nation and the whole world. This recognition, this raising of the consciousness of every member of our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese to the value and significance of the Saint Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center is just the beginning. Saint Nicholas will be the only House of Worship in the entire sixteen-acre rebuilt World Trade Center site.

http://www.stnicholaswtc.org/home Page 88