WORKBOOK· ANSWER KEY   UNIT 1  1.1 1 1 2 3 4 maiden up household after 5 6 7 8 surname middle clear made The key word is Muhammad. 2A Recently...

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  UNIT 1 

1.1 1 1 2 3 4

maiden up household after

5 6 7 8

surname middle clear made

The key word is Muhammad.

2A Recently I am walking was walking through the aisles of a bookshop when I was noticing noticed The title is the first thing the reader is seeing sees If she hadn’t been changing changed That’s OK, but I’m preferring I prefer I think I’m thinking of writing a book It’s something I’ve planned I’ve been planning

B a) Paul McCartney had been working b) you’ve been working c) it’s probably getting d) People in the book business are always saying, Publishers are always telling e) I was hoping, I’m expecting

3 1 been crying 2 was wondering 3 eaten 4 is getting 5 was hoping 6 owned 7 been doing 8 always move 9 is always telling 10 know 11 are thinking 12 been trying

4A and B 1 2 3 4 5 6

As a schoolboy, Felipe was forced to change his name to Philip. Her parents were hippies. His mother wanted to call him David, but his father wanted to call him Donald. Her name is difficult to read or say because of the spelling. His name is James Bond. Her surname – Sharf – is always being changed by spell-check.

C 1 He reverted to Felipe as ‘an act of defiance, a political act’, because Chicanos wanted to be recognised for their ancestry and their roots. ‘Philip’ is on his official documents. 2 She thought it was ‘pretty extreme’. She changed her name to Summer Davies when she left home. 3 They compromised by calling him David Donald, but realised it was too long. 4 N-i-a-m-h. It sounds like ‘knee’. 5 His name is a good ‘conversation starter’ and people smile when he tells them. But some people don’t believe him, or think he


changed his name as a way to attract attention. His parents called him James before the name became famous so it wasn’t their fault.


Because when she uses a computer, spellcheck always wants to change it. Her surname is probably from Germany or Eastern Europe.

D 1 2 3 4 5 6

an act of defiance now plain old of a compromise are absolutely baffled a mixed blessing the mists of time

1 body

5 ways

2 soul

6 horse

3 sheep

7 kid

4 box

8 neck

1.3 1 1 posed

4 flicker

2 presence

5 caricatures

3 dismal

6 flattering

2 1 e) 2 f ) 3 c) 4 b) 5 d) 6 a)


Irrelevant information: collecting stamps from different countries and being proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Missing information: no information about character

1.2 1 1 inquisitive 2 insensitive 3 conscientious 4 thoughtful 5 obstinate 6 neurotic 7 mature 8 over-ambitious 9 obsessive 10 perceptive 11 inspirational 12 apathetic

3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I guess it could be … I’d hazard a guess that … I wonder if … I reckon it … It seems to me that … It gives the impression that … It appears to be … If I had to make a guess, I’d say …

4A 1 T 2 F (They’re eating at Francesca’s house.) 3 F (Anna loves spicy food.)



1 a) 2 b) 3 a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 c)

1 6-ish/sixish

5 know

2 couple

6 anything

3 stuff

7 thing

4 like that

8 stuff

3 1 My mobile phone company keeps calling me every day. It’s driving me crazy. 2 Beatrix is always asking us to come and visit. 3 4 My aunt would coming come and collect us from school and take us to her house for the weekend. 5 As a rule, I like to try a recipe out on my family first, before I invite people round to eat it. 6 I have an incline inclination to be rather disorganised. 7 I tend to agree with everything they say. It makes things easier. 8 9 Nine times out of ten, he’ll be home by 6.30, but occasionally he’ll get stuck in traffic. 10

4A B 1T 2T 3T 4 F 5T 6T

C caught off guard niceties smithereens aloof

vague nouns: (3) I’ve got plenty of stuff to be getting on with here; (7) Oh, there’s one thing I was going to ask. quantifiers: (2) I need to pick up a couple of things … vague numbers: (1) I’ll see you here at about sixish then. generalisers: (5) Do you want me to bring anything, you know, … list completers: (4) I’ve just got to finish some work and sort the kitchen out and stuff like that; (6) any kind of food or anything like that? (8) Are you OK with spicy food, you know, chilli and stuff?

  UNIT 2 


1 2 3 4


5 6 7 8

surplus taken aback business acumen deficit

2.1 1 1 effect 2 under 3 learning 4 trust 5 learning 6 in

2 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 b) 5 a) 6 a) 7 c) 8 d) 9 a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 d) • Ciclo de Especialización 1 • © Pearson



1 g) 2 f ) 3 a) 4 e) 5 h) 6 b) 7 c) 8 d)

1 epitomise 2 gripped 3 poverty-ridden 4 poignant 5 premise 6 swamps

4A 1 2 3 4 5 6

wish I’d studied only I hadn’t I would’ve been if I’d listened I wouldn’t’ve known Supposing you’d won

5 2 Because experience is vital, mountaineers don’t usually reach their peak until their forties. 3 My tennis has gone downhill as I’ve got older. 4 I was at a crossroads in my career so I had to make a move. 5 I find a lot of his theories rather hard to swallow. 6 When I joined the company, my boss said, ‘You’ll go far.’ 7 This report says human cloning is only a few years away. Hmm, that’s food for thought.

4 1 preconceptions 2 stereotype 3 second thoughts 4 an open mind 5 narrow-minded 6 eye-opening 7 perspective 8 convincing

5 1 making 2 to have, to invite 3 changing 4 to be, to do 5 to have stolen 6 to have changed 7 to have to 8 being given 9 having 10 to have reached

6A 1 In fact 2 As a result 3 However 4 Nevertheless 5 On the other hand, 6 Consequently, 7 However, 2



3 How many children did she have? 4 How long did it take her to learn to read? 5 What did she think about the moon landing? 6 How many people came/went to her funeral?

D 1 d) 2 e) 3 f ) 4 a) 5 c) 6 b)

1B c) a detailed biography of a scientist

2 1 Wild Swans 2 To the Ends of the Earth 3 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 4 To Kill a Mocking Bird 5 Wild Swans 6 To Kill a Mocking Bird 7 To the Ends of the Earth 8 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

8 Quite frankly, I think she’s a genius. 9 I know you hate dogs, but look at it this way: they are great guards.

3 I’m not really sure about that/I’m really not sure about that. 4 Where did you get that idea? 5 That’s very debatable.

  UNIT 3 

c) speak your mind


e) have a vested interest f ) have an axe to grind 1 f ) 2 d) 3 c) 4 b) 5 e) 6 a)

C 1 sit on the fence 2 vested interest 3 speak my mind 4 play devil’s advocate 5 beat about the bush 6 axe to grind

2 1 If you want for my honest opinion, I think smoking should be made illegal. 2 There are no miracle diets. Look at it on this way: those diet ads are selling you an impossible dream. 3 From what that I can gather, global warming is a very real problem. If we don’t address it now, it’ll be too late. 4 By according to the government, immigration is out of control. The reality is immigrants bring many skills.


7 If you want my opinion, I don’t like that colour.

b) sit on the fence


2 What did her husband do?/What was her husband’s job?


a) play devil’s advocate


1 When did she move/go to Brazil?

6 If you ask me, his early CDs are much better than the later stuff.

2 I don’t know about that.


d) beat about the bush



5 For what it’s worth, I want to say I love your ideas!

1 I find that highly unlikely.


8 He emails me with these ridiculous half baked ideas on how to improve the business. She is poor;Yes. she has a large family; She is from Italy;Yes, people like her a lot; She taught herself to read.


4 From what I can gather, the company will merge next year.


B 1

3 As far as I’m concerned, Kurt is the best candidate.


For what it’s been worth, I think military service is a great idea. In my humble opinion, young people today need the kind of discipline that the army brings.

6 If you will ask me, all hunting should be banned. In the eyes of any humane person, it’s an inhumane ‘sport’.

3 1 The reality is (that) corruption is a huge problem. 2 In my humble opinion, cars should be banned from the city centre.

1 1 picturesque 2 run-down 3 bustling 4 ancient 5 unspoilt 6 magnificent 7 deserted 8 tranquil

2 2 a) 3 d) 4 g) 5 b) 6 c) 7 f ) 8 j) 9 n)/h) 10 h)/n) 11 l) 12 i) 13 m) 14 k)

3A terraced cafés, the smell of bread, busy restaurants, cobbled streets, clichés, designer handbags, poodles, the Eiffel Tower, the Pompidou Centre, flea markets, velib bike(s)

B 1T 2 F 3T 4 F 5 F 6T 7T 8T

4A 1 the Swedish island of Blidö, in the Stockholm archipelago 2 by boat 3 Midsummer is a good time to visit because it is beautiful then. 4 radiant green like a fairytale 5 strawberries, herring, new potatoes and sour cream 6 The atmosphere is tranquil and relaxed. He says, ‘the pace of life soon slows’. The beautiful scenery and natural landscape (with deer) contribute to the tranquil atmosphere.

B The Stockholm archipelago consists of over 24,000 islands and islets scattered across the Baltic Sea. The nearest to the shore are divided by causeways from the mainland and possess all the amenities of modern Sweden. • Ciclo de Especialización 1 • © Pearson

WORKBOOK· ANSWER KEY Other islands are served by free and efficient public ferries. The outer islands are reachable only by private boat. The rule of thumb is that the further out, the greater the isolation. First plumbing, then electricity disappears until finally, out in the Baltic Sea, tiny huts share a few metres of exposed granite with just the wind and seals. The archipelago is a place of beauty at any time, but during Midsummer, it’s the place to be. On the way out to the archipelago from Stockholm, the road winds through the radiant green landscape of a fairytale – forests, timber houses, rye fields, fat cows. Wild flowers nod in the hedgerows. Road signs warn of rogue moose. In Norrtälje, the gateway town to the archipelago, the supermarket is packed with trolleys the day before Midsummer’s Eve. The prescribed Midsummer foods of strawberries, herring, new potatoes and sour cream are flying off the shelves. A worker complains that they’re shifting a tonne of potatoes every hour. Heavily laden cars leave the car park for the islands. For my inaugural Midsummer Eve, I’m heading to the island of Blidö. It’s not remote – just two short ferry trips to cross the bay – but the pace of life soon slows. The air is luminously clear and, scoured by sea breezes, feels like it’s rejuvenating the lungs. Roe deer skip out of the path of bicycles on the roads.


3 1 2 3 4 5 6

How about if we combine our ideas? Let’s look at it another way. I’d like to propose a compromise. Is there any way we can reduce the costs? Is there any leeway regarding the schedule? Let’s try to come up with a solution.

  UNIT 4 


1A 1 b) 2 d) 3 e) 4 f ) 5 b) 6 a) 7 c) 8 e) 9 a) 10 b) 11 e) 12 b) 13 d) 14 e)

B 1 b) 2 b) 3 b) 4 a) 5 a) 6 b) 7 b) 8 a)

2 1 poky 2 gaudy 3 roomy 4 dreary 5 airy 6 shady 7 chilly 8 gloomy

3 1 a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 b) 5 c) 6 c) 7 a) 8 a) 9 c) 10 a) 11 b) 12 b)

4 1 unprepared 2 understatement 3 overpowering 4 pro/anti-government 5 anti/pro-government 6 mismanaged 7 post-mortem 8 impossible 9 non-profit 10 malfunctioning 11 depopulated 12 pre-Katrina 13 irreversible


1 1 justice 2 arrest 3 innocence 4 release 5 evidence 6 alibi 7 appeal 8 convictions


1 B: No, its nothing really. It’s just that I’m worried about my interview tomorrow. 2 B: Yes, it’s about nine forty. 3 B: Yes, I find it really hard to close the safe once I’ve opened it. 4 B: It’s pointless calling him now. It’s too late. 5 B: Yes, I’d really appreciate it if you could lock up when you go. 6 B: It’s no wonder you’re tired.You hardly slept last night. 7 B: No, but I’ve heard that it’s a wonderful place for walking holidays. 8 B: No, I’ll leave it to you to decide which one is most suitable.


1 1 regeneration 2 congestion 3 abandonment 4 amenities 5 traffic 6 urban 7 infrastructure 8 tolls


give a bit of backing background information, we first discussed the idea of a Cultural Centre two years ago. The ambition aim of the project is to create a space for people to see art, listen to music, and watch films together. So the main desire goal of our proposal is to provide a community resource. The long-term blessings benefits include bringing the community together and promoting the arts. What we arrange plan to do is work with local companies to involve them in all areas of the project: design, construction, maintenance, and services. While cost is a major issue, our resolution solution is to ask local government for grant money. In the first instant instance, this would mean putting together our budget plan, and after that we would write a grant application. To close sum up, we feel this is a very worthwhile project for our community. Are there any questions or things that need clearing clarifying?

To start with, I’m going to talk brief briefly about the beginnings of the project. Just to

1 hard 2 fault 3 help 4 appear 5 amazes 6 wonder 7 pointless 8 appreciate

4 1 It’s a long way to the station from here. 2 It’s amazing how often we bump into each other. 3 It seems as if we’re too late.

4 It was suggested that the inquiry be reopened. 5 I couldn’t believe it when he gave me his autograph. 6 I hate it when people let me down. 7 We owe it to him to tell him the truth. 8 It’s hard to know if we’ve done the right thing. 9 I find it easy to get on with people. 10 I’ll leave it to you to decide the best way to deal with this.

5 1 unjustly accused 2 a surprising number of people 3 the true story of 4 protested his innocence 5 miscarriage of justice 6 rough justice 7 demanded justice 8 at that time

6A Henry Roberts was convicted of a crime he had not committed. He spent four years / the rest of his life in jail. The man who was actually guilty of the crime later confessed.

B 1 b) 2 c) 3 c) 4 a) 5 a) 6 c) 7 a) 8 b)

4.2 1 2 g) vii) 3 a) i) 4 b) viii) 5 e) ii) 6 h) v) 7 f ) iii) 8 c) vi)

2 1 had been living 2 won’t have finished 3 to have won 4 Have you been waiting 5 had buried 6 Have you been playing 7 not to have noticed 8 have you spoken to 9 will have been working 10 has been hiding 11 hadn’t changed 12 Had she discovered

3A and B 1 freedom of speech 2 civil liberties 3 capital punishment 4 economic development 5 intellectual property 6 child labour 7 gun control 8 illegal immigration 9 environmental awareness 10 free trade

4A 2 The internet does many wonderful things – it brings people closer together, it promotes new forms of creativity, entertainment is provided on the Internet it provides entertainment and the Internet allows it allows us to access information quickly. One thing it does not do well is protect people’s right to their intellectual property. 3 The world’s most industrialised countries are using up the planet’s resources. We drive too many gasguzzling cars, recycle too little, find that we are producing produce too much waste from packaging and too much of our food is thrown away throw away too much food. Some simple habits can change our lifestyles for • Ciclo de Especialización 1 • © Pearson

WORKBOOK· ANSWER KEY the better and can also help to save the environment.

5A He helped to found the Red Cross, whose flag is shown.

B 1 … He would later describe the scene as ‘chaotic disorder, despair unspeakable and misery of every kind’. There was little organised medical care. The French army had fewer doctors than vets – horses were more valuable in war than men – so, abandoning his plans to meet Napoleon, Dunant set about mobilising local people to help care for the wounded. … 2 Dunant was an unlikely hero. Born in Geneva, he was a poor student who went on to become an even worse businessman. Time and again he found himself fleeing his debts. Even during the early days of the Red Cross he had to resign from the committee. … 3 He eventually returned to Switzerland and settled in a small town called Heiden. He withdrew from the world, but all this changed in 1895 when an article was written about The International Committee of the Red Cross. Six years later, he became the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. … 4 From Dunant’s early solo efforts, the organisation has grown steadily over the last 150 years. Today the International Committee of the Red Cross has almost 100 million members, who operate in war zones all over the world. Its emblem, the inverse of Switzerland’s national flag, is an international symbol of humanitarian grace. 5 … Before he died at the age of 82, he stated that he wished to be buried in Zurich without a ceremony. His wish was granted. But fate had the last laugh. …

6 Far the better to be a living coward than a brave corpse. 7 Given to the choice, I’d prefer to go by plane than train. 8 I’d sooner to live here than there. 9 This would be by very far the best option. 10

3B 1 W 2 Not used 3 W 4 M 5 Not used 6 M 7 M 8 Not used 9 M 10 W

4A 1 b) 2 c) 3 a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 a) 7 c)

C 1 F 2 F 3T 4 F 5 F 6 F 7T 8T

D 1 aftermath 2 bloodbath 3 wounded 4 strewn 5 recipient 6 creditors 7 emblem 8 inverse

4.3 1 1 in 2 faced 3 weigh 4 take 5 the 6 mind 7 things/it 8 drawbacks

2 1 Without a shadow but of a doubt, I’d choose Johnny. 2 3 If it was for up to me, I’d never do that. 4 No right way would I do that. 5 • Ciclo de Especialización 1 • © Pearson