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Worksheet Answer Key Level 6 The Way Home Sue Leather Summaries The Way Home Alex Kramer is returning to England to confront her past. As a child, Al...

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Worksheet Answer Key Level 6 The Way Home Sue Leather Summaries The Way Home

Alex Kramer is returning to England to confront her past. As a child, Alex had discovered that her mother had been unfaithful to her father. However, since having an affair herself, Alex now thinks differently. Eventually, Alex and her mother reach an understanding and Alex decides to talk to her husband and confess everything. The Nature of Truth

Successful novelist, Annie Sanderson, happens to meets an old university friend, Jane Thomson, on a train in Italy. They start talking, and eventually Jane mentions her ex-husband, James. Annie feels uncomfortable, for James is one of her ex-lovers. Annie is relieved when Jane leaves the train but when she turns over the card Jane has given her, she reads a sinister message. Just the Facts

Lisa Thomas is a junior reporter in Texas, USA. She and her colleague, Ron Gretzky, have to cover the execution of Gary Pearson, convicted of the murder of Judge Baker. Lisa interviews Pearson and believes he is innocent. Driving to the execution, Kathy Baker, daughter of Judge Baker, jumps in their car. She tells them she killed her father but they arrive too late to stop the execution. Water in the Desert

Lee gives a lift to Ted, a hitchhiker she meets in the New Mexico desert. During the journey, she tells him her life story. Once married to a violent man, Tony Garcia, she is now safe as Garcia was shot dead in a bar. They hear a news flash: Jed King, convicted of the murder of Tony Garcia, has escaped from prison. Lee confronts ‘Ted’, who admits he killed Garcia, but in self-defence.

arts actor. The Chinese passenger demonstrates his amazing skills and explains aspects of Chinese culture and philosophy. Later, when Ricky gets home, he finds his girlfriend, Marlene, with another man. He realises his relationship is wrong and decides to change his life. Fifteen Hundred Words

Abi has been to see Tokyo Story, a famous Japanese film. Her tutor advises Abi to develop a subtle style for her assignment. After class, she meets her stressed husband, Ray. On the bus home, a beggar asks her for money. As Abi reaches for her purse, Ray violently intervenes and then gets off the bus. The old man tells her to leave Ray. North Sea Eyes

Englishman, Harry Brent, works in The Hague, Holland. One October weekend, he falls in love with a beautiful tram-driver. He becomes obsessed. He has to talk to her! One evening, Harry follows Ria into a bar where she disappears into the crowd. A man assures him that he will enjoy the next act – a stripper. It’s Ria! Harry watches but is not prepared for the truth. End Point

Three people have come to stay at the Lone Star Motel in Austin, Texas. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, discontented kitchen hand, Joe Stefano, has been fired from his job. Joe, feeling useless, leaves town for Austin to avoid hurting his wife. He arrives at the motel and is told that it is fully-booked. This is too much for Joe.

Before reading 1. Student’s own answer. 2. Student’s own answer.

The Knowledge

London taxi driver, Ricky Thomas, picks up a Chinese man who claims to be Bruce Lee, the martial Cambridge English Readers

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Worksheet Answer Key Level 6 The Way Home Sue Leather Check your reading 1. 1 c, 2 f, 3 b, 4 g, 5 a, 6 h, 7 d, 8 e The Way Home

1. a Jake / Alex, b Stefano, c Alex’s father, d Alex’s mother’s lover, e Alex’s mother 2. 1 c, 2 d, 3 a, 4 e, 5 b 3. Student’s own answer. The Nature of Truth

1. a Both, b AS, c JT, d JT, e AS, f JT, g AS, h JT 2. a Rome, b Bologna, c Cambridge, d Notting Hill / London, e Brussels 3. She meant to threaten Annie. Just the Facts

1. g, c, f, b, a, e, d 2. a Ron Gretzky, b Gary Pearson, c Lisa Thomas, d John Baker, e Kathy Baker, f Ron Gretzky, g Lisa Thomas 3. Student’s own answer. Water in the Desert

1. 1 d, 2 g, 3 a, 4 c, 5 f, 6 b, 7 e 2. Jed’s story After 1four years of a life 2sentence, Jed escaped from prison. He had 3killed/shot Tony Garcia in a fight in a bar, but had acted in 4self-defence. Garcia’s friends 5had lied at the 6trial and the 7 jury hadn’t believed Jed. Now, he realised the 7 injustice he had suffered. 3. Student’s own answer.

Fifteen Hundred Words

1. a the film Tokyo Story, b Vancouver, c Ray, d the bus stop / corner of Commercial and Broadway, e the man on the bus, f the end 2. a Enyro means 1calmness/self-control and 2 self-control/calmness, or holding back. b ... action is 3eloquence; it 4speaks for itself. Although action is 5important, it shouldn’t be 6 extreme action. 3. Student’s own answer. North Sea Eyes

1. a Harry, b Ria, c Ria, d Harry, e Harry, f Ria, g Harry, h Ria, i Ria, j both 2. a love, b Harry’s poetry, c being recognised/ greeted by Ria, d speak to Ria, e De Hoek Bar, f the entertainment on stage, g Harry’s regular routine 3. Student’s own answer. End Point

1. a Tim Parker, b Grace Kent, c Paul Boyle, d Tim Parker, e Joe Stefano, f Paul Boyle, g Grace Kent, h Paul Boyle, i Tim Parker, j Joe Stefano, k Grace Kent 2. 1 b, 2 e, 3 d, 4 c, 5 a 3. Student’s own answer.

The Knowledge

1. 1 b, 2 c, 3 a 2. a T, b F, c F, d T, e F, f T 3. Student’s own answer.

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