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Yacht - charter - VPM Bestsail

VPM Yachtcharter - Itinerary Sardinia Yacht - charter Itinerary Sardinia Sardinia, la Maddalena Archipelago and southern Corse 2 itineraries from Ba...

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Yacht - charter - VPM Bestsail
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VPM Yachtcharter - Itinerary Sardinia

Yacht - charter Itinerary Sardinia

Sardinia, la Maddalena Archipelago and southern Corse 2 itineraries from Barone Yachting for the sailing area between northern Sardinia and southern Corse, e.g. starting in the Marina di Portisico opposite Porto Rotondo.

Short sailing trip Total: 85 nm Day 1 Isola Mortorio, Gulfo Pevero, Porto Cervo; Cannigione Total: 20 nm Where elso do you find such an sailing area? Just 5 nautic miles away from the base you can find a stellar anchor ground in the western bay of the Isla Mortorio. The bay used to be part of the core of La Maddalena, but recent information indicate a change, nobody can control or demand and entry fee. There are still plenty of alternatives close by. Cala di Volpe on the mainland, opposite the bay. Or the Gulf of Pevero close the the luxury harber Porto Cervo. Whoever is looking for a scenic marina or field of buoys should set sail towards Cannigione in the gulf di Arzachena for the evening. Day 2 Isola Caprera, Porto Palma; Isola Maddalena, Cala Gavetta Total: 15 nm The itinierary of small steps continues. 5 nm north, or an hour without opposing wind, until you reach the beautiful anchoring spots at Porto Palma, in the south of the island Caprera. It is in the center of the popular Maddalena archipelago, which is a national park and you need an entrance ticket. You can get this easily online, inclusive payment (see below). A day for swimming and anchoring and strolling through the main town, Cala gavetta, in the evening. Day 3 Isola Spargi; Isola Razzoli Total: 10 nm



VPM Yachtcharter - Itinerary Sardinia

Pure nature and a night at anchor. Ideally in the western bay, formed by the islands Razzioli and Budelli. Before you should take some time for tha anchor spots in the south of the Isola Spargi. Day 4 Korsika, Isola Lavezzi Total: 5 nm Towards France! 5 nm until the Île Lavezzi. This rockery is the cummulation of the Maddalena islands- and free of charge. But only with good sea charts! In a winter more than 100 years ago the frigate "Similante" shattered after it hit a rock – the seaman rest closeby on a small cemetary. Provisioning: none. But perfect nature. Just one more note: It can become very crowded on the mooring spots. Day 5 Isola Maddalena; Porto Massimo Total: 15 nm Moving towards the end. It's time for one of the many anchoring grounds between the island La Maddalena and Caprera. Towards the evening you could shift into the Cala Spalmatore or the mini-harbour Porto Massimo, there are also buoys – against payment. Day 6 Isola Caprera, Cala Cotticio; Marina di Portisco Total: 20 nm Of to the great finale: On the eastern part of the Isola Caprera you find Cala Cotticio, bettern know as little Tahiti. Even in high demand on water and land the bay is a worthwile experience. Alternatives are the Cala Brigrantino just south of it or again the gulf of Pevero. Or, of course, the Isola Mortorio, less than 5 nm away from the base. Long sailing trip: Total: 190 nm Day 1 Corse, Porto-Vecchio Total: 45 nm It starts with a good strech on sea. Across the Strait of Bonifacio, the sea gate between sardinia and corse, famous for its strong winds, especially the Mistral, the strong north west wind coming from southern France. However, there are plenty calm days or days which bring the wind from the side, which moves the yacht quickly to the destination. The harbour in the pretty corsian town Porto-Veccio is small, be advised that it might be necessary to lay on anchor. Day 2 Golfe de Rondinara, Île Piana, Bonifacio Total: 30 nm Passing many beautiful bays, all options for stopovers, the cruise is already returning, along the coast until the Golfe de Rondinara. The gulf is just a big bay, but beautifully formed, almost like a big circle with en entrance area. The bay between the Île Piana and the southern tip of Corse is almost like a warm bath, perfect relaxation. And best preparation for evening in the old town of Bonifacio. https://www.vpm-yachtcharter.com


VPM Yachtcharter - Itinerary Sardinia

Day 3 Cala di Conca Total: 25 nm Sailing along the southern coast of Corse is an experience with so many bays. The Cala di Conca is a very special, near perfect bay. It's very small, so best to be enjoyed alone. The bay is the turning point of this cruise. Here is nothing but land. Nothing but the beautiful nature. Day 4 Isola Rossa Total: 35 nm We return through the Strait of Bonifacio. Which, even during the Mistral, should not hold any problems except for high waves as we sail with the wind. The conveniently located holiday town Isola Rossa has a small Marina, which only gets really lively in summer, and a nice beach outside the mole. Day 5 Santa Teresa di Gallura Total: 25 nm On the first half of the distance the coast is riddled with small bays and cuts. For that reason the area is called costa Paradiso. Ahead of the marina and the town of the night is the Cabo Testa, the stormiest Cape of sardinia. Just look on all the round and polished rocks on the coast.

Day 6 La Maddalena, Portisco Total: 30 nm You certainly find time for a stopover on the last day of the cruise. Looking on the charts the choise is tricky. Best check in the short sailing trip above for some ideas! Entry tickets for the La Maddalene archipelago http://autorizzazioni.lamaddalenapark.it



VPM Yachtcharter - Itinerary Sardinia

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