your front porch, stoop, or entranceway. Mary and I hope you find our

your front porch, stoop, or entranceway. Mary and I hope you find our

Front Porch Ideas and More Stage Your Porch to Sell Your Home Welcome, Selling your home can sometimes seem overwhelming. You want ...

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Front Porch Ideas and More

Stage Your Porch to Sell Your Home

Welcome, Selling your home can sometimes seem overwhelming. You want to maximize the profit to not only recoup your costs over the years but also to capture the appreciation of your home’s value. Many decisions have to be mad. One of them is how to present your home to increase its selling potential. Staging your home is an important selling technique and creating a great first impression is essential to any sale. We’ve created this eBook to help you in that endeavor by providing ideas, tips, and examples for staging one of your home’s greatest assets – your front porch, stoop, or entranceway. Mary and I hope you find our information most helpful. We encourage you to share this eBook by sending the link to family, friends, or neighbors who may be selling their homes and real estate agents who may share this information with their clients. We love porches,

Mary and Dave

This eBook is complementary and is not for sale. You may not alter the content of this eBook without our consent. Although the content is copyrighted, you have permission to share this eBook with others, include in newsletters, articles, etc., as long as you credit


92% of prospective buyers use the internet to search for their next home. 1

No No No No Ooh, that’s nice…Click



The first picture they see is usually of the exterior. First impressions count!

Architecture aside, which of these homes do you think would make a better impression online? 4

Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul, says, “Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it.” 2

In those first few seconds, what does a person see? The exterior of your home and front porch! 2 5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home


Now you have two major reasons to leverage your front porch: Make it stand out online to get the “CLICK” and Make that 8 second first impression count!


Most professional real estate agents will tell you to: -Declutter, declutter, declutter. -- Use neutral colors. - Remove personal items like family photos, the kid’s artwork from the fridge, and your prized collection of figurines. - Stage your home in a way that it could be “anyone’s home”. Remember that your front porch is the “first room” that buyers see.


Whether you have a large wrap around front porch or a small stoop, we will share ideas for staging your front porch which you can use to showcase your home online and make a wonderful first impression. 8

Like the inside of your home, the front porch should be tasteful, appeal to many, and allow buyers to visualize themselves living there. Let’s start with color ideas for your porch and front door. 9

Add a Pop of Color!

No matter the season adding a little color on the porch catches the eye and adds warmth to what would be an otherwise monochromatic scene. 10

Now, let’s “charm it up!” Add a small table (with perhaps an outdoor lamp or art piece) between the chairs along with an outdoor rug to create a relaxing and inviting “outdoor room” for morning coffee or evening wine and cheese! 11

Contrasting color combinations can be striking. You could achieve similar results by putting items of contrasting colors on a small table or even planters placed attractively on your porch.


Pastels can work well to give your porch a calm and soothing appeal. Flowering plants or ferns provide additional color. Just be sure to maintain them throughout the selling process as nobody appreciates withered, drooping plants. 13

Here’s an example of a simply furnished front porch that would appeal to almost everyone. Ferns work well as they provide fresh color and nicely fill the containers. Notice the mix of neutral toned pillows and red cushions. Both complement the brick.


Turn a bare porch into a nice first impression! For a welcoming look: - Add a few chairs - A table with an outdoor lamp or colorful object - A wreath or simple door decoration - A pleasing doormat


Pillows are an easy way to add color and interest; coordinating the colors and patterns ties everything together. Create a cozy spot by adding a small bench or a few chairs with colorful cushions.

Add a few fresh plants and attractive pots.

See our inexpensive pillow cover tutorial at the end of the slide show!


It doesn’t take much to stage your porch or stoop! Notice why this small porch is inviting . . . - A colorful front door with a subtle wreath - A classic wrought iron table and bench - The tended flowers

Photo by Al Shutt


Outdoor rugs can be used on almost any size porch to add color and warmth. You could actually use an inexpensive indoor rug made of synthetic materials. As a minimum, use a colorful but tasteful front door mat to welcome guests.

See our rug painting tutorial at the end of the slide show to see how to turn an ordinary rug into a curb appealing one! 18

Remember, curb appeal is the total package consisting of landscaping, porch amenities and furniture, along with pleasing color combinations. Dressing up your porch need not be difficult or expensive. You can use items you already have. Consider covering existing cushions or painting a planter or lamp. It is fun and gives your porch a fresh look.


Color is a personal choice so use good judgment. Buyers interested in Victorian-style homes would appreciate the lovely color scheme shown here. As a general rule, neutral tones work best because they appeal to the most people.

And you can always add a pop of color to a neutral palette with a few brightly colored plants or pillows. The fewer changes people believe they will have to make to your home - like changing a paint color - the better your chances for making a sale. 20

Paint Your Front Door A freshly painted front door adds more curb appeal and lets buyers know that you take great pride in your home.

Color can be a powerful tool and is one of the least expensive yet transforming actions you can take to help stage your home. 21

A red or blue front door can be very striking and attention-getting, especially against white trim. You can’t go wrong with a basic white or black front door although it should be freshly painted. Note how the colors and heights of the foliage that frame this red front door create an overall visually appealing entrance.


The colors on this Victorian-style front door won’t work on just any home but it definitely defines this entrance and adds appeal to this small stoop. Make sure the color or colors you choose also fit with the architecture of your home to achieve a cohesive look.


Choose an aesthetically pleasing color that works for just about anyone. The vibrant color on this front door is quite striking. What other colors would appeal to potential home buyers? 24

Note how this front door adds flair to this small front porch. It is all about achieving the right look for the most people when selling your home.


Placing an attractive wreath on your front door can add yet another dimension to front porch staging. Select a wreath that fits the season and would be acceptable to the majority of people who would be looking for your type of home.


Porch Landscaping Ideas Use colorful plants to catch the eye as shown here. Don’t landscape beyond your capability to properly maintain it.

Put your home’s best face forward. Withering plants, beds in need of mulch, or shrubs in need of trimming are not appealing to potential buyers. Don’t assume potential buyers love to spend all their free time working in the yard! Where you see beauty – they see “work”.


This beautiful front door and porch are hidden by the very tall shrubs. As homeowners, we often get used to things and don’t see objectively.

As endearing as these shrubs may be to the homeowner, removing them would open up the front and reveal a beautiful front door and an attractive and welcoming front porch. 28

A beautiful hanging basket, properly attended, can work well on any size porch and is another easy way to add color and interest to your front entry.


When feasible, extend your landscaping onto your porch. Often times, landscaping depends on the style of your home and the lifestyle and expectations of the community in which you reside. Staging Tip: Most people prefer natural, fresh plants and flowers in pots. Avoid plastic flowers in pots.


This porch is simple and neat. Just add a rocking chair or two with colorful pillows and a small table between to welcome your prospective buyers. 31

You don’t have to invest a lot in landscaping to sell your home. Just ensure it is not overgrown, covering windows or full of weeds. A fresh layer of mulch always helps to not only define your landscaping but also keep it looking fresh. Keep it simple, attractive and easy to maintain like you see here. 32

Clean and Make Repairs to Your Front Porch It should go without saying that your front porch should be clean, neat, and in excellent repair.

Too often, our entire focus is on the interior of our home and we forget the impact a well maintained porch can make on buyers. 33

You only get one first impression – the condition of your porch can make all the difference. A thorough cleaning and repairing of any problems is a must.

A well maintained front porch immediately conveys to your potential buyers that you have a well maintained home. We’ll cover a few of the things you should note during your home inspection as you prepare your home for sale. 34

Give your porch floor a new coat of paint if it shows signs of wear and tear. There are some great products you can use to revitalize porch flooring whether it is wood or concrete.

Make sure porch wood flooring is in good repair with no loose or cracked boards.


Ensure wrought iron railings are free from rust and are solidly attached to your porch. We recommend giving wrought iron railings a coat of rust proof paint if they appear aged or worn. 36

Check your porch steps for any loose stone, brick, concrete, or wood, etc. Replace any broken bricks and tuck-point to repair mortar joints as necessary. Fill cracks in concrete flooring as needed and replace any caulking that has deteriorated. Pressure wash as needed.

Many home inspectors take note of concrete steps that have sunken and/or detached from the porch making the first step too high for code requirements. Make repairs as necessary; you may want to consider concrete leveling (or mud jacking) if simple repairs fail to resolve the issue. 37

Check your porch columns to ensure they have not rotted where they contact your porch floor or pedestals. If they are wrought iron and rusted, repair them. 38

Make sure all of your porch balusters (pickets) are in good repair.

Replace any broken balusters and tighten any ones that are loose. Make sure they are clean, and if needed, give them a fresh coat of paint. 39

Details count! Make sure the hardware on your entry way looks clean and polished. If it is tarnished or pitted beyond repair, replace with new hardware. Does your doorbell work and is it in good repair? If not, replace it with a new one. Clean your outdoor lights and make sure they work properly. Get rid of bugs, cob webs and bird nests.


Quick and Easy Front Porch Staging Projects Need to add a little curb appeal to your porch? Check out these easy porch decorating ideas you can do – we show you how!


You don’t have to spend a lot to stage your porch. Use items you may already have. For example, a birdbath can be used as a plant stand or filled with brightly colored stones or sparkly gems. Or, an old chair or table could be painted to match your color scheme.


It is easy for a homeowner to “get used to” a cracked floor board, a wobbly railing, or a loose brick on the porch steps. Look at your front porch and home from a buyer’s perspective. Don’t let a buyer focus on something you could have easily fixed.

With a little effort you can create a most charming and curb appealing front porch that will showcase your home online and make a huge first impression for potential buyers.


Explore the Wonderful World of Porches at


“We’d love hearing from you and let us know if we can help in any way.” Sincerely,

Dave & Mary

For more ideas for designing, building, furnishing, decorating, and landscaping your porch, be sure to visit We encourage you to share this publication with friends, neighbors, home sellers, real estate agents, and others. Copyright © 2015 This eBook is complementary and is not for sale. You may not alter the content of this eBook without our consent. Although the content is copyrighted, you have permission to share this eBook with others, include in newsletters, articles, etc., . as long as you credit